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Beacon Rock

Mountain: Beacon Rock
by gimpilator

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Pen yr Helgi Du

Mountain: Pen yr Helgi Du
by Nanuls

Nagelfluhkette and Hörnergruppe

Area: Nagelfluhkette and Hörnergruppe
by selinunte01

Normal Route / South Cwm

Route: Normal Route / South Cwm
by Lodewijk

Mount Khüiten

Mountain: Mount Khüiten
by HeyItsBen

Amasa Back

Route: Amasa Back
by nader

Durrance Route

Route: Durrance Route
by bigwally

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Spring into Action by Castlereagh

I was long overdue for peaks, and especially P2K’s. My last was a month and a half ago on Gass, an eternity compared to most of my years in Utah. The interim had certainly not been wasted, fruitful weeks indeed exploring some P1K’s and spending QT in the Utah’s amazing National Parks and Monuments, even some basic tourist shit that I secretly and occasionally crave. Then the first weekend of March Madness kept me in the city for all day Basketball binge watching, which I certainly don’t consider time wasted.

Footprints of the Ancients by Scott

This is a brief trip report concerning a trip we did to New Mexico and Arizona over Spring Break 2009. The primary focus of the trip was ancient ruins, but we did a lot of other things as well. On viewing Angel Peak, it was obvious that it was a difficult climb made of the worst rock imaginable, so Kessler, Shaylee, Kim and I hiked the interesting badlands surrounding the peak. From the south rim of the badlands we found a class 3 route into the drainage to the north. We explored the drainages badlands around the peak before returning to the vehicle.

A Tour of West Virginia by mountainhare

My primary motivation for choosing West Virginia as my next destination was its status as the closest mountainous area I had never seen before. With a state nickname proclaiming itself as the “Mountain State,” it surely had to live up to its moniker. So with a crowded itinerary and four available days, I took off from eastern Kentucky early Friday morning and entered West Virginia for the first time.

New England Summitfest by Brian Jenkins

Every year, my buddy Brian and I take a backpacking trip somewhere. First it was Rocky Mountain National Park, then it was Canyonlands, then it was Rainier and hikes in Washington and finally last year, since I had moved to Oregon, he came out and we toured the Pac NW from the Redwoods to the Olympics. For 2002, since he had recently moved to Massachusetts, it was my turn to visit him and check out New England.

Featured Articles

The How To's of A Splattski The How To's of A Splattski by Mlasky

From Mark Didier in recommending re-featuring this page:It's been on the front page before but it should be reposted and maybe SP can help save the world from the use of the dreaded term "selfie".

So, you want to climb Mt Rainier. So, you want to climb Mt Rainier. by ExcitableBoy

Mount Rainier is a unique mountain within the contiguous United States. No other mountain is as extensively glaciated or has as prodigious a prominence. The scale and character of Mt. Rainier is more akin to an Alaskan or Andean peak. The highest trailhead requires the climber to gain 9,000 feet of elevation to reach the summit, as much as from Everest ABC to its summit. The weather on Mt. Rainier changes remarkably quickly, typically for the worse. Blizzards are not uncommon in August, and the high winds and moisture laden air sap heat and wilt down insulation. If you are planning an attempt on Rainier there are a few things you should know. Below are some tips I have gleaned from over two decades and dozens of climbs on ‘The Mountain’. Bear in mind that this article is not a substitute for proper instruction or experience. Mt. Rainier kills climbers almost every year.

The History of SummitPost, Volume V The History of SummitPost, Volume V by Bob Sihler

Once upon an SP time, there were three awesome articles detailing the history of SummitPost (up through 2006).

Sadly, the author, a fine writer and once a highly prominent member of the site, deleted those submissions when he became angry with the site and deleted many of his pages and transferred some others. While most deleted pages here are no great loss in the grand scheme since they can be replaced or may not have had much value to begin with, the deletion of those articles was a real loss to SP because they were informative, well-written, and balanced. Newcomers have no good way now to learn the rich history of SummitPost, along with some of its greatest controversies, from its 2001 founding up until about 2006.

This article, and the one preceding it, is not an attempt to recreate those previous ones. As someone who was witness to and a player in many of the events involved with exploring those questions, I am trying to be as objective as possible but realize there may be sharply different viewpoints. I encourage readers to read the comments as well, for there they may see some of those different perspectives.

Featured Photos

Yarlhashampo 6635m Yarlhashampo 6635m by Kenzo Okawa

The South Face of Yarlhashampo 6635m.

Lapszanka sunrise Lapszanka sunrise by Tomek Lodowy

Lapszanka pass at sunrise Spis Magura - Poland/Slovakia 17th February 2015

Photo of the Moment

Piz Zavretta and Igl Compass
Apr 27, 2015 4:27 PM by Tijs

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at sunset
Apr 26, 2015 3:05 AM by Gabriele Roth

Photo of the Week

Mount Shasta
Apr 20, 2015 10:57 AM by Bubba Suess

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