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Mount Outram

Mountain: Mount Outram
by gimpilator

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Colfax Peak

Mountain: Colfax Peak
by Matt Lemke

Alpi di Ledro - Gavardina - Casale Groups

Area: Alpi di Ledro - Gavardina - Casale Groups
by tiziana

Otto's Route

Route: Otto's Route
by rpc

Torre Luisa

Mountain: Torre Luisa
by Silvia Mazzani

Piz Duan

Mountain: Piz Duan
by Cyrill

Bowen Mountain

Mountain: Bowen Mountain
by nader

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Featured Trip Reports

Hiking in the Hochschwab by Pajahoral

The weather forecast had promised a quite nice weather for the next three days and so we decided for a small round hiking in the eastern part of Hochschwab Mountains. Our main aims were: the highest point with the same name as the whole massif - Hochschwab and crossing of the far stretching flat ridge between the summit of Hochschwab and eastern part of the massif called Aflenzer Staritzen. The massif of Hochschwab belongs to eastern part of the North Limestone Alps. I was very captivated by the beauty of the picturesque alpine meadows which were suddenly broken by the jagged vertical limestone walls and karst holes. This part of Hochschwab Mountains is really worth seeing.

Trap Dike with my Son (and some other stuff) by Autoxfil

This has been a very special summer for me. My oldest (Noah) is now 7, and he’s turning into quite the outdoors enthusiast. We’ve done a bunch of day trips, but this was the first summer that I took him up to our place in the Daks for a weekend without his mom coming along as well. When he was 5, our whole family went for the week, and Noah and I did the Kilburn/Monument slide. Then in 2015 I stuck with local day trips. But 2016 was our summer for the Daks.

Our first trip was Chapel Pond Slab. We took his uncle, to provide me with a belay, and I allotted all day. We got an early start to miss the chance of afternoon storms, but I didn’t need to worry – Noah literally ran up the slab and we were back at the car by 10am.

Thunderbolt to Sill Traverse 2016 by Greenman

It has been suggested that this route can be done in a car-to-car day trip. Beware the sandbagger. In truth, a car-to-car attempt at T-bolt to Sill is only for extremely talented and über-fit athletes who have no problem soloing 5th-class. Even those climbers who attempt the traverse in a day from a base camp high up next to the Palisade Glacier often have to exit the ridge before completing the whole traverse. The trip reports tell the real story. I knew that the traverse-in-a-day style was out of reach for me, so I sought an alternative. I got some good beta by checking out what the guide services offer: a four-day trek with two nights at base camp and one night at 14,000 feet below the summit of North Pal. (Sierra Mountain Guides website: (http://www.sierramtnguides.com/program/palisades-traverse-thunderbolt-to-sill/). This is the slow-but-steady approach; one which requires a larger climbing pack but carries a greater chance of success.

Kings Peak Day Hike 2016 by Diesel

I didn't think to be of much help writing a trip report about this hike until I finished it. My research for hiking Kings Peak (13,528 ft/ 4,123 m elevation) resulted in a lot of very worrisome information about the difficulty, route finding and temperamental weather. What I came to discover myself was that most of the info I read about the hike was mostly written by hikers that had some kind of difficulty hiking it. I reckon that the folks that hiked Kings Peak without incident didn't really bother to document their hike.

I had only one wish: to hike car to car under 11 hours. I fulfilled my wish; I hiked car to car in 10 hours and 41 minutes. The total distance was exactly 25 miles. My initial target was to finish the hike under 12 hours. However, once I read here on Summit Post a trip report of someone bragging of finishing the hike in 11 hours and 15 minutes, I really wanted to beat that guy's time. A little self-inflicted motivation is always good.

Featured Articles

Georges Livanos Georges Livanos "Le Grec" by ericvola

Georges Livanos Alias Le Grec, King of the Calanques, Emperor in the Dolomites, 500 first ascents beyond Verticality. "The kind of man that nothing less than a ton of bricks could keep down: nineteen hundredweight would have been of no use.” Sir Francis Younghusband (The Epic of Mount Everest). Georges Livanos, born in 1922 from a Greek father and grand-father was 100% from Marseille, he loved to play his own part, that of colourfulness and humour at its best. One of the aphorisms he always was found of: "Better one more peg than one man less… especially if that man is me!”

A pioneer of the Northern Limestone Alps: Hermann von Barth A pioneer of the Northern Limestone Alps: Hermann von Barth by selinunte01

The Alps are well developed and made accessible as far as possible. Highways, roads and railways are crisscrossing the valleys and the cols. Villages and towns are expanding. Countless accommodations are waiting for more and more tourists. Ski areas and their longing for more space and new attractions are conquering remote areas of yesterday.

100 Years on the Timpanogos Glacier 100 Years on the Timpanogos Glacier by Scott

The "glacier" is somewhat of an unusual and interesting feature for Utah. A perhaps little known fact is that the glacier reportedly used to have some distinct (by Rockies standards) and visible crevasses before the "Dust Bowl Drought" of the 1930's. Some of the old photos are available at BYU or in Kelsey's book on Timpanogos, and a few are posted in the section below. Although the feature has been referred to as a glacier (sometimes affectionately) for many years, the status of the glacier/snowfield/icefield had been debated for just as long.

Featured Photos

Winter ascent of Middagsaksle Winter ascent of Middagsaksle by darinchadwick

Easy traversing after dumping off the skis. Tromsdalstind in background.

Below Iliamna Volcano Below Iliamna Volcano by slowbutsteady

Brown Bear on tidal flats below Iliamna Volcano (10,016) located on Alaska's Katmai Peninsula. Aug. 2016

Photo of the Moment

Antelao seen from the west
Oct 28, 2016 8:44 AM by Gangolf Haub

Photo of the Day

Kendall Peak Brocken Specter
Oct 26, 2016 12:09 AM by awilsondc

Photo of the Week

Oct 16, 2016 8:05 PM by hunterslee

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