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Pico das Torres

Mountain: Pico das Torres
by jclode

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Area: Rhinogs/Rhinogydd
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Blue Lakes

Area: Blue Lakes
by Liba Kopeckova

Marin County Mountains,  Ridges and Hills

Area: Marin County Mountains, Ridges and Hills
by Noondueler

Marmottes Givrées

Route: Marmottes Givrées
by Silvia Mazzani

Tête des Vieux

Mountain: Tête des Vieux
by Antonio Giani

Plummer Mountain

Mountain: Plummer Mountain
by gimpilator

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Avoiding Game Over by Mike Lewis

Josh Lewis and I joined gimpilator to the Phelps Creek Trailhead on June 12, 2015 for a hike to Lyman Lake where we would part ways. He was joining Craig Willis, Greg Slayden and many others in a peak-bagging adventure that included Miner's Ridge, Plummer, Cloudy Peak and North Star. We fore-went a tent and other luxuries to be as light as possible but it was still strenuous regardless. The view from Spider Gap was stunning as usual making me wish I had more food and time to spend in that place. In all honesty I wish I could have joined Gimpilator because our ambitious goal of rushing up Bonanza would have been daunting enough just from Holden. I was not too certain from the start whether we would make it. Additionally, gimpilator was our ride home and we were under pressure to maintain a pace that would allow us to catch him at noon on day 3 otherwise we faced a grueling push out Suiattle Pass, then hitchhike to Darrington on very limited supplies. The first five miles to the meadows went quick. We pushed hard throughout the day taking few breaks, separating from gimpilator at Lyman Lake. Light winds and clouds had us worried the weather would change. It even started to drizzle but it went back to pleasant . We crossed a creek somewhere above Hart Lake that required some finesse. At our low point, 3000', at the Holden Junction I took a long break before our gain to Holden Lake. The view of Copper was awesome but we were constantly in a hurry and arrived at Holden Lake just before sunset. It was the hardest grind in memory. I was intimidated by the appearance of Bonanza throughout the day and wasn't sure how far we'd get. Finally seeing our route from the lake, I could not believe how ridiculously steep the walls looked. Our chili-mac supper was barely enough and I got little anxious sleep.

2015 - And now for something completely different. by DrJonnie

When Ken told me that he and his brother Peter were planning to go Sport climbing in Greece and asked if I wanted to go with them, I was taken aback somewhat. Our usual annual outings were to the mountains and did not in any way include the type of gymnastic exercises to be expected at their proposed destination of the Island of Kalymnos in Greece.

Kun by opensea64

There is a disclaimer used in investment brochures. Past performance is no indication of future outcomes. The same could be said for mountaineering. Just because you have done well in the past, does not guarantee success on future climbs. And so I write my story about Mt Kun. Or “Project 7000” as I dubbed it.

Mt Kun (7077m) is part of a massif known as Nun Kun, in the Zanskar Mountains of northen India. Nun and Kun are both just over 7000m high and stand out as some of the highest peaks in the region, not far from the Pakistan border. In 2013 I climbed Kang Yatze 2, 6200m in nearby Ladakh. I made it to 6140m due to rather tough snow conditions on the day.

Del Campo - a photo TR by awilsondc

As an avid scrambler, I've had my eye on Del Campo Peak for several years now and I was finally able to make it up to the summit. It did not disappoint! Gothic Basin is beyond beautiful, and the scramble up Del Campo was everything I had hoped for. This area is quite the drive for me so I set the alarm for 2:40am and hit the road by 3:20 for the 3+ hour drive to the trailhead. I wanted to get an early start since it was supposed to be hot, and hot it was! I got to the trailhead about 6:30 and it was already pretty warm. I had brought a bike for the first mile on the old road which was nice. After ditching the bike I hit the trail at a good pace and made it to Gothic Basin in a couple hours. The place is stunning!

Featured Articles

Walking with Mr. Muir Walking with Mr. Muir by dwhike

"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." -John Muir

Alpine pioneers:  the Alpine pioneers: the "Tschingel Company", a legendary team by Silvia Mazzani

Dogs’ vocation for mountaineering is out of discussion. In the past the St Bernard, the kingsize dog from the St Bernard Hospice, which saved travelers crossing the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, when scattered in the ancient snowy nights, was long regarded as the only mountain dog. Who could forget the invincible Barry, founder of all the St Bernards, victim of his generosity, who after saving forty wayfarers was killed by the forty-first one? Actually the more recent history tells us about other brave dogs summiting peaks, climbing, crossing glaciers alone, finding people buried under an avalanche! Anyhow, nowadays Tschingel (Berner Oberland, CH 1865 - Dorking, UK 1879) still remains the most famous tailed-mountaineer of all the times! Indeed the star of Tschingel will shine forever in the history of alpinism, in reason of her value and her challenging mountain climbs.

Rappel Anchors: A few thoughts Rappel Anchors: A few thoughts by Brian C

Going up results in coming back down and naturally, rappelling is an ever important part of climbing. In addition, many people use rappels that are not involved in technical climbing with some examples being canyoneering, sport rappelling and challenging scrambles. Since rappelling puts your well-being entirely at the mercy of the technical system that you have established, if any point of the system fails you are likely going to be injured (or worse). Rappel accidents occur every year due a wide variety of mostly avoidable scenarios and even experienced climbers fall prey.

Featured Photos

Endurance Endurance by rdmc

Bryce Canyon March 27, 2013

<i>Shudder before the Beautiful Shudder before the Beautiful by lcarreau

"The music of this awe: Deep silence between the notes ... Deafens me with endless love. This vagrant Island Earth ... A pilgrim shining bright; We are shuddering before the Beautiful ...", Looking north to Angel's Landing from the floor of Zion Canyon, Utah. Angels Landing is nearly 1,500 feet (457 m) above the floor of Zion Canyon and affords excellent views up and down the canyon. Midday provides the best lighting for views into the depths of the canyon, and summer monsoon thunderstorms can frequently take shape without warning. July 2015

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Route Overlay: Adventure Punks
Aug 30, 2015 10:01 PM by StephAbegg

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The Space Rocket
Aug 29, 2015 1:44 PM by David Senesac

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Aug 27, 2015 5:45 AM by Bald Eagle

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