Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.84020°N / 120.5282°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3630 ft / 1106 m
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Overview of Wenas Peak

Views from the summit

Wenas Peak located on Untanum Ridge is hikers destination on the famous Yakima Skyline trail. The peak itself contains a great 360 degree view and is a walk up to get to. Though not as tall as some other peaks on the ridge. Wenas Peak contains very little in the way of civilization (radio and microwave tower) that some of the other peaks on the ridge. On a clear day (we went up when it was hazy) you can see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, The Stuart Range and much of eastern Washington.

Views from the summit

Wenas Peak is in the rain shadow of eastern Washington. Therefore the climate is semi-arid to arid which means very little in the way of tree cover on this peak from bottom to top. That rain shadow helps this peak and other peak in this region attract hikers from western Washington looking on taking their first spring and summer hikes of the season. Another reason for this being an ideal spring hike is because the desert wildflowers start blooming in May and that adds a pretty color to the desert foilage. However summer hiking here would not be ideal. Summertime tempuratures can easily break 100 degrees and there are no springs along the footpath to the summit and the rest of Yakima Skyline Trail. Rattlesnakes are extremely common here especially in the Untanum Canyon.

Views from the summit

In order to reach the Wenas Peak summit from the trailhead you must go over the suspension bridge and head into the canyon about 0.2 miles where the trail forks left going uphill and right into the canyon you want to take a left. You will climb on this trail about for 2.5 miles and about 2000 feet before running into a dirt road (otherwise known as the Yakima Skylin Trail). Make a right on that dirt road and head for the summit of Wenas Peak roughly 0.4 miles and 200 feet more.

Views from the summit

The only discourage fact is that the dirt road here is often used by ATV's so if you are on the summit don't be surprised if you hear motors rising up the dirt road.

Weather Conditions

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Getting There

From Ellenburg and I-90: Take I-82 towards Yakima. Get off Exit 3 Thrall Rd and make a right of the ramp heading west. Make the a left on Canyon Road and head south on Canyon Road roughly 15 miles into Untanum Canyon. On your right hand side you will see a blue suspension bridge. This is where you on to get off and park your car.

From Yakima: Take I-82 north and get off on Exit 26 (Route 821) head north on 821 roughly 20 miles until you see a camping area and a suspension bridge on your left hand side.

Note: There are other trailheads in the area, however people have gotten lost and stuck on the dirt roads so this trailhead is the most the most desirable.

Red Tape

Free parking!!!


The trailhead is at a camping area.

External Links

Here is a trip report on Wenas Peak and the Yakima Skyline Trail

Noted Warning!!

Rattlesnakes are very prevailent in this area especailly in Untanum Canyon. In a 30 minute span I had two close calls with Rattlesnake and was lucky not to be bit the second time. Use caution especially in the afternoon!!