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Morteratsch North Ridge Normal Route

Route: Morteratsch North Ridge Normal Route
by Silvia Mazzani

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Serra Dolcedorme

Mountain: Serra Dolcedorme
by Falk

Progeny Peak

Mountain: Progeny Peak
by Bob Sihler

Punta Lastoi or Spitz de Mondeval

Mountain: Punta Lastoi or Spitz de Mondeval
by AlbertoRampini

Socotra Island

Area: Socotra Island
by RobSC

Northwest Ridge

Route: Northwest Ridge
by Saintgrizzly

Tioga Pass Area

Area: Tioga Pass Area
by Noondueler

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Jekyll & Hyde - Provo Ridge by Rocky Alps

Provo Peak was one of those mountains I’d always glanced at in passing, but until recently didn’t have much of a desire to climb. Even when I lived right at the foot of the mountain, it seemed that peaks like Mount Timpanogos, Mount Nebo, Y Mountain, Cascade Mountain, or even Box Elder Peak were the ones in Utah County that interested me more. As an avid scrambler, the gentle western slopes didn’t exactly seem alpine when compared to some of the other nearby Wasatch peaks. However, with my wife wanting to trade in our old 4WD Ford Explorer for a crossover with enough seating for our next child on the way, I figured it made sense to hike Provo Peak while it was still possible for me to drive all the way to the trailhead on the rough Squaw Peak Road.

George Creek Might Make You Hate Yourself by Voxaether

There are certain things you don't do before a big hike like 14,375 foot Mount Williamson: you don't decide to day hike it the night before, and you certainly don't ever start at George Creek. My boyfriend and I managed to do both. That wasn't the original plan – Jason and I wanted to do Shepard's Pass, but permits were sold out which only left George Creek. We also planned to take advantage of the long holiday weekend for July 4th and climb it over two days, but as I read trip reports the night before our hike, I declared I thought we should day hike the roughly 12 miles and 8K of gain. In ten hours we would wake up and toss our sleeping bags and tent out of our packs. At 4:30am we were off!

Mt. Shuksan Sulphide Glacier Route by keeganray

My landlord and I left Seattle around 11am for the Shannon ridge trail. Not the biggest fan of alpine starts, haha. We reached the trailhead at 2:30pm and headed out at 3pm. The trail starts as a wide forest trail. After an hour we ran a ton of caterpillars dropping down on a strings of silk to catch prey. It was such a nuisance that we were continually waving our trekking poles around to keep all the webbing off our face. An hour later the trail narrowed and became overgrown and covered in downed trees. By then the caterpillars were gone, only to be replaced by horse flies and mosquitoes... We got a little off track a couple times, so I had to pull out my gps. Luckily I had downloaded a gps track from another hiker's trip report. The trail eventually headed up a creek, which led to the ridge.

Six climbs in the Cirque of the Towers: Overhanging Tower, Pingora, Mitchell, Shark's Nose, Pingora, Sundance Pinnacle by StephAbegg

Earlier in July while climbing Elephant's Perch, I proposed the idea to my partner Scott. He had never been to the Cirque, and was excited to plan a trip. We hashed out a short list of routes we wanted to do (Wolf's Head Beckey Route, Shark's Nose North Face, Pingora Southwest Face, Mitchell North Face Center, Warrior Northeast Face) and made plans to be in the Cirque for eight days; accounting for the hike in and hike out, this would give us six full days of climbing, weather permitting.

The following page gives a trip report for this eight day adventure to the Cirque. Somehow we managed to not climb a single route on our tick list, yet it still turned out to be a great trip. I climbed six routes in six days—three routes with Scott and three routes with some climbers (Eric, Brian, Bill, and Claire) I met in the Cirque who were part of a large group of friends from Albuquerque.

Featured Articles

Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom by jacobsmith

I am not a sponsored climber. I am not a guide. I am not employed by a manufacturer of climbing equipment. I am a lowly local climber: I read climbing blogs and take classes and buy equipment. My participation in climbing is roughly that of the majority of climbers. This is the perspective from which I am going to examine the issue of commercialism in modern climbing: from the bottom; not from the perspective of someone who actually has to choose whether or not to pursue sponsorship, but what the phenomenon looks like to someone to whom climbing is everything, but whom to climbing is no one.

A Tribute to Paulo Roberto A Tribute to Paulo Roberto "Parofes" Schmidt by Marcsoltan

It pains me to bring you a sad news, friends. Summit Post has lost a valuable friend. Paulo Schmidt, also known as "parofes" passed away, May 10th-2014 . Parofes had the foresight to say goodbye to all of us by posting his wedding photo captioned "If I go, please remember me by this photo." Many of you sent personal words of encouragement and wished him a full recovery, and he answered each and every comment and message. Your expression of love and support meant everything to him. He fought a hard fight against an illness that has eluded our best and most brilliant minds. Cancer may have won another round against our physical existence and taken our friend, but it did not triumph over Parofes' mind and spirit. He was courageous and strong to his last breath.

Joshua Tree Memories. Going out of your comfort zone can have interesting consequences! Joshua Tree Memories. Going out of your comfort zone can have interesting consequences! by Marcsoltan

Before the age of the Internet and smart phones it wasn't easy to find a climbing partner every single time you got the itch to get on the rocks. Although I had many climbing partners, on many occasions I found myself alone in Joshua Tree looking for someone willing to do what I wanted to do, to do the routes I wanted to climb. All I needed was a belayer.

Featured Photos

Bearhat Mountain Bearhat Mountain by musicman82

This is why Glacier is so amazing; an early morning look at Bearhat Mountain in July 2010.

3rd Class 3rd Class by Foxy Long Bottoms

The 3rd class downclimb from the summit

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Mayan Temple Reflection
Jul 30, 2014 10:23 PM by Trevor.

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White Chuck in the Clouds
Jul 29, 2014 12:23 AM by awilsondc

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A Remarkables Proposal
Jul 20, 2014 1:28 AM by radson

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