Where does the <font color=blue>water </font>go?

Where does the water go?

Despite abundant precipitation in certain areas, surface water is RARE atop the Colorado Plateau. Much of the bedrock still lies uninterupted in horizontal layers of shales and limestone, which tend to "swallow" water in solution cavities. So where does the water go? Answer: It sinks through the ground and eventually reaches the surface again as SPRINGS at lower elevations. Many springs in the Grand Canyon and at the base of the Mogollon (MUGGY-OWN) Rim are fed by falling water high atop the Colorado Plateau. Gravity plays an important role here! The trees that enjoy the lakeside view are Ponderosa pines. Taken at Woods Canyon Lake high atop the Mogollon Plateau of Arizona (October 2007)
on Mar 9, 2008 1:43 pm
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