Winter thing – Peaks Aigidik in Rila, Bulgaria - February.2008

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Feb 9, 2008
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Winter thing – Peaks Aigidik in Rila, Bulgaria - February.2008
Created On: Sep 18, 2008
Last Edited On: Sep 18, 2008

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Hello, all.

The weather this weekend was not particularly good, wind, fog, warnings about avalanches, and is projected - not good for tourism. So we chose a destination, which does not offer anyone know what views, but there is no danger of the above features of the time.
Saturday morning, 5 people went to Blagoevgrad. Weather in Sofia, however lot of time here, and it was fog and cold wind. Mist covered the mountain, the sky - hidden anywhere. After Pernik in the distance is seen purely and blue nebentse, th we had hoped that where there is more chance go. After Dupnitsa Rila opened all its beauty.
From Blagoevgrad taken to Bodrost, and put the car there.
Up until shortly before the inn / about 15-20 minutes before it / go earth road that ends the canton of Bistrica River. The way in the summer, I am sure that is long and boring, but now it was very beautiful with this snow.
One view before you see the inn ..


Here the second photo, in the distance, in the low slope between the two, is the inn. Here's a closer picture. Left slope above becomes the Big Aygidik and right - boy.


The inn was nearby


Clouds are bend over us, the sun remained far above and become less cold:


Hut more closely. Half the roof was brought by wind, the front week .. What you wind will have been ...


In the hut was very cold as outside, only you no wind. The hut `s men, however, with two of his friends went to put another pipe of the cooker, which leads to smoke out that front and he was brought by wind. To the idea of a hole to sleep, moved beyond to seek out a suitable place for it. I as a second man, inexperienced, shovel out the snow from the hole when it became bigger. In the meantime, the remaining satellites we went to great Aygidik. Super fog sound, but the top had incredible vision and are hvanali fearsome sunset ..
View of the hut. Peak is Kukov, slope on the right becomes a small Aygidik:


The evening was good, of course, Relationships with new people, Tales, sharing, hapva ...
However, fatigue, said his word, and go to the hole and bags. However, not much preferred not sleep and who knows how much, but at least is comfortable / heard in / and not the spirit.
The idea of the other morning was getting up before 6, coffee or something for eat, and leaving little to Aygidik. The sky to the east was light. Slope of the seats were quite firn, and the idea to go with the cats proved better, than that to go with the snow-shoe .. On top were slightly after the sun is shown little time was bleak, but the view was wonderful
Glance down to h.Makedoniya:


the Pirin Mountain


North, the big Aygidik .. if the track from the ski track, right up to the top and go to the left of it, that is to the west, will go to great Aygidik.


After few minutеs go back.


Indeed, this is the last Frame, because once I go on slope of the great Aygidik are thick fog fell = However drawn the ridge, with the hope that the above can be more clearly, but was not. This is now. Going back to the car was also slightly boring, a return to the capital was light


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Winter thing – Peaks Aigidik in Rila, Bulgaria - February.2008

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