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Big Cottonwood Creek Canyon

Canyon: Big Cottonwood Creek Canyon
by panhandletrails

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The Frey (Cerro Catedral)

Area: The Frey (Cerro Catedral)
by Baarb

Wild Sky Wilderness

Area: Wild Sky Wilderness
by Redwic

Zsigmondyspitze South-East Ridge

Route: Zsigmondyspitze South-East Ridge
by Silvia Mazzani

Alpi Apuane

Area: Alpi Apuane
by alpinerunner

‘South Schlee’ (GR 388157)

Mountain: ‘South Schlee’ (GR 388157)
by Old School WB

Stepladder Mountain

Mountain: Stepladder Mountain
by gimpilator

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Going Crazy by Castlereagh

I muddled through a year of work and stress in New Jersey, haunted every day by my failure to get any worthy views from the summits of McGuire, Taylor, Piquett and Leidy mountains due to the severe haze in August of 2015. Sleepless night by sleepless night I swore vengeance on these peaks, particularly McGuire (see trip report posted just before this one). But I was trapped by disdain for repeats and fretted about how I could salvage those days on the peaks without costing me a chance to explore new peaks and areas. I figured that the only way I could live with repeating several peaks was if I had a whole goddamn month off…time enough to get enough new summits checked off my lists whilst still going back and recapturing certain peaks whose summit views had eluded me.

Fortunately I had built up enough vacation days and goodwill for my employer at the time for them to agree to four consecutive weeks off that summer for me, and as the months counted down I started to draw vague outlines for a gameplan, though still hesitant to fully embrace the concept of repeating any peaks, even my holy Salmon River grail of McGuire. Then fate threw me a curveball when my old manager whom I had worked for back in Salt Lake called to offer me a new and fully remote position at his new company. I accepted but they wanted me to start as soon as I could, thus crunching my timeline a bit. I had a very good friend’s wedding coming up in two weeks (my roommate’s twin brother’s), and that pretty much made for my two week notice to my company. The problem was that the wedding was a Saturday, thus eating up at least two prime weekend days when I could have started my trip; I was able to extend my start date a two days back to a Wednesday. So while I still had four weeks to climb for summer ’16 I found myself with less flexibility…plus, aside from my accrued vacation days I now would not be getting paid while on the road.

A short day out by MikeLJ

“As it’s the last day of your holiday, we will be celebrating tonight with a special barbeque. Consequently, dinner will be a little earlier so I need you all to be downstairs for 6.45pm”.

Our Chalet host was most insistent as he addressed us at breakfast. I turned to Marie, “it should be a short day today so we’ll be back early”.
We were staying in La Villa in the Badia valley, this September week had started in blazing sunshine but like so often in the Dolomites, it had become cloudy midweek, rained then snowed all in 24 hours. Thursday had been like Winter, so we had planned an easy day on Friday. However, the weather had turned back again, the grey clouds had been replaced by blue skies and the snow covered slopes were already starting to clear.

The Enchantments: More Sunshine on Cloudy Days by MarkDidier

Looking at the three pics below…I can’t help but smile! These are three of my favorite scenes from my four days on the trail in the Enchantments. I look at these and it reminds me of how much beautiful scenery I consumed and how fond I became of this area on this short first visit. But I must confess, I often find myself thinking back to how the whole five days went down, and at times I can’t help but feel disappointed. I saw so much, but accomplished so little! As I have reminisced over the past several months, it has made for some very mixed emotions.

The more I thought about this visit to the Enchantments, the more I realized I needed to revisit the theme from my 2013 adventures in North Cascades National Park, as this 2016 trip was definitely a repeat of sunshine on cloudy days. But in this case the clouds weren’t limited to just the weather. I came to the area with high hopes, plans for nearby peaks not even in the Enchantments, but between some bad planning for Little Annapurna, the weather, and some nearby forest fires, I would end up not reaching a single one of my main objectives. Based upon that I could say my Enchantments visit was a total failure. But that of course, would be inaccurate…

Must Have Been Everest, Mauna Kea, HP #30 by Adam Doc Fox

This must be Everest, I thought. The Asian tourists were in full down orange mountaineering suits. They were ready for -60F with insane wind. But it was only 30F near the summit of Mauna Kea, at the top of Hawaii. Windy, yes, but about as far from Everest conditions as you could get. How’d I get there, to the top of Hawaii? A deal.

The family agreed to go winter hiking and climbing with me in the Great White North months earlier, and in exchange, I’d take them on a Hawaiian vacation. So there we were. A few notes leading up to the approach to Mauna Kea:

The Big Island of Hawaii wasn’t very touristy. Which was awesome. It was very easy to take a road or a curve and be totally surrounded by locals with Polynesian roots and tribal tattoos. But if you were pale and Caucasian, you stuck out, and perhaps wouldn’t receive the warmest of welcome from the natives.

Featured Articles

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (<b><i>The Crystal Hunters</i></b> First Part) CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (The Crystal Hunters First Part) by Antonio Giani

Franco Lucianaz was born in Aosta February the 16th, 1941 and he lives in fraction Valpettaz (Charvensod). Ex Regional dependent USL of the Aosta Valley, ski monitor and president of the Aosta Valley Mineralogical group "Les Amis di Berrio" (from 1995). Because of his long and proven career of mineralogist (cristallier or researcher of champions of crystals) he is defined by now in the local environment a "legend."

Out of the Ashes - A New Pine Ridge Emerges Out of the Ashes - A New Pine Ridge Emerges by panhandletrails

Fortunately for Nebraska’s Pine Ridge region, the “three strikes and you are out” rule does not apply. Major forest fires in 1989, 2006 and 2012 devastated the forests and meadows of the region, drastically changing the landscape for a long time to come. If these major fires were not enough, there were numerous smaller fires in intervening years. Pine Ridge District Ranger Tim Buskirk reported that 90% of the woodlands in forest service lands in western Nebraska have been lost.

Pioneering Ship Rock Pioneering Ship Rock by Brian C

This is a short piece I worked on about the history of climbing on Ship Rock. It was considered to be the last great challenge in North America and has a very vibrant history. This is not meant to be exhaustive and should only serve as a brief introduction.

Featured Photos

Sandstone and Basalt Sandstone and Basalt by Alex Wood

Stark differences in geology at the base of Grand Falls on the Little Colorado River. 2-13-10

Snowdon Peak Snowdon Peak by Misa

Snowdon Peak in the evening light.

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Mar 21, 2017 1:10 AM by Foxy Long Bottoms

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Sunrise and the Organ Mountains
Mar 15, 2017 5:39 AM by Mark Doiron

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