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Images That I Look at Again and Again

What images here on SP do I revisit like old friends? What images, not my own submissions but by someone else, are of such high quality, such moving composition that I occasionally let my mind drift from the work at hand and revisit them for a brief respite? These are a few of those images, in no particular sequence. (Note: If you enjoy these images, please express that to the photographers; they are most deserving of the credit. And, I've now added Worth Another Look II to make the page a little easier on dial-up connections).

Sunbathing Summit Glacier on ...
by Cuprina

Goblin Valley
by Pennst51

Orange Band
by Petrovnik

Mount Rose Beams
by OlympicMtnBoy

On a Ridge from the Left Side ...
by Justahiker

Dunes and Sangre de Cristo Mountains
by ScottieB

Cristallo Group--My Favourite by Touristoalpinista

Soft colors. Around 0800am.
by Andre Hangaard

Saffron in the Snow
by Velebit


Who Counts These Chains?
by Mathias Zehring

Mt. Cotter
by Misha

User Profile Image
by Bene

The Crew
by Kellfe

Elbert's Moonshadow
by Jack B

Moel Siabod from Yr Wyddfa
by Tphubbard

Stout Grove Redwoods Panorama by 2skinners

Sunrise in Kilimanjaro
by TodoVertical

Volcán Osorno and Lago ...
by Tahai

by Haubi

Yes That IS the Color!
Havasu Falls
by Tazz

Mount Evans - Sunrise
by Yorksman

Sunset At
by TatTvamAsi

Panorama from Cameron Pass by OlympicMtnBoy

Cervino/Matterhorn (4478m)
by Velebit

The Wave
by Mrwsierra

Climbing Elbrus Normal Route
by VladimirKopylov

At the Saddle of Elbrus ...
by Scott Patterson

Magic Below the Surface
by Velebit

Hopi Point
by Mrwsierra

Primula Graminifolia
by Kenzo Okawa

Total Solar Eclipse, seen from Elbrus
by VladimirKopylov

In the Wind
by Allari

South Bohinj Ridge .. by Alex_Vega

Cardigan Sunrise
by Sunfish

by LeonardoDj

Sunrise from Zumsteinspitz
by Hhsillecks

Looking South from the Summit
by Rfbolton

East Beckwith from Lost Lake Campground
by Chris

Trekking into the Hongu ...
by Nelson

Panorama from Grossvenediger posted by Morceaux, taken by Laci

Fraser Valley Sunrise
by Just B

Garden Wall - Dawn
by BSihler

Weissmies, Switzerland
by Icypeak

The Perfect View from the Boè ...
by Gangolf Haub

A Pirate's Life for Me!
Posted by Dave Daly,
taken by Randy K. Wenzel

Tuolumne Meadows After the Storm
by Misha

Trona Pinnacles Panorama by Tarol