Walk to The Nab Lake District, UK

Walk to The Nab Lake District, UK

Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Location Lat/Lon: 54.42306°N / 3.51972°W
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Apr 24, 2022
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring

Brock Crags, Rest Dodd, and The Nab from Brothers Water

To brock Crags

Last weekend we headed to the Lake District to meet up with our friend to have a good walk. We decided on Brock Crags, Rest Dodd and The Nab for our walk on the Sunday and the weather looked good for us too.


We got there pretty early and after driving the Kirkstone Pass, and got parked up just at the edge of Brothers Water. Once loaded up we set off through Hartsop to get onto the Fell side and began our walk for the day.


Between the three of us we love the Lake District and bagging the Wainwrights. Hazel and I blog about them regularly, so it was nice to have Steve our friend along for the walk this time too. We had plenty of catching up to do so had good chats and laughs on the way up to Brock Crags. The first Wainwright of the day and what a view from the top we had.


The walk to the summit of Brock Crags was steep in some places, and the legs needed a good warm up to power us up the Fell side for sure. We were blessed that we remained in the shade for some of the walk as the sun kept appearing and disappearing just as quick. I have to say the wind was picking up by now too, and only got worse throughout the day. But it made for good walking to stay cool while the inclines pushed us further to our check point, and snack stop on Brock Crags.

Brock Crags summit looking down to Brothers Water - Truefreedomseekers



The paths are mostly good to be fair on the way up, and only on the top of Brock Crags do you start to have to look a little harder to keep on the route. This is because it’s a boggy area in the wet, but we were lucky to have a dry day (and a few dry weeks previous too) so the walking was good.


Continuing on towards Rest Dodd

As we had our snacks and carried on further, we retraced our steps to Satura Crag and then made our way through the hole in the wall to begin the walk across. It’s a easy and clear path leading over the crags and Rest Dodd comes into view clearer and clearer, seeing the path as we got closer that makes its way to the top.


So it wasn’t long before we were on this path and heading upwards again for the second Wainwright of the day. And man was the wind starting to blow us about by the time we reached the top of Rest Dodd. If we had parachutes on the back of us we’d have been flying right off into the valley below. In fact it felt as though it was going to take Hazel and I anyway to be fair. So heads down and leading into the wind was the only way to keep us on our feet balanced.


From there we saw the steep path leading off the north of Rest Dodd, and with a few hours still in the day before we all needed to head off in our own directions, we thought let’s do this. Taking a break again at the bottom of this steep incline we sat and had a Cadbury’s crème egg before making our way to The Nab.

Walking down from Rest Dodd onto The Nab, Lake District



Finally onto The Nab

The walk into The Nab is pretty straight forward, and again we were happy to be blessed with the weather and lack of bog on our walk. If it had been wet then the walk would have been very messy in and out of the peat hags. But we were soon to the top of this steady incline of The Nab and bagged our third Wainwright of the day.


A great walk and we headed back down around Rest Dodd, before making our way down to Hayeswater. A beautiful large Tarn that was a lovely welcome as we walked further back down on our way back to Brothers Water and the car. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for much more.


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