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Bubba SuessNot quite the Warners...

Bubba Suess

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This has the beginnings of a good page and the peak definitely deserves a post. I hope more pictures will be added.

While there is some ambiguity about exactly where the Warners end, there is a bit of consensus that the range ends at Hwy 140. At least for the purposes of Summitpost the Drake/Light Peak area is being considered a separate range. Discussions can be found here:






If you have any indication that the Drake Peak area is part of the Warners, I would be interested to see it. This is not intended in a contentious fashion. On the contrary, it would further the already ongoing discussion on the issue. I hope this is not overkill, and this is all meant constructively. At the very least, this leaves the door open for another, independent page on the entire Drake Peak area.
Posted Jul 9, 2011 12:57 am


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So my primary concern with Drake/Light/Twelvemile/McDowell/Crook...is then...what range are they in?

Peakbagger lists everything in the vertical corridor from beyond Crook to well south into California as the Warner Mountains...which intuitively makes sense to me. Wikipedia actually lists Crook peak in the Warner mountains. No I don't have a geological explanation for you, but I could say the same thing about the Cascades as it is made up of volcanoes, fault blocks, and magma intrusions, even mountains right next to each other are of different geological origin...

I just can't find what range they are in if they are not, in fact, in the Warners and I can't see how a man made highway, itself, ends a range...

We'll discuss this further...I'll do more research. For now I'm going to leave it as is and work on something more specific. If you have another range by all means list it and I'll change it. I'm still reading though all your links.

Note: I finished reading your links. You will note that under the Southeast Oregon Basin and Range I left Crook out of the Warner Mountains. That should make it so it isn't confusing (within the scope of that article). I'll also note the discussion in my own article so people can compare for themselves. Like I said, I'm not bothered by leaving Crook in the Warners, but I realize, others might be.
Posted Jul 9, 2011 2:57 am

calebEOCRegarding geology of this area


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During a routine google search I found this link, his first publication is about Drake Peak:

So I followed that up with a google search of a "rhyolite complex" and found this link;

So that kind of affirms the collapsed shield volcano theory. I suppose someone could contact Ray Wells from the first link to confirm.
Posted Jul 10, 2011 3:51 pm

SwithichGeology and Ranges

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Check out cjwhat's Drake peak page. His geological explanation is that the (Drake?) peaks are an eroded uplift like Hart Mountain and Steens, but much older and far more eroded. I also saw that link on the "Rhyolite Complex." I do think someone should still call or email to confirm on what exactly the "Drake Peaks" are.

However, I still do not think that a different geology excludes a group of peaks from a range. Looking at the map, I actually think that you can draw a pretty clear uplift including all the peaks from north of Crook to well into California (and pieces of Nevada) that should be called a range (is that the Warner Mountains or Warner Range, I'm not sure). The Drake peaks sit up on an uplift even if they are themselves something different in origin.

See this map (http://www.peakbagger.com/range.aspx?rid=13302).

However, if someone can show me definitively where the "Warner Mountains" begin and end, then I'll recant my statement. My only request if you give me something else to call this group of five mountains. I'm pretty frustrated with the fact that if they are not in the Warner Mountains, that they appear to have no name. At that point do I just make one up (The Drake Group or the Drake Peaks maybe?). I guess this is pretty typical of SE Oregon. Too few people to care about such things as geological naming.

Posted Jul 10, 2011 8:35 pm

calebEOCRe: Geology and Ranges


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I think the explanation on the Drake Mountain page is not entirely correct. I think the Drake area is uplifted thanks to Abert Rim and the North Warners, but I dont think the mountains are a result of uplift.


Bubba took that picture looking north up the Warner Range with Drake and Light on the horizon, and to me this looks a lot like Gearhart, Yamsay, Newberry, and Mazama which are all shield volcanoes.

I am not really contending the naming of the mountains, I just find it interesting. I have tried to find more information on these mountains several times over the years and I havent found much beyond what I have posted here. Oregon Roadside Geology and In Search of Ancient Oregon both fail to talk about this area beyond Crane Peak. I would love to get my hands on a copy of Oregon Geology, but havent tracked one down yet.

Posted Jul 11, 2011 12:03 am

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