Wish List-Crags and Non-Summit Climbs

Wish List-Crags and Non-Summit Climbs

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My Wish List-Crags and Non-Summit Climbs and Routes

This is my wish list of the top crag and non-summit routes that I hope to climb within my lifetime.   Summit routes and towers are covered on a separate Wish List. All these are hopefully in reach and I hope to get as many as I can, though my family (wife+kids) are my #1 responsibility and their needs come first.

I am not the best climber in the world (especially after getting most of the skin burnt off of my arms), so none of these climbs are considered to be extremely difficult. Climbs were selected for various reasons. Some are on the list simply because they are beautiful, some are on the list because they would be a great challenge for me, some are on the list because they are easy enough that I can climb with my wife and kids, some are on the list for their history, some are on the list just for the heck of it. Some are well known and some are very little known, so there are a variety of canyons that I want to do. Note: This list only includes the wish list since this page was created. Previously, I have already completed many canyons which were on old wish list, thus there is an absence of canyons listed in my favorite areas (since I've already completed them). This List was created on November 30 2013, and expanded a few times since then. When I complete each of the canyons on this list, it will be noted with a date.

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1Learning CurveSunshine WallUtah5.7
Learning Curve 5.7
2Mosquito CoastSunshine WallUtah5.8 R n/a
3Melanoma ShuffleSunshine WallUtah5.8+ n/a
4SeiberneticsWall StreetUtah5.8 
Seibernetics at Wall Street,...
5School Room 1-Climbed December 1 2013Wall StreetUtah5.4-5.10 
6Bad Moki RoofWall StreetUtah5.9 n/a
7Willow WhipWall StreetUtah5.6 n/a
8Slab-Gumby GullyWall StreetUtah5.8 n/a
9Grama & the Green Suede Shoes-Climbed January 29 2017 Wall StreetUtah5.7 
10Holey Moley-Climbed January 29 2017Wall StreetUtah5.5 n/a
11Practical Religion-Climbed February 4 2017Wall StreetUtah5.5 
Practical Religion
12Yogini-Climbed February 4 2017Wall StreetUtah5.7
13Chocolate Chunk-Climbed November 14 2014Wall StreetUtah5.3
Wall Street
14Neapolitan-Climbed November 28 2014Wall StreetUtah5.7
15Hidden Messages-Climbed November 14 2014Wall StreetUtah5.5
Lead Climb
16Slab Route-Climbed February 4 2017Wall StreetUtah5.7 
Slab Route
17Snakes SlabWall StreetUtah5.8 
Snake's Slab at Wall Street,...
18Hang NailGold Bar Tower Utah5.8 n/a
19Funnel Cake Long CanyonUtah 5.8 n/a
20Van GoLong CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
21Manus LeftLong CanyonUtah5.8 n/a
22Adventures in BabysittingThe CinemaUtah 5.7 n/a
23One-Eyed WillyThe CinemaUtah5.7 n/a
24Slab RouteIce Cream Parlor Utah5.7
Busy scene at Ice Cream Parlor
25Brewed AwakeningsIce Cream ParlorUtah5.5 n/a
26Black Slab-Climbed November 13 2016Ice Cream ParlorUtah5.7 n/a
27Left SlabIce Cream ParlorUtah5.7 n/a
28Good TimesGood Times WallUtah5.7 n/a
29Sweet CheetaGanja WallUtah5.7 n/a
26Tone Stef-Climbed February 5 2017313 SlabsUtah5.4 
Easy Route
30Refuse to Feel-Climbed February 5 2017313 SlabsUtah5.8
Old Kor Route
31Arm and Hammer P1-Climbed April 15 2017Rifle ArchColorado 5.6 
Arm and Hammer
32DudleyHogwartsColorado5.7 n/a
33EasiestPup TentColorado5.7 n/a
34Canyon WrenPup TentColorado5.7 n/a
35Little Shepard BoyMain Elk CragColorado5.7 n/a
36Blue OctoberMain Elk CragColorado5.7 n/a
37Jungle MonkeyPuouxColorado5.6 n/a
38Swimming UpstreamPuouxColorado5.7 n/a
39Bearded OutlawPuouxColorado5.7 n/a
40The Harvey-Climbed October 23 2016PuouxColorado5.7 
Topping Out
41Traditional ValuesPuouxColorado5.7 
Traditional Values
42Brought to You by the Letter V-Climbed October 23 2016PuouxColorado5.5 
The Incisor
44Slab Happy-Climbed October 23 2016PuouxColorado5.7 
45Easy StreetCascade CreekColorado5.7 n/a
46Via CassiaSugar SlabsColorado5.5 
Sugar Slabs
47PinheadSugar SlabsColorado5.7 n/a
48Super ENo Name Canyon Colorado5.6-5.8 n/a
49Jungle BookNo Name CanyonColorado5.7 n/a
50Pink CornerNo Name CanyonColorado5.5 n/a



51Right CornerNo Name Canyon Colorado5.6 n/a
52The War on Peace No Name CanyonColorado5.6 n/a
53Black CornerNo Name CanyonColorado5.7 n/a
54Geeks in Tight Shoes The NarrowsColorado5.7 n/a
55Short StackCoal CreekColorado5.7 n/a
56Bakin' & EggsCoal CreekColorado5.6 n/a
57French ToastCoal CreekColorado5.7 n/a
58Cap'n CrunchCoal CreekColorado5.7 n/a
59Slab HappyHagerman PassColorado5.7 n/a
60Road RageHagerman PassColorado5.7 n/a
61The Enviro's BoschHagerman PassColorado5.7 n/a
62Fryingpandenmonium Hagerman PassColorado5.7 n/a
63Oops, I Crapped My Pants Hagerman PassColorado5.7 n/a
64Mollie's ChimneyHagerman PassColorado5.7 n/a
65Sunrise ShuffleLime CreekColorado5.7 n/a
66Hey Boo BooLime CreekColorado5.7 n/a
67GoldilocksLime CreekColorado5.6 n/a
68Bush Hog-- Hole in Wall/Steamboat Colorado5.7 n/a
69Daves Courage Rock--The DomesColorado5.1 n/a
70Woman on the Moon--The DomesColorado5.6 n/a
71Dark Garden--The Domes Colorado5.2 n/a
72The Silver Seed--The Domes Colorado5.6 n/a
73Short Cut Corner--The Domes Colorado5.5 n/a
74Nobs to Nowhere--The DomesColorado5.4 n/a
75McGee's Flake--The DomesColorado5.6 n/a
76Chimney Sweep--The DomesColorado5.7 n/a
77Helen Keller--The DomesColorado5.7 n/a
78Variation of Y Crack--The DomesColorado5.6 n/a
79The 100' Jam Crack--The DomesColorado5.5 n/a
80Clam Jam--The DomesColorado5.7 n/a
81The Friction Pitch--The DomesColorado 5.6 n/a
82Mud in My Eye--The DomesColorado5.7 n/a
83Rachel's RouteMiddle Ice Caves/RifleColorado5.7 n/a
84RicklesMiddle Ice Caves/RifleColorado5.7 n/a
85Do the Mash Potato-Climbed April 16 2017 Middle Ice Caves/Rifle Colorado 5.7 
Do the Mash Potato
86First StepsRuckman Cave/RifleColorado5.5 n/a
87Supre GuideRuckman Cave/RifleColorado5.7 n/a
88RehabSno-Cone Wall/RifleColorado5.7 n/a
89Doctor's OrdersSno-Cone Wall/RifleColorado5.6 n/a
90Ski PoleIndependence PassColorado5.7 n/a
91Two EarsIndependence PassColorado5.7 n/a
92High StepIndependence PassColorado5.7 n/a
93Ally OopIndependence PassColorado5.7 n/a
94The On RampIndependence PassColorado5.6 n/a
95Ready!Independence PassColorado5.7 n/a
96Sunset Cantina 1Independence PassColorado5.6 n/a
97Sunset Cantina 2Independence PassColorado5.7 n/a
98Last 1/2 InchIndependence PassColorado5.7 n/a
99DustyIndependence PassColorado5.7 n/a
100Tavern on the GreenIndependence PassColorado5.6 n/a



101NorthwayIndependence Pass Colorado5.7 n/a
102Practice SlabIndependence PassColorado 5.7 n/a
103Right WingIndependence PassColorado 5.6 n/a
104First StepsIndependence PassColorado 5.6 n/a
105Rainbow Route Independence PassColorado 5.4 n/a
106The NoseIndependence PassColorado5.6 n/a
107Ramp RouteIndependence PassColorado5.6 n/a
108Corner CrackIndependence PassColorado5.6 n/a
109Black Slab/Left Route Independence PassColorado5.7 n/a
1105.6 CrackHaus Rock/Summit County Colorado5.6 n/a
111They Call Me Shorty-Climbed September 17 2017Haus Rock/Summit County Colorado5.7 n/a
112Little Squirt-Climbed September 17 2017Haus Rock/Summit County Colorado5.6 n/a
113Gone FishingMorning Glory Wall/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
1145.7 ProjectMorning Glory Wall/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
115Baby Bear LaybackMorning Glory Wall/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
120Left AreteThe Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.6 n/a
121Elvis Loves TwinkiesThe Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
122Andy's RouteThe Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
123C'est Le PiedThe Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.6 n/a
124C.B.U.The Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.7 R n/a
125Chim ChimneyThe Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.6 n/a
126Face Left The Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
127Arete FaceThe Dome/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
128Zig ZagSunshine Buttress/Summit County Colorado5.6 n/a
129Gully Sunshine Buttress/Summit County Colorado5.4 n/a
126CerebellumSunshine Buttress/Summit County Colorado5.7 n/a
130Water GrooveWhite Cliff/Summit CountyColorado5.6 n/a
131Tip ToeBrick Wall & Alcoves/Summit County Colorado 5.7 n/a
132Little Lie BackBrick Wall & Alcoves/Summit County Colorado5.7 n/a
133Ego CelingBrick Wall & Alcoves/Summit County Colorado5.7 n/a
134Route 1Swan Mountain Cliffs/Summit County Colorado5.6 n/a
135Route 2Swan Mountain Cliffs/Summit CountyColorado5.6 n/a
136Misc. RoutesThe Diving Board/Summit CountyColorado5.6 n/a
137 Jack KnifeThe Diving Board/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
138Sam I AmStreak Wall/Summit CountyColorado5.7 R n/a
139Keystone BoysStreak Wall/Summit CountyColorado5.7+ n/a
140 SpillwayMontgomery ReservoirColorado5.5 n/a
141Jeanette's JamBasin Rock/Summit CountyColorado5.7 n/a
142Great Blob-Climbed May 14 2017 SteamboatColorado5.8- 
143Edwards Crack-Left Exit VedauvooWyoming5.4 n/a
144Edwards Crack-Center VedauvooWyoming5.7 
Edward's Crack P2
145Edwards Crack-Right Exit VedauvooWyoming5.5 n/a
146Clam Shell VedauvooWyoming5.5 X n/a
147Easy Overhang LiebackVedauvooWyoming5.5 n/a
148Cold FingerVedauvooWyoming5.7 n/a
149Easy Overhang FrictionVedauvooWyoming5.5 R n/a
Easy Jam (5.4) and Cornelius (5.5)



151Easy JamVedauvooWyoming5.4
Easy Jam (5.4)
152White WhaleEstes Park Colorado5.7 n/a
153HiatusEstes Park Colorado5.7 n/a
154Manifest Destiny Estes Park Colorado5.7 n/a
155Gina's SurpriseEstes Park Colorado5.4 R n/a
156Magical Chrome Plated Semi-Automatic Enema Syringe Estes Park Colorado5.7 n/a
157Coloradoditty-Climbed May 7 2018Big Ass Slab/Estes Park Colorado5.5
158The Stout Blue VeinBig Ass Slab/Estes Park Colorado5.7+ n/a
159AssmosisBig Ass Slab/Estes Park Colorado5.8+ n/a
160Index ToeEstes ParkColorado5.8 n/a
161Middle ToeEstes Park Colorado5.9- n/a
162Strategery-Climbed May 7 2018Estes Park Colorado5.7- n/a
163Wall CrackEstes Park Colorado5.8 n/a
164East SlabsEldorado CanyonColorado5.4 n/a
165West CrackEldorado CanyonColorado5.2 
The West Crack (Center) seen...
166West DihedralEldorado CanyonColorado5.4 
The west dihedral seen from...
167BreezyEldorado CanyonColorado5.4 n/a
168Wind RidgeEldorado CanyonColorado5.6 
Wind Ridge
169Bastille CrackEldorado CanyonColorado5.8 
Pitch 3 Bastille Crack
170Simple Simon SlabEldorado CanyonColorado5.6 R n/a
171West FaceCastle Rock/Boulder Canyon Colorado5.5 n/a
172Choss Temple PilotsBoulder CanyonColorado5.8 n/a
173Chasing SticksBoulder CanyonColorado5.9+ n/a
174Dutch OvenBoulder CanyonColorado5.9+ n/a
175Monkey BobBoulder CanyonColorado5.8 n/a
176The TouchBoulder CanyonColorado5.8 n/a
177FrictionaryBoulder CanyonColorado5.7 n/a
178Weasel in the Chicken CoopBoulder CanyonColorado5.9 n/a
179Chicken DelightBoulder CanyonColorado5.10c n/a
180Peaches and ScreamCastlewood CanyonColorado5.7 n/a
181ZucchiniCastlewood CanyonColorado 5.5 n/a
182Rat's NestCastlewood CanyonColorado5.9 n/a
183Carmel CornerCastlewood CanyonColorado5.5 n/a
184Carmel Corner LaybackCastlewood CanyonColorado5.5 n/a
185Blood Pudding Castlewood CanyonColorado5.9+ n/a
186Banana Split ChimneyCastlewood CanyonColorado5.4 n/a
187Banana PeelCastlewood CanyonColorado5.8 n/a
188Banana ShakeCastlewood CanyonColorado5.9 n/a
189Banana FlipCastlewood CanyonColorado5.6 n/a
190Hollow FlakeElevenmile CanyonColorado5.6 
Arch Rock Routes
191The StaircaseElevenmile CanyonColorado5.5 
The Staircase (a)
192Moby GrapeElevenmile CanyonColorado5.7 
Moby Grape (5.7) P1
193Original SinElevenmile CanyonColorado5.9+ n/a
194Happy TrailsElevenmile CanyonColorado5.6 
Happy Trails (5.6)
195Sunshine SlabElevenmile CanyonColorado5.4 n/a
196Guides RouteElevenmile CanyonColorado5.6 n/a
197Lickety SplitSphinx Rock/South PlatteColorado5.7 R n/a
198Classic DihedralBucksnort Slab/South PlatteColorado5.7+ 
Bucksnort Slab from North East
199Reefer MadnessTurkey Rock/South PlatteColorado5.8 n/a
200Ragger BaggerTurkey Rock/South PlatteColorado5.8+ n/a



201Honky Jam Ass Crack Turkey Rock/South Platte Colorado5.7 n/a
202Left Handed JewTurkey Rock/South PlatteColorado5.7 n/a
203Crynoid CornerShelf Road Colorado5.7 
Crynoid Corner
204Kalahari SidewinderShelf Road Colorado5.8 
Kalahari Sidewider
205KodachromeShelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
206Alexi's ClimbShelf Road Colorado5.5 n/a
207Ian's ClimbShelf Road Colorado5.7 n/a
208Ol'Four-SevenShelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
209Oscar de la ChollaShelf Road Colorado5.9 
Oscar De La Cholla 5.9
210LaCholla JacksonShelf Road Colorado5.8 n/a
211Chompin' at the Cholla Shelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
212Damn Right I've Got the Moves Shelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
213Stone of IgnoranceShelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
214CheersShelf Road Colorado5.8 n/a
215The OpportunistShelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
216EnterpriseShelf Road Colorado5.9+ n/a
217Gotham CityShelf Road Colorado5.10a n/a
218AwakeningsShelf Road Colorado5.9+ n/a
219Times SquareShelf Road Colorado5.8 n/a
220BarneyShelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
221Guilty by AssociationShelf Road Colorado5.9 n/a
222Taco TimeIndependence Pass Colorado5.8 n/a
223Food FightIndependence Pass Colorado5.7 n/a
224PopsicleIndependence Pass Colorado 5.5 n/a
225Big Mac CrackIndependence Pass Colorado5.7 n/a
226Fried BrainsIndependence Pass Colorado5.8 n/a
227All You Can EatIndependence Pass Colorado5.8 n/a
228Maybe NuevePenitente CanyonColorado5.9- n/a
229Mr. BreezePenitente CanyonColorado5.2 
The beginner's area
230Mr. WindPenitente CanyonColorado5.7 n/a
231The SerpentPenitente CanyonColorado 5.8 n/a
232What the HeyPenitente CanyonColorado5.9+ n/a
233Don JuanUnaweepColorado5.6 
Don Juan 5.6.
234Beginner's LuckUnaweepColorado5.7 
Beginner's Luck (5.7)
235Fearless FirstUnaweepColorado5.8
Fearless First 5.8
236BanditoUnaweepColorado5.8+ n/a
237Sweet Sunday SerenadeUnaweepColorado5.9 
Sweet Sunday Serenade 5.9 III
238Welcoming PartyUnaweepColorado5.7 
Welcoming Party 5.7+
239Un-Named RouteUnaweepColorado5.9+ 
No Name Route 5.9
Rappel from Cow-a-Bunga
241Maiden Voyage--Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado5.9 
Maiden Voyage 5.9
242The Casual Route--Black Canyon of the GunnisonColorado5.8 n/a
243Hot Wee WeeBlack Canyon of the GunnisonColorado5.9 n/a
244Born to Be MildAtomic Energy Crag/NaturitaColorado5.7 n/a
245It's All Good16 Z AreaColorado5.7+ n/a
246The Boy Scout Crack16 Z AreaColorado5.7 n/a
247UnzippedGarden of the GodsColorado5.7 n/a
248Cowboy Boot CrackGarden of the GodsColorado5.6 
Nearing the anchors on the...
249Finger RampGarden of the GodsColorado5.7 n/a
250Silver SpoonGarden of the GodsColorado5.5 n/a



251Practice SlabGarden of the Gods  Colorado5.8 n/a
252West Point CrackGarden of the GodsColorado5.7+ 
West Point Crack
253New EraGarden of the GodsColorado5.7
Tim Descending
254Big SkyGarden of the GodsColorado5.7 n/a
255Billy's Ghost Dance Red Rock Canyon Open Space Colorado5.5 n/a
256Nose in a DayRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.4 n/a
257Pikes PeakRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
258The Mad ScientistRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
259South Pipe RouteRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7+ n/a
260MiscellaneousRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.5-5.8 n/a
261The RoseRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
262Red VenusRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
263Blow Tube EnvyRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
264FinnacleRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.8 n/a
265Whale RiderRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
266Tempest ToastRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
267Esse CurveRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
268Big ERed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.5 n/a
269The Good StuffRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
270Honeymoon Down Under Red Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
271AborigineRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
272DreamtimeRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.5 n/a
273The Never Ever SlabRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.4 n/a
274Old'nRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.4 n/a
275In the WayRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.5 n/a
276MonosmearRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
277Double BRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
278FriggaRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
279El SolRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.6 n/a
280HeliosRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
281Solar FlareRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado 5.8 n/a
282Smear Campaign Red Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
283Mo' VerdeRed Rock Canyon Open SpaceColorado5.7 n/a
284Dogwood 1Big Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
285Dogwood 2Big Cottonwood CanyonUtah 5.7 n/a
286Take Me to the RiverBig Cottonwood CanyonUtah 5.7 n/a
287The Lion of ZionBig Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
288Steort's RidgeBig Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
289Jig's UpBig Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
290East Dihedrals Big Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
291Six Appeal/Goodro's WallBig Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 
May 26th, 2005 - The famous...
292Bush DoctorBig Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
293The Great ChockstoneLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
294Crescent CrackLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 
Crescent Crack 5.7
295Variety Delight/The EggLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
296Standard Thumb/Indecent Exposure Little Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
297PerhapsLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
298Hatchet CrackLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
299Schoolroom WestLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
300SchoolroomLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.6 n/a



301School Room Direct Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah5.7 n/a
302Beckey's WallLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
303Sweet Jane Little Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
304Tingey's TerrorLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
305Flee FlickerLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.7+ n/a
306Lisa Falls RightLittle Cottonwood CanyonUtah5.5 n/a
307RockapellaAmerican Fork CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
308Fire LakeRuth Lake (Uintas)Utah5.7 n/a
309Sun DogRuth Lake (Uintas)Utah5.7+ n/a
310Bring on the Clowns Ruth Lake (Uintas)Utah5.6 n/a
311Blood and GutsLogan CanyonUtah5.4 n/a
312Butt BallLogan CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
313Drilling in the DarkLogan CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
314Errors of Our WaysLogan CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
315Triple JeopardyIndian CreekUtah5.7 n/a
316Sexy OgreSan Rafael ReefUtah5.7 R n/a
317Christmas Tree Route San Rafael ReefUtah5.6 n/a
318The Laughing Lizard-Climbed March 31 2019San Rafael ReefUtah5.5 R 
Laughing Lizard
319The Raucous WrenSan Rafael ReefUtah5.6 R n/a
320Ranting RavensSan Rafael ReefUtah5.7 R n/a
321Dancin' in the DarkSan Rafael Reef/Scorpion Slab Utah5.6 R n/a
3221000 Feet of FunSan Rafael ReefUtah5.6 R 
Pitch 5
323Cat WalkSan Rafael Reef Utah5.7 R n/a
324Chimney Spring Canyon/Volkswagen Wall Utah 5.7 n/a
325The LiebackSpring Canyon/Volkswagen Wall Utah 5.7 n/a
326Access Crack pring Canyon/Boulder Canyon Wall Utah5.4 n/a
327Tennis ShoeMaple CanyonUtah5.0 n/a
328Three SunsMaple CanyonUtah5.5 n/a
329Beef StewMaple CanyonUtah 5.4 n/a
330Humpty Dumpty's Chimney Sweep Maple CanyonUtah 5.5 n/a
331Chocolate DoobieMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
332Drowning Baby FishMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
333Extra CreditMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
334Moss PocketMaple CanyonUtah 5.6 n/a
335Bob's BoltsMaple CanyonUtah5.4 n/a
336Marble SlateMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
337Crunchy BugMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
338Roach on the RyeMaple CanyonUtah5.7+ n/a
339Grease BunnyMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
340Tomato ManMaple CanyonUtah5.3 n/a
341Canned BeaverMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
342Porcupine MushMaple CanyonUtah 5.6 n/a
343Flea MarketMaple CanyonUtah 5.6 n/a
344Choose Your WeaponMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
345Wet ItchiesMaple CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
346Penal ArtrophyMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
347Bowling Ball HeadMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
348My Best Friend's HaremMaple CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
349I'll Make You FamousMaple CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
350That Be MeMaple CanyonUtah5.5 n/a



351Selsa VacaMaple Canyon Utah5.7 n/a
352Don't Feed the Monkey Maple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
353Primate Grooming Procedures Maple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
354Kentucky FriedMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
355MethaneMaple CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
356Chimney RoutePractice CliffsUtah5.7 R n/a
357Un-NamedPractice CliffsUtah 5.7 n/a
358DeadendCarbuncle Buttress Utah 5.7 n/a
359Carol's CrackCarbuncle Buttress Utah5.7+ n/a
360The BarbarianThe Circus Wall/Snow Canyon Utah5.6 n/a
361Pygmy AlienThe Circus Wall/Snow Canyon Utah5.7 
Pygmy Alien, 5.7
362Busload of FaithPicnic Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
363CatwalkPicnic Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
364Un-KnownBaby Rubicon/Crawdad Canyon Utah5.4 n/a
365Un-KnownBaby Rubicon/Crawdad CanyonUtah 5.5 n/a
366Spit ShineSumo Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.7+ n/a
367Subject to ChangeSumo Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
368New BeginningsSumo Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.3 n/a
369Future X WifeSumo Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
370RedolenceBlack and TanUtah5.7 n/a
371Un-KnownKelly's RockUtah5.7- n/a
372Un-KnownKelly's RockUtah5.7 n/a
373Old in the WeighCorral Crags/IbexUtah5.7 n/a
374Carter of MarsCorral Crags/IbexUtah5.7 n/a
375TarantulaSouth Corridor/IbexUtah 5.8 n/a
376Auld Lang SyneSouth Corridor/IbexUtah 5.7 n/a
377Caesar SaladSnakeskin Buttress/IbexUtah5.7 n/a
378Too Cool for SchoolQuartermoon Tower/IbexUtah5.7 n/a
379Baby Boomer Quartermoon Tower/IbexUtah5.7 n/a
380Sheep in Wolf's ClothingNewly Wed Bluff/IbexUtah5.8 n/a
381Happy SlabIsland of Stone/IbexUtah5.7 n/a
382JNJMarjum CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
383Provo Boys RouteMarjum CanyonUtah5.8 n/a
384Dresden's RevengeOquirrh MountainsUtah5.7 n/a
385Mr. Slopey WashlothOquirrh MountainsUtah5.8 n/a
386Mr. Poopy PantsOphir Canyon/Oquirrh Mountains Utah5.7 n/a
387Rock TitOphir Canyon/Oquirrh MountainsUtah5.8 n/a
388Pick-Axe PeteOphir Canyon/Oquirrh MountainsUtah5.6 n/a
389Dig DugOphir Canyon/Oquirrh MountainsUtah5.7 n/a
390Tricks are for Kids South Willow CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
391Earth Angel Stansbury IslandUtah5.7 R n/a
392White SpotStansbury IslandUtah5.8 n/a
393St. FranzisWhite Rock/Cedar MountainsUtah5.6 n/a
394Hey Cool AidWhite Rock/Cedar MountainsUtah5.7 n/a
395DeliriousWhite Rock/Cedar MountainsUtah5.8 n/a
396Broken DankiesWhite Rock/Cedar MountainsUtah5.7 n/a
397Alpenhiemer'sMars Rock/Cedar MountainsUtah5.8 n/a
398Impact CraterMeteor Rock/Cedar MountainsUtah5.6 n/a
399East Bucher Knife-Climbed May 31 2017 Steamboat SpringsColorado 5.7 
Butcher Knife Crags
400Grey Face-September 10 2017Steamboat SpringsColorado5.8 
Grey Face



401Volcanic Therapy-Climbed December 31 2017 Black Rocks Utah5.7
Volcanic Therapy
402Standing on Faith-Climbed December 31 2017 Black RocksUtah5.7 
Standing on Faith
403Casual Slander-Climbed December 31 2017Black RocksUtah5.9 
Casual Sender 5.9
404Nuclear DecayBlack RocksUtah5.9 n/a
405Black Hole SunBlack RocksUtah5.8
Black Hole Sun, 5.8
406SungazerBlack RocksUtah5.8+
Sungrazer-Black Dwarf
407The NestBlack RocksUtah5.7 n/a
408Joseph MeeksBluff Street Crags Utah5.7+ n/a
409Damned if You DoGreen Valley GapUtah5.8 n/a
410Damned if You Don'tGreen Valley GapUtah5.8 n/a
411Texas Jug-Climbed December 30 2017Green Valley GapUtah5.4 
Texas Jug
412Brazilian Ninja-Climbed December 30 2017Green Valley GapUtah5.3
Brazilian Ninjas
413Unknown-Climbed December 30 2017Green Valley GapUtah5.6
Unknown Climb
414Hairy VirginGreen Valley GapUtah5.7 n/a
415The OfferingGreen Valley GapUtah5.6 n/a
416Factional infightingGreen Valley GapUtah5.9 
Factional Infighting, 5.9
417PinballGreen Valley GapUtah5.8 n/a
418Cool KatzGreen Valley GapUtah5.7 n/a
419Size Doesn't MatterGreen Valley GapUtah5.7 n/a
420Thai MonkeyZen WallUtah5.7 n/a
421Ten Legged Inter-species Cha ChaShotgun AlleyUtah5.7 n/a
422Quick SandShotgun AlleyUtah5.7 n/a
423Deviant ChimneyHackberry Wash/Snow CanyonUtah5.4 n/a
424Twist and ShoutIsland in the Sky/Snow Canyon Utah5.7
Twist and Shout, 5.7
425Kibosch ButtressIsland in the Sky/Snow CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
426Will's RushIsland in the Sky/Snow CanyonUtah5.5 n/a
427A Thousand Pints of LiteIsland in the Sky/Snow CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
428Leopard SkinIsland in the Sky/Snow CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
429Under the Sleeping GiantIsland in the Sky/Snow CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
430Ann's Saturday SacrificeIsland in the Sky/Snow CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
431The Cheese Stands Alone P1West Canyon/Snow CanyonUtah5.6 n/a
432Fly SoupThe Flytrap/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
433Warm and FuzzyVeyo River Gorge/Crawdad Canyon Utah5.6 n/a
434StaircaseDem Bones Wall/Crawdad CanyonUtah5.7 n/a
435New HorizonsBaby Rubicon/Veyo CragsUtah5.3 n/a
436Seer StoneProphesy Wall/Veyo CragsUtah5.3 n/a
437Soft ScrubProphesy Wall/Veyo CragsUtah5.7 n/a
438Breaking the SabbathProphesy Wall/Veyo CragsUtah5.7 n/a
439PulloutPine Valley/Veyo CragsUtah5.7 n/a
440Righteous IndignationThe Soul AssylumUtah5.7 n/a
441Glutton for PunishmentWoodbury RoadUtah5.7  n/a
442RedolenceWoodbury RoadUtah5.7 n/a
443Learning CurveWoodbury RoadUtah5.6 n/a
444Harsh RhetoricWoodbury RoadUtah5.6 n/a
445DemagogueWoodbury RoadUtah5.7 n/a
446PedantryWoodbury RoadUtah5.7 n/a
447Breakfast of the DamnedThe SolsticeUtah5.7 n/a
448Ingrown Thumb CrackDutchman's DrawArizona5.6 n/a
449NeeLime Kiln CanyonArizona 5.7 n/a
450Blue WaffleLime Kiln CanyonArizona5.6 n/a


A lot more coming, especially from Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.


451Bad KittyLime Kiln CanyonArizona5.7 n/a
452Digital Neuropathy P1 Lime Kiln Canyon Arizona5.7 n/a
453UnknownMormon Mountains Nevada5.7 n/a
454Left Alcove RouteLambs KnollUtah5.3 n/a
455Fiesta at ElmosWest Cedar CragsUtah5.7 n/a
456Septic DeathWest Cedar CragsUtah5.6 n/a
457Marginally Dysfunctional Brian HeadUtah5.7 n/a
458Taste Like ChickenBrian HeadUtah5.7+ n/a
459The Other White MeatBrian HeadUtah5.7 n/a
460Running ScaredBrian HeadUtah5.5 n/a
461JunctionBrian HeadUtah 5.7 n/a
462Farmer JohnBrian HeadUtah5.7 R n/a
463The Non-MormonBrian HeadUtah5.6 n/a
464Hello Cowgirl in the Sand Brian HeadUtah5.7 n/a
465SheekaParowanUtah5.7 n/a
466Standard Route Blob Rock-- Steamboat SpringsColorado 5.7 
Great Blob
467Illusions P1-Climbed November 8 2020Rifle ArchColorado5.6 R 
Illusions and Arm and Hammer
468Kor Route313 SlabsUtah5.6 n/a
469Un-Named-Climbed March 7 2018Duncan's RidgeColorado5.6 n/a
470Apples-Climbed March 7 2018Duncan's RidgeColorado5.7 n/a
471Oranges-Climbed March 27 2018Duncan's RidgeColorado5.8 n/a
472Conglomerate Face-Climbed March 12 2018Duncan's RidgeColorado5.7 
Conglomerate Face
473Corner Route-Climbed March 12 2018 Duncan's RidgeColorado5.8 n/a
474Walk on the Wild Side-Climbed March 26 2019Bullet Hole CliffColorado5.6 
Kessler climbing Hands at the Bullet Hole Cliff Band
475Fingers-Climbed March 26 2019Bullet Hole CliffColorado5.7 
4765.7 Face Bullet Hole CliffColorado5.7 n/a
477Chimney  Bullet Hole CliffColorado5.7 n/a
478Dihedral-Climbed December 16 2019 Bullet Hole CliffColorado5.8
Dihedral Route
479Sophia's Swing-Climbed March 4 2019Swimming Hole Rock/Hurrcane GorgeUtah5.8 n/a
480Savannah Smiles-Climbed March 4 2019Swimming Hole Rock/Hurrcane GorgeUtah5.7 
Shaylee climbing
481River Rock Reuben-Climbed March 4 2019Swimming Hole Rock/Hurrcane GorgeUtah5.8+ n/a
482Twin Power-Climbed March 4 2019Swimming Hole Rock/Hurrcane GorgeUtah5.7 n/a
483To Infinity and Beyond-Climbed September 5 2018Performance ParkColorado5.6 n/a
484Exit Stage Left-Climbed September 5 2018Performance ParkColorado5.6 
485Unknown-Climbed September 5 2018Performance ParkColorado5.5 n/a
486Magic Ear Muffs-Climbed August 14 2018Performance Park Colorado5.4 n/a
487Hakuna Matata-Climbed June 21 2018Performance ParkColorado5.4 
488Enjoy the Silence-Climbed August 14 2018Performance ParkColorado5.5 n/a
489Rock Climber-Climbed August 14 2018Performance ParkColorado5.3 n/a
490     n/a
491     n/a
492     n/a
493     n/a
494     n/a
495     n/a
496     n/a
497     n/a
498     n/a
499     n/a
500     n/a