Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) near the Robledo Range by Radium Springs, New Mexico. The Western Diamondback is the largest western rattlesnake and is considered one of the most dangerous. As seen in this picture, they will usually stand their ground when threatened. Photo taken 6/8/07.
on Jun 8, 2007 11:52 pm
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Anya Jingle

Anya Jingle - Jun 9, 2007 12:12 am - Voted 10/10


You have captured it all: the menacing striking pose, the rattle and the tongue action.
Fantastic picture!


rayray - Jun 9, 2007 12:20 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Outstanding!

Thank you! What I didn't capture though was a picture of me when I stumbled upon the snake. When I heard the rattling, I stopped in my tracks and started looking around. Didn't see him at first and when I finally did, I was a little too close for comfort. I slowly backed away, snapped a few pics, then moved on.

Anya Jingle

Anya Jingle - Jun 9, 2007 2:20 am - Voted 10/10

Re: Outstanding!

I know the feeling. I can't help but scream when I stumble upon one, even though I promise myself I won't do it next time. It doesn't phase them at all though and they always stick around for a while.


BobSmith - Jun 10, 2007 10:50 am - Voted 10/10


What a critter! Great shot!

I've encountered a lot of rattlers on my hikes here the south, but they've been pretty timid, most of them, and I've never seen one in strike pose.


rayray - Jun 10, 2007 12:26 pm - Hasn't voted


Thanks for your comments and vote! This guy got my attention real quick and he was not about to back down.


hikeman76 - Jun 24, 2007 8:12 pm - Voted 10/10


What a great shot!


rayray - Jun 26, 2007 12:25 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Outstanding

Thanks for checking it out! That bad boy was almost too close for comfort!

Ice Man Jerry Van

Ice Man Jerry Van - Jul 6, 2007 8:54 pm - Voted 10/10

I know the feeling

I know the feeling of stumbling apon those critters . I was climbing Pulpit Rock outside of Green River Wyoming one time in the 70's just off of I 80 .Just lead the first pitch of the climb came up on a ledge looking a rattle snake coiled up getting ready to strike all I could do is push myself off of the ledge and yell falling to my partner fell 20 feet. Then had to find another way to the top.Looking and being very carful the rest of the way to the top. An awesome picture you took . Good Luck in the future hikes, we are not alone out there.See Ya The Ice Man Jerry


rayray - Jul 8, 2007 8:43 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: I know the feeling

Thanks a bunch Ice Man!! I'm glad my encounter didn't involve a 20' fall. I'm sure we'll run into these guys again in the future!

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