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Images That I Look at Again and Again, Redux

My original custom object/album, Worth Another Look, was very well received. I continue to find many images on SP that are most certainly worth another look. Some of these images are already well-known because they've been Photo of the Week, or otherwise are highlighted on the site. However, I'm always delighted to find an old image that appears to have been under-appreciated (as evidenced by voting score); probably because there are just so many fine images and other distractions on SP. As the size of Worth Another Look grew somewhat long for a web page, I'm certain those with dial-up connections noted that it took quite a while to load (mostly because I use larger "thumbnail" images than would seem necessary because there is a perceptible loss of viewing quality when I used the actual SP thumbs).

Anyway, without further ado, here are a few more images (and some of the old ones, since I split that album) for your viewing delight. Please, when you have a few moments, take the time to vote and comment on the original image pages; it's those fine photographers who deserve the credit.

Moral Dilemma 5.11b
Posted by Bo Beck,
taken by Todd Goss

by Bene

The Sky is the Limit
by Brade

Just North of the Tetons by Bbbeans

Jared Campbell in the Middle ...
by Mcdermott22

The Endless Range
by Marc Adamus

Climbers on the Sulphide
by Skunk Ape

Panorama: Summit, Matterhorn & Co by Sebastian Hamm

The Result of a Wind/Ice ...
by Schitthaedt

User Profile Image
by Fuse

This is Myself Climbing Out ...
Posted by Bigwallt,
taken by Steve Muse

by Allari

Shenandoah National Park
by BSihler

Alpenglow Somewhere over the
Alps on a Bergamo-Manchester
Flight in Late March
by Tphubbard

On Konkordia Platz by Abra

The Fantastic Light of Parque ...
by Natural

Peuterey Silhouette
by Allari

HWasher Woman Arch as Seen ...
by Brent D

Tiger's Nest
by Outdoorpartner

Drus and Aiguille Verte
by Allari

Makalu as Seen from 3rd Step on Everest
by 7summits

Panoramic View of Hohberghorn, in the foreground Weisshorn by Hiltrud.liu

San Gabriel Mountains
by Tomi

Skrlatica on Fire
by Velebit

Mont Blanc du Tacul
by Jan Virt

Valley of the Winds Panorama by Rick B

Crazy Reindeer
posted by Holsti97,
taken by S. Franckowiak

Zion Narrows
Posted by Bsihler,
taken by Chris

Hiendertelltihorn East Ridge
by Fred Spicker

Kosmati vrh - Ratitovec
by JFS

Central Caucasus North Ushba 4694m
by Cukrik1

Jagged Mountain Morning ...
by Todd Caudle

Wetterstein Morning by Mvs

Falls Below South Colony ...
by Drhbdc

Alps and Clouds Below
by Dan Dalton

User Profile Image
by Tazz

Along the Kuffner Route ...
by Abra

Sunrise with Mount Baker
on the Dungeness Spit
by 2skinners

Horseshoe Park Aspen
by Mountain Jim