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Lyskamm Traverse (W-E)

Route: Lyskamm Traverse (W-E)
by selinunte01

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Via dei Morbegnesi

Route: Via dei Morbegnesi
by AlbertoRampini


Area: Vantage
by Matt Lemke

Curecanti Needle

Mountain: Curecanti Needle
by Liba Kopeckova

Echo Rock Area Formations

Area: Echo Rock Area Formations
by Marcsoltan

Roccia Nera Normal Route

Route: Roccia Nera Normal Route
by alpinbeta

Carè Alto

Mountain: Carè Alto
by Silvia Mazzani

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Pinnacle Pool Hike and My "Discovery" of a Rock Glacier by nader

The 12810 ft (3904 m) high Howard Mountain sits in the Never Summer Range in the western parts of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. It is usually climbed either from the northeast or via a ridge-top hike in combination with the peaks to the north and south of it. I approached Howard Mountain from the southeast by whacking my way through a forest to reach a 11300 ft high lake known as Pinnacle Pool. Above the pool I entered a large boulder filled valley where the boulders made small ridgelines/hills at the bottom of the valley. These features led me to believe that I was walking on a rock glacier. The bushwhack and boulder hopping became very time consuming so I gave up on reaching the summit of Howard Mountain and turned back at an elevation of 11500 ft. I was unhappy that I did not make it to the top but was happy that I had “discovered” a rock glacier.

Fear and Loathing Back West: Pain & Glory by Castlereagh

After three long years out west I came home. I spent some time back in Massachusetts, catching up with family and friends, getting (way too) reacquainted with sleeping in, did some freelance jobs for a paycheck, enjoyed the holidays, and turned 30 (that last part really sucked). Around that unfortunate birthday I finally finished my freelance projects and started looking for a job in Jersey so I could move in with my roommate by the time his lease ended in April. Job found and started, my thoughts eventually turned back towards summer and making a trip back west. My body, which felt great after two plus months of rehabbing a car/pedestrian incident via crippled peakbagging, seemed to collapse shortly after I came home. I threw out my back through merely the act of sleep, my hips, glutes and groin constantly felt like s***, and my body felt creaky as hell even just taking my friends' dog out for an hour long walk. My pedestrian/auto collision in Savannah probably had a bit to do with it, as did my unconventional rehab climbing off the MCL sprain/contusion for the next few months...

Four Gables via Desolation Lake by Ambret

After a few nights at Four Jeffrey Campground and a warm-up hike circumnavigating and summiting Chocolate Peak off of the Bishop Pass trail, our group—Ruvicha, Brian, Steve2 and I—prepared to head for Desolation Lake via the Piute Pass, with the goal of climbing Four Gables Peak. Three of us previously had camped at Horton Lake; Four Gables, along with Mt Tom and Basin Mountain, forms something of a triangle around the lake. From our lakeside campsite, we enjoyed the early morning alpenglow on Four Gables and wanted the view from its summit. Visiting Desolation Lake on the way seemed an added bonus.

Utah Classic - Aspen Grove Semi-Loop by Rocky Alps

Almost twelve years after my first Wasatch hike, a sunrise hike of Mount Timpanogos, I’d finally finish the ranked Wasatch 11ers with a summit of South Timpanogos. The Timpanogos Massif is chock full of great trails and interesting terrain, with the higher ridgelines and peaks being very similar in appearance to the mountains in Glacier National Park, and during each visit to this mountain I’d been able to take a different route. Somehow, despite all of the previous Timp adventures, I had never gotten around to hiking up the Aspen Grove Trail, so it somehow worked out that I was able to save arguably the most scenic route on one of the best mountains in the Rockies for last.

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100 Years on the Timpanogos Glacier 100 Years on the Timpanogos Glacier by Scott

The "glacier" is somewhat of an unusual and interesting feature for Utah. A perhaps little known fact is that the glacier reportedly used to have some distinct (by Rockies standards) and visible crevasses before the "Dust Bowl Drought" of the 1930's. Some of the old photos are available at BYU or in Kelsey's book on Timpanogos, and a few are posted in the section below. Although the feature has been referred to as a glacier (sometimes affectionately) for many years, the status of the glacier/snowfield/icefield had been debated for just as long.

Letter to an Old Friend Letter to an Old Friend by Bob Sihler

There you were, bold against the snow in the Lamar Valley, ears erect, snout down, ready to pounce, listening for the self-betraying movement of your prey in its dug-out tunnels a few inches below. You paid not a bit of attention to me.

Drinking Water in the Backcountry Drinking Water in the Backcountry by Enkidu

Travel in remote areas can often present hydration challenges that are often compounded by weather, elevation and exertion. Often times the only water available is from the nearest lake/stream or snow/ice. In certain instances these sources can be used successfully without any treatment. In other cases successful use requires some form of treatment.

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Rila autumn scenery Rila autumn scenery by Andrey Pramatarov

The best alpine climbing area in Rila mountain in Bulgaria. Left to the right - mount "Iglata", "Dvuglav", "Zlia zab".

Cloud Inversion Cloud Inversion by mills

6.30 am cloud inversion in Dyffryn Mymbyr, Snowdonia with the Snowdon horseshoe in the distance and the tiny village of Capel Curig in the foreground !

Photo of the Moment

Mount Terror West Ridge Topo
Sep 27, 2016 11:19 PM by Matt Lemke

Photo of the Day

Summit view South
Sep 26, 2016 9:36 AM by yatsek

Photo of the Week

Mount Adams Sunrise
Sep 21, 2016 12:31 AM by awilsondc

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