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Punta Giordani

Mountain: Punta Giordani
by alpinbeta

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Via Dibona

Route: Via Dibona
by Silvia Mazzani

Cottontail Tower

Mountain: Cottontail Tower
by McCannster

Paterno NW ridge

Route: Paterno NW ridge
by alpinbeta


Area: Estergebirge
by selinunte01

South Face Crack

Route: South Face Crack
by Alan Ellis

El Fraile

Mountain: El Fraile
by Corax

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Watching Paint Dry by Kiefer

I stood there in the comfort of my warm Asolo hiking boots and watched my hiking partner plod up the trail at a glacial pace. I was truly in awe. I mean, I've seen some real winners over the years in the torpid and comatose category, but this was quite possibly the first ever instance where my partner was either a sleep, moving backwards or dead. She forced me to take a step every few hours to keep pace. This let my mind wander to all sorts of queries, worries and questions: Am I going to die out here? Will I make the summit? Did I remember to feed the cat? Will the beer I brought actually make to the summit 'fore being drank? Will I makeit back down before Christmas...of 2019? Then I remembered, I don't have a cat; I sighed with relief. As things go, I reasoned that there were worse places to spend Purgatory; Florida comes to mind, as does Mt. Bross and Mt. Princeton. And I'm sure being forced to watch Nicholas Cage movies would qualify. But hey! I'm in the San Juans!

Colorado has so many gems and treasures in between its' borders that it would take a lifetime to list them all without ever detailing why. The Sangre de Cristo's have remarkable, solid rock and some wicked-cool old growth forests. The Sawatch are 'Hills like White Elephants.' The Front Range is like a Yahtzee cup of pretty much everything. Throw a dart at the wall and you'll find something ya like. The Elks are like a scrappy, well-seasoned Hockey player who is both to be respected and not trusted (paging Claude Lemieux!). The San Juan's are overflowing with ghosts, tales, riches & ore, cold water and some seriously-ass craggy peaks (Pilot Knob, anyone?).

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo, AKA Have You Eaten Yet? by Liba Kopeckova

I have so many goals in my life and it would require several live cycles to complete all those. The planning of a vacation can be a little overwhelming: where to go? what to do? how to deal with the short holiday offered in US? Most of my trips are only limited to one week, but this time it was different - I had 2 precious weeks off, which meant a far away destination for me.

I chose China for several reasons: I found cheap tickets to Beijing and who would not want to see the Great Wall of China? The autumn season in SW China is excellent for rock climbing - dry and not too hot, and there was also the harvest time with tons of exotic fruits to taste. Chinese greet each other “Have you eaten yet?” and what could be better than an adventure holiday with a great cuisine.

The Chinese history and culture deserves to be explored too, and its political system (we visited during Chinese elections and the military control was evident everywhere, especially around Tiananmen Square.

October Snow by The_Cat_Guy

If you are lucky enough to live in more alpine regions, lets say the Alps or BC then snow in October is a usual sight for you. But not here in Greece. Even though this is the marker of the beginning of the winter season, it is also another important (List of 10) summit. It is a story of the successful ascent of Greece’s 7th highest summit, Korakas.

With that out of the way, let us proceed. Once again we were able to get some time of school and work given the national holiday of 28th of October that we get here in Greece. So with that in mind we decided to head to Agios Athanasios and the Vardousia mountains to summit the Korakas peak at 2495m. Lucky for us, the forecast gave snow and relatively cold temperatures, talking 0C to -2C at the highest altitudes, even better no wind was on for the day of the attempt.

So Friday passed and Saturday is here so its time to attempt the climb. We left our hotel at 8:30 and drove the 45 minutes to the POA refuge exactly on the trail head. Note that this is the closest you can go to the summit at 2000m of elevation. We started hiking at around 9:30 and luckily due to the clouds overhead and the direction of travel (West to East) we hiked without direct sunlight and relatively great temperatures (approx -1C).

Gannett Peak - Climb and Rescue by tom martin

January 1993 – I placed a request for climbers to join our team for a climb of Gannett Peak in the “Klimbin’ Kollaborator” column of the Highpointers Newsletter. After much correspondence, the following individuals met at the Glacier trailhead 13 miles south of Dubois Wyoming on August 8, 1993: Ken Akerman, Dave Bowling, Tom DeRoo, Dan Guthridge, Stacy Martin and Tom Martin. My eldest daughter Stacy and I decided to expand our trip to include Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

8/2 – Stacy and I left Springfield OH, drove to Chicago and then drove straight to Wyoming where we stopped at the Lincoln Monument rest area between Cheyenne and Laramie to sleep in the van. At over 8,500 feet, this is the highest point on I80. We continued to Yellowstone National Park (NP) and then visited Grand Teton NP where we checked conditions on Gannett by talking to a guide at Exum Mountain Guides at Jenny Lake. We then drove to Dubois where we again checked on Gannett conditions with the Forest Service office.

8/7 – When we arrived at the trailhead, we found Ken and Dave already camped there. Dan arrived shortly after and then Stacy, Ken, and I drove into town to drop off our climbing gear at the packer's. We had dinner at the Cowboy Café and then returned to the trailhead for the night.

8/8 – The weather was good as we packed and assembled at the trailhead (7,475 feet) at 8am for the start of our trip. I set my camera on Dave's walking stick for a group photo and we all laughed as the pole slowly bent before the shutter clicked, hence the crooked photo.

Featured Articles


For the 150th anniversary of the first ascent by Edward Whymper of the Barre des Écrins (25th June 1864) a new theory appeared attributing it to Lieutenant Meusnier who would have climbed it in 1853! Meusnier was one of the French army cartographers who in 1853 were in charge of mapping the Briançon area. This theory is based on a digitized document published by the IGN (Institut Géographique National) in 2012. It is a draft of the 1/40000 Briançon map mentioning a ‘Signal’ besides the name ‘Les Écrins’, summit which is then the highest in France (until the 1860 Turin treaty which sealed the annexation of Savoy by France).

Valentin Slatnar - Bos Valentin Slatnar - Bos by Vid Pogachnik

As each mountain area, also Kamnik and Savinja Alps have many heroes, but there's no doubt that in the pioneering times Valentin Slatnar - Bôs was the most legendary son of those mountains.

The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley by OsvaldoCardellina

We do not care how it is started the History of Mountaineering, with its renowned tops like Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc Jorasses, Velan, Combins & Matterhorn. Instead, we want to take a look to see what's going on around there, without disturbing the Great Climbing Era but trying to figure out what were the Mode of former times.

Featured Photos

Cirrus Clouds over Eldorado Peak Cirrus Clouds over Eldorado Peak by Josh Lewis

Taken August 25, 2012 on the East ridge of Eldorado Peak.

View of Vatles from Glorenza View of Vatles from Glorenza by SzaniUherkovich

Photo of the Moment

St John's lilies (Lilium bulbiferum), Northern Apennines
Dec 17, 2017 4:23 AM by Silvia Mazzani

Photo of the Day

3rd rappel
Dec 15, 2017 1:37 AM by Liba Kopeckova

Photo of the Week

Lavaredo North walls from Paterno descent route
Dec 8, 2017 12:53 PM by alpinbeta

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