Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Additional Information County: Ladakh
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 19948 ft / 6080 m
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Yalung Nong is a rarely visited 6000m-peak of the Indian Himalayas located in Ladakh near lake Tso Moriri. Its dome-shaped peak is snow-covered on the N and E, but offers an easy ascent from the S without any technical problems. You may find the climb long and tiresome but magnificent wiews of Tso Moriri and the surrounding desert-landscapes are absolutely worth.

Getting There

Nearest airport is Leh,capital of Ladakh, with daily flights from Delhi,Shrinagar and Jammu.(Delhi-Leh on road takes cca. 3 days!)
From Leh 6-7 hours drive to Korzok at the lake shore of Tso Moriri. Remind that Korzok is situated over 4500m above sea level,so you must be acclimatised before arrival!

Route description

The trip to Yalung Nong takes 3(2)days (see map below)
From Korzok
a/by vehicle 4 km till Korzok Sumdo("Confluence";summer settlement of Changpa nomads). From here cross the green meadow and the stream to reach the shorter path coming from the village.
b/(on foot)from Korzok follow the stream flowing into the lake S of the village.(Stay on the left side of it. In 1 hour you will reach the meadows of Korzok Sumdo.
Cross the plain desert and continue the path for Yalung Nyau La (pass). It leads apart from the stream,you should go up till the water appears again(cca.5200m,below the first great moraine-barriere);the best place for camp.
Summit route:
Leave the path and climb the steep loose scree slope on the right (no more trace!). At 5500m the slope ends in a plateau from where you can see the summit northwards. Cross the plateau and climb the scree dome of the southern summit(6040m, best from the right,on the upper part of S-ridge)and continue on snow fields to the flat top of the main summit.
Descend on the same route.

Red Tape

For visiting Korzok you have to get a permit for entering the Indo-Chinese border zone.("Inner Line Permit",obtained in Leh in 1 day,depending on working hours).For the climbs over 6000m in principle a climbing permit is necessary but in this remote area the rule seems to be ignored.
Victuals better to buy in Leh,the selection in Korzok is very poor.


Camping is allowed ewerywhere in Ladakh. However,on the lake side at Korzok you have to use the official camp sites near the village.(Rooms are available too.)


Yalung Nong map
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