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Monte Cimone / Strma pec

Mountain: Monte Cimone / Strma pec
by Vid Pogachnik

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Pyramid Peak

Mountain: Pyramid Peak
by Kane

Boars Tusk

Mountain: Boars Tusk
by Matt Lemke

Silver Stage 5.10c

Route: Silver Stage 5.10c
by Liba Kopeckova

Harding Route, V, 5.10c

Route: Harding Route, V, 5.10c
by Dow Williams

Aouille Tseuque

Mountain: Aouille Tseuque
by andrea.it

Northeast Couloir

Route: Northeast Couloir
by Matt Lemke

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Three Climbs in RMNP: Longs Peak, The Diamond, The Spearhead by StephAbegg

I didn't really plan on doing any climbing in the Colorado Rockies this summer, but thundershowers in Wyoming (where I was at the time) and just a whim for new and unplanned adventure drew me down there. Like everywhere in the West it seemed, the area was experiencing a period of rain storms but there looked like there would be some windows for climbing. Despite its impromptu nature, this ended up being a successful trip, involving climbs of three popular RMNP objective: Longs Peak, The Diamond, and The Spearhead. This page provides a trip report for these climbs.

Lakes 2014: Four and a bit to Helvellyn by markhallam

“Oh – Look! You’ve been cheesed!” said my son Andy, peering interestedly at the pungent yellow smear just above my left knee. The originator of the oily splodge, Andy’s daughter Eevee – my granddaughter – had already moved on in search of another leg to pull up on. Mangled bit of Brie in hand, she was now crawling briskly across the cafe floor towards a group who had just entered. Seeing the expressions on their faces, I could tell that reception would be mixed, right round the spectrum from alarm, to curiosity and on to frank adulation...

Gannett Peak: The Ridiculous Way by crussellbowden

Last year I climbed my first mountain. The moderate, reliable talus slopes of Mount Woodring in the Tetons terrified this sport climber, used to crimping on nickel-edge rails that don't budge with your weight. Devastated I didn't enjoy mountaineering, but trying to humorously shrug it off, I called Mount Woodring, Mount Wouldn'tring...the next week my buddies wanted to climb the classic east face of Teewinot, and I replied, "More like Teewi-not in your lifetime!" Well, I did it, I hated it, and I started to love it. I loved doing something that I was totally uncomfortable with, and having that in-the-moment realization that I was overcoming personal fears and self-doubt. I was committed to becoming a mountaineer, despite the mental challenges I'd clearly have to wrestle with.

Devil's Tower One Way Sunset (to the top) and other routes by StephAbegg

A recent week-long climbing trip to the Cirque of the Towers inspired me to want to climb in the nearby Deep Lake area, an area that is less crowded than the Cirque but apparently has just as good of climbing. So I made a post on mountainproject.com looking for a partner. Eric responded to my post, and we made plans to meet at the trailhead a few days later. But an unforeseen wave of never-ending thundershowers settled in over the Wind River Range and thwarted our plans (the dismal NOAA forecast). So where to go? I tossed out the idea of Devil's Tower, a climbing destination I had always wanted to check out. Devil's Tower was about 7 hours drive further east, and the weather looked great there. A little hot perhaps, but we figured we could chase the shade around the Tower and be fine. So to Devil's Tower we went.

We hung out at Devil's Tower for 4 days, climbing 3 of these days and photographing prairie dogs on the other day. I was impressed with the quality of the climbing on the Tower. The cracks are splitter, the rock is textured, and the pitches are long and steep and the grades are by no means soft. Many of the routes go to the top (or at least close to the top) of the Tower, but the rock quality is best on the lower half of the routes. So after climbing to the top on our first day (via One Way Sunset, a great 5-pitch 5.10c route), we spent the rest of our days cragging on the lower pitches of various classic routes.

Featured Articles

Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom by jacobsmith

I am not a sponsored climber. I am not a guide. I am not employed by a manufacturer of climbing equipment. I am a lowly local climber: I read climbing blogs and take classes and buy equipment. My participation in climbing is roughly that of the majority of climbers. This is the perspective from which I am going to examine the issue of commercialism in modern climbing: from the bottom; not from the perspective of someone who actually has to choose whether or not to pursue sponsorship, but what the phenomenon looks like to someone to whom climbing is everything, but whom to climbing is no one.

A Tribute to Paulo Roberto A Tribute to Paulo Roberto "Parofes" Schmidt by Marcsoltan

It pains me to bring you a sad news, friends. Summit Post has lost a valuable friend. Paulo Schmidt, also known as "parofes" passed away, May 10th-2014 . Parofes had the foresight to say goodbye to all of us by posting his wedding photo captioned "If I go, please remember me by this photo." Many of you sent personal words of encouragement and wished him a full recovery, and he answered each and every comment and message. Your expression of love and support meant everything to him. He fought a hard fight against an illness that has eluded our best and most brilliant minds. Cancer may have won another round against our physical existence and taken our friend, but it did not triumph over Parofes' mind and spirit. He was courageous and strong to his last breath.

Joshua Tree Memories. Going out of your comfort zone can have interesting consequences! Joshua Tree Memories. Going out of your comfort zone can have interesting consequences! by Marcsoltan

Before the age of the Internet and smart phones it wasn't easy to find a climbing partner every single time you got the itch to get on the rocks. Although I had many climbing partners, on many occasions I found myself alone in Joshua Tree looking for someone willing to do what I wanted to do, to do the routes I wanted to climb. All I needed was a belayer.

Featured Photos

Moskvina Base Camp - 4300 m Moskvina Base Camp - 4300 m by edomar2611

Moskvina Camp - 4300 m; on the background Somoni Peak - 7495 m

The Fingertip Traverse The Fingertip Traverse by coonrad

Mt. Constance. Olympic Mountains. (If you look close you can see Mt. Rainier in the background).

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Shuksan And The Needle
Aug 19, 2014 9:24 PM by gimpilator

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Aug 18, 2014 1:08 PM by Liba Kopeckova

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Pilot Knob
Aug 13, 2014 12:55 AM by Liba Kopeckova

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