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East Fork Box

Canyon: East Fork Box
by hans.schenk

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Corona Arch (Little Rainbow Bridge) & Bowtie Arch

Route: Corona Arch (Little Rainbow Bridge) & Bowtie Arch
by nader

Cima Cadin Nord-Est

Mountain: Cima Cadin Nord-Est
by Herb

Tucson Mountains

Area: Tucson Mountains
by Sarah Simon

Eagle Peak

Mountain: Eagle Peak
by Matt Lemke

Double Cross, 5.7+

Route: Double Cross, 5.7+
by Marcsoltan

Alam Kooh

Mountain: Alam Kooh
by nomad

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Colchuck Equinox Epic that included Night Glissading by EastKing

Well after an amazing winter for climbing, it is now springtime in the Cascades. Traditionally this is the start of snow-climbing season here although this snow-climbing season started much earlier due to a much warmer than usual winter. The weather window was set and the weather on the Eastern side the Cascades were going to be better than the western side of the Cascades. I was flirting with the idea of redoing Eldorado but after looking at the weather I decided to join on in a trip with Dave (mtn.climber) and his son.

I invited Mike Lewis and Colin (RokisGud on cascadeclimbers.com and nwhikers.net) for this trip. Dave and his son were going to leave early heading up to Colchuck and we were going to meet him up there about 2 pm at Colchuck Lake. From there we were going to all head for the summit and then head back to camp down at the lake and camp the night before heading out the next day.

Crippled Peakbagging II: Idaho Momentum by Castlereagh

I would start the second leg of my crippled peakbagging tour on Two Point Mountain which, despite not being a P2K, was an Idaho Range Highpoint over 10,000 feet and as a result, on my list. The vague mental map I had drawn for this second leg was to get the highest peak of the Boise Mountains, check out and drink in Boise, make my way north towards McCall and Grangeville to get Buffalo Hump and Grave Peak, two longer but still basic ascents and then, if my knee held up, swing down and grab Homers Young Peak in Montana, a high priority peak for me at the moment, before returning to Salt Lake as the Labor Day rush hit.

The Winds at our Backs - A ski crossing of the Wind River Range by relic

In late April of 2015 a friend and I skied across the Wind River Range from the Torrey Lake entrance, up over Burro Pass, down into Dinwoody Creek, took in a summit of Gannett, then exited over Bonney Pass and out to Elkhart Park. It was true wilderness experience; we did not see another human for the entire trip.

The snow drought of 2015 was very evident, the lack of snow in spots on the east side required us to carry the skis almost to Burro Pass,then in quite a few intermittent spots as we worked our way up the Dinwoody. It took 4 days to hike or ski in, with Gannett Peak finally coming into view at the end of day 3; we intentionally set a camp that evening with a great view of the mountain. Day 4 we moved up into the basin directly below the Gooseneck Glacier, finding a perfect rocky alcove in which to set a partly protected camp.

White Hill - Cheticamp Flowage by MountainHikerCO

It was almost 11:00 am when we came to a survey cut line that isn’t marked on the map. I did know of its existence from studying the aerial photos of the area. I had a copy of the aerial photo with me. This survey cut line probably indicates the National Park boundary. I knew if the road still existed we had to be within a 100 meters of it along this cut line. Dorthe waited while I first walked about 100 meters in the direction I thought least likely, just to eliminate it. After getting back to Dorthe we didn’t have to travel very far in the other direction to finally meet up with this road. It was now a full 2 hours after leaving the lake. We had only gained about a kilometer in that hour with a lot of thrashing through the bushes.

Featured Articles

Chasing the Light Chasing the Light by Mark Doiron

Photography is all about light. That should be patently obvious to even the most casual observer.

Abalakov in history and in ice Abalakov in history and in ice by Liba Kopeckova

The Abalakov thread, or V-thread is ice protection named after Soviet climber Vitaly Abalakov. To know how to make a proper Abalakov (=v-thread) should be a requirement for anyone climbing multi-pitch ice routes. It is easy to create, it doesn’t require leaving expensive gear behind, e.g. rappeling on an ice screw, and it is very safe. I have used abalakov’s in anchors, even as an protection when running out of screws, and mostly it is used for rappel.

A rebel plant - Helleborus niger A rebel plant - Helleborus niger by selinunte01

Autumn and winter is coming to central Europe and to the Alpine regions and with them the dying of the plants, the falling of the leaves, the decay of all what is sprouting, blossoming and producing fruits and seeds during spring and summer. Soon enough there is the first snow, covering the ground, giving a definite stop to plants life. Light your oven, prepare your skies and wait till springtime for the first tiny blossoms to reappear…… You are wrong!

Featured Photos

K2 from Gondogoro Pass K2 from Gondogoro Pass by Afzal

Matterhorn - 4478 m Matterhorn - 4478 m by edomar2611

Matterhorn viewed from Rotenboden (Est) August 2010

Photo of the Moment

Big Four Before Sunrise
Dec 1, 2015 12:11 AM by awilsondc

Photo of the Day

Pointe Rousse
Nov 29, 2015 5:13 PM by Antonio Giani

Photo of the Week

cub on the Chilkoot
Nov 21, 2015 9:44 PM by slowbutsteady

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