Ypsilon Mountain Climber's Log

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pksander - Sep 25, 2005 3:01 pm

Route Climbed: Mummy Mania! Date Climbed: September 24, 2005  Sucess!

Part of the Mummy Mania traverse completed with Chris Gerber. A very, very long day. See my trip report for more...


slowpoke - Aug 29, 2005 2:13 pm

Route Climbed: From chapin and chiquita Date Climbed: August 25, 2005  Sucess!

Climbed as part of Chapin, Chiquita Ypsilon traverse. Had all three summits to myself. Very windy up there. Met a few others on the way down who had turned back.


ajonesTexas - Jul 24, 2005 1:12 am

Route Climbed: Chapin, Chiquita, Ypsilon Date Climbed: 7/4/2002  Sucess!

Great hike

mtnsavy - Jun 21, 2005 2:45 am

Route Climbed: Blitzen Ridge Date Climbed: 2004  Sucess!

Fun but LONG alpine adventure.


shknbke - Jun 19, 2005 11:39 pm

Route Climbed: from Chapin Pass Date Climbed: June 18, 2005  Sucess!

climbed Ypsilon as part of the Mummy Mania traverse as described by Roach. Beautiful mountain with great views.


ktiffany22 - Jun 11, 2005 10:01 pm

Route Climbed: Old Fall River Road Date Climbed: Sept 2002  Sucess!

This was my first ever hike in Colorado. Having come from KS less than a week before, can you say: "NEED OXYGEN?!" Seriously, it kicked my butt from the get-go... my competitive drive kept me trekkin. We first summited Mount Chapin, then Chiquita, then Ypsilon. The group started 20 strong, was 18 after Chapin, and was only 10 by the time we hit Ypilson. Yep, I wasn't the only one from SEA LEVEL in the crew! As I look back at this day, I laugh. I hiked in normal tennis shoes, and CARRIED (no pack) 2 nalgene bottles. Yep, I've come a LONG way baby! Enjoy it!


RyanS - Sep 28, 2004 11:27 am

Route Climbed: Mummy Mania Date Climbed: September 18, 2004  Sucess!

Ypsilon isn't the most fun we had during Mummy Mania, but it is the peak I'm most likely to repeat. I must get to Spectacle Lakes someday!


dunking_deutschman - Sep 20, 2004 11:14 pm

Route Climbed: Chapin Pass Date Climbed: September 10, 2004  Sucess!

The clouds broke after descending from Chiquita and afforded some cool views of Ypsilon, but the clouds returned when we were 10 minutes from the summit and didn't break up for about 2 hours. There was about 2-3 inches of fresh snow on and around the summit above 13,000 feet or so.


georgbetsy - Sep 19, 2004 9:57 pm

Route Climbed: Mummy Mania, starting at Chapin Pass Date Climbed: September 18, 2004  Sucess!

Hiked Mummy Mania with Erin, Ryan, Andy, and John yesterday. We had beautiful weather and a great hike.

Kevin Seal

Kevin Seal - Aug 3, 2004 5:19 pm

Route Climbed: Chapin Pass Trailhead Date Climbed: July 30, 2004  Sucess!

Reached the summit, along with Chapin and Chiquita, as part of a week long trip climbing in CO. Very worthwhile half day hike. Great views of the entire park!


Andy - Aug 1, 2004 4:06 pm

Route Climbed: Donner Ridge Date Climbed: July 31, 2004  Sucess!

I climbed with Nelson. We decided to second-guess Roach on the return leg and tried to downclimb Donner Ridge all the way to Spectacle Lakes. Big mistake! It didn't go and we wasted about two hours trying to find our way off the ridge.


georgbetsy - May 4, 2004 11:29 pm

Route Climbed: from chiquita Date Climbed: July 2003  Sucess!

Climbed Mount Ypsilon to acclimate for Longs Peak. Saw some bighorn sheep on the way down close the "The Whale". Met a great gentleman from New York that was practicing for a Europe glacier trip. It was great to hear about his experience in South America and around the world.


jeffgun - Nov 15, 2003 4:46 pm

Route Climbed: S/W Ridge Date Climbed: October 26, 2003  Sucess!

Combined this with Chapin and Chiquita for a pretty good hike.

Jim Clarke

Jim Clarke - Sep 30, 2003 1:18 pm

Route Climbed: Blitzen Ridge Date Climbed: July 28 2003  Sucess!

Fun scramble with an occassional rock pitch...we stayed as high on the aces as possible and perhaps encountered a 5.7 pitch, then descended the Donner Ridge (a worthwhile climb as well) for those who want a more relaxing way, you could station a car at the base of Mt. Chapin on the old Fall River Road.


smudge - Aug 22, 2003 7:40 pm

Route Climbed: From Chapin Pass Date Climbed: Every Summer in July  Sucess!

I love this mountain...I have climbed it many times, and will climb it many more, Im sure. It's just a beautiful trail, and you can be back in Estes in plenty of time for lunch. A nice short day, in a very beautiful place!


miztflip - Jul 17, 2003 5:22 pm

Route Climbed: Southwest Ridge, Mummy Mania Date Climbed: July 7, 2003 and Sept. 4, 2003  Sucess!

Great views of the Mummy Range with no one in sight.

I completed Gerry Roach's Mummy Mania traverse which takes in Chapin, Chaquita, Ypsilon, Fairchild, Hagues and Mummy over 16 miles and 5700 vertical feet. Highly recommended for those seeking abuse and solitude.

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