World Island Highpoints above 3000m

World Island Highpoints above 3000m

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1 New Guinea: Carstenz Pyramid

The carstensz pyramid summit...

Height meters: 4884m
Height feet: 16024 f
Location: Indonesia

Carstenz Pyramid SP page

2 Hawaii: Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea from Haleakala

Height meters: 4205m
Height feet: 13796f
Location: United States

Mauna Kea SP page

3 Borneo: Kinabalu

Mt. Kinabalu - On the top of Borneo

Height meters: 4101m
Height feet: 13455f
Location: Malaysia

Kinabalu SP page

4 Taiwan: YuShan

At 3952 meters, Yushan is the...

Height meters: 3952m
Height feet: 12966f
Location: Taiwan

Yushan SP page

5 Sumatra: Gunung Kerinci

Mount Kerinci covered with...

Height meters: 3805m
Height feet: 12484f
Location: Indonesia

Gunung Kerinci SP page

6 Ross Island: Mount Erebus

Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Height meters: 3795m
Height feet: 12451f
Location: Antarctica

Mount erebus SP page

7 Honshu: Fuji-san

The beautiful foot of Mount...

Height meters: 3776m
Height feet: 12388f
Location: Japan

Fuji-San SP page

8 South New Zealand: Mount Cook

copyright 2004, Matthew...

Height meters: 3754m
Height feet: 12316f
Location: New Zealand

Mount Cook SP page

9 Lombok: Gunung Rinjani

RInjani from Sembalun Sept 2004

Height meters: 3726m
Height feet: 12224f
Location: Indonesia

Gunung Rinjani SP page

10 Tenerife: Pico de Teide

 Teide and Roques de Garcia

Height meters: 3718m
Height feet: 12198f
Location: Spain

Pico de Teide SP page

11 Greenland: Gunnbjørn Fjeld


Height meters: 3694m
Height feet: 12118f
Location: Greenland

12 Java: Gunung Semeru

Monte Etna

Height meters: 3676m
Height feet: 12060f
Location: Indonesia

Gunung Semeru SP page

13 Sulawesi: Bulu Rantekombola

Height meters: 3478m
Height feet: 11411f
Location: Indonesia

14 Sicily: Etna

A Clear View of Agung often...

Height meters: 3323m
Height feet: 10902f
Location: Italy

Etna SP page

15 Bali: Gunung Agung

View from summit. This is...

Height meters: 3142m
Height feet: 9888f
Location: Indonesia

Gunung Agung SP page

16 Siple: Mount Siple

Height meters: 3110m
Height feet: 10203f
Location: Antarctica

17 Hispaniola: Pico Duarte

view from the top of Piton...

Height meters: 3098m
Height feet: 10164f
Location: Dominican Republic

Pico Duarte

18 Réunion: Piton des Neiges

The Haleakala Crater is very...

Height meters: 3069m
Height feet: 10069f
Location: Reunion

Piton des Neiges

19 Maui: Haleakala

Height meters: 3055m
Height feet: 10023f
Location: United States

Haleakala SP page

20 Ceram: Gunung Binaiya

Height meters: 3027m
Height feet: 9931f
Location: Indonesia