Whitebeam (Sorbus aria) belongs to the family Rosaceae. It is a medium decidious tree with red berries that grows in mountain forests and on rocky slopes. Fruits are similar to those of Sorbus aucuparia ( European Mountain Ash) and are edible, but not tasty. Because of their blend taste they are hardly ever consumed by people. However, birds like them. The best way to tell the difference between Sorbus aria and Sorbus aucuparia is by looking at the leaves. Sorbus aucuparia leaves are pinnate and have 9–19 (most often 13–15) leaflets; each leaflet is 3–7 cm long and 15–23 mm broad, with a coarsely serrated margin. Leaves emerge in May and are followed by clusters of white flowers. Sorbus aria has simple leaves which are usually white-hairy below.
The Low Beskid - August 2007.


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