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Mount Juneau

Mountain: Mount Juneau
by Scott

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Jewel Mountain

Mountain: Jewel Mountain
by chugach mtn boy

Calbuco Volcano

Mountain: Calbuco Volcano
by Matt Lemke

Elephant Dome and Snake Dome

Mountain: Elephant Dome and Snake Dome
by Marcsoltan

Croda Marcora

Mountain: Croda Marcora
by andrea.it

Primrose Dihedrals, 5.11d, 7 Pitches

Route: Primrose Dihedrals, 5.11d, 7 Pitches
by Dow Williams

Coxcomb Peak

Mountain: Coxcomb Peak
by Kiefer

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Crater Lake National Park Rim Traverse by shknbke

I figured August would be the best month to try it when all the snow and mosquitoes were gone. I booked a flight for late August and hoped for the best with the weather. A quick Google search on the Crater Lake traverse turned up very little information, which is surprising considering this is a national park! There was some information on Summitpost on some of the peaks, but not on a full rim traverse. I guess this isn’t popular because a fit hiker could hit all the summits in a day via individual hikes moving your car from one “trailhead” to the next. I did read a few reports of skiers who skin the road in winter, which would be a heck of a death march! About 16 miles of the traverse was on trail or road, or 44%. Most of this was on the second day.

Mount Russell, East Ridge, Rockwell Variation by climb395

Mike and I, on our glacial quest for California's fourteener's decided on Mount Russell for our tenth summit. We were joined by my son, Spencer, who flew in from Flagstaff for the trip. Researching the approach routes, and being data/beta geeks, we found the descriptions of the Rockwell Variation sorely lacking. This is our attempt to help. Hopefully it does, minus the amusing and entertaining personal notes of most of the other descriptions.

Blue Mountains, Australia by Baarb

This is something of a trip report, something of an album, with background info thrown in so as for there to be at least something on the impressive Blue Mountains in Australia. Hopefully there will be a proper Area or Mountain page in future with some better photos, was using an inexpensive film camera at the time and trying to not use too much of the stuff. Rather unusually I didn’t keep any maps or souvenirs from the time either so this is what I can offer. The trip report section was originally written in 2002 after the events described, more as a record to myself than as a letter to anyone else, so it may have an unusual style about it and a lot of youthful enthusiasm. A few amendments have been made for clarity though unfortunately I can't remember much beyond what's written here (guess I've aged a lot in 10 years).

Rainy Week on Kilimanjaro by wellhope

I climbed Kilimanjaro with Explore in December 2012, and found the trip inspiring but brutal. Over the last week I have read innumerable accounts on climbing Kilimanjaro written by happy folk who seem to have spent a week at 15,000 ft above sea level having a transcendentally trippy time Heidi couldn't have bettered. My week there was hard on the soul. Make no mistake, if you climb Kilimanjaro in the conditions we had you will have to dig deep!

Featured Articles

Old Climbings (An old way of climb)/1 Old Climbings (An old way of climb)/1 by OsvaldoCardellina

But how is that climbed in the Sixties/Seventies and the equipment which was available both in climbing on rock and ice? And what is the security that was made on climbs? You have to make a huge leap backwards in time, only to realize that evolution is not never stop. We do not want to get to the wooden stairs that were used to cross the glaciers second already in the mid-eighteenth century and even the wooden pole used to pick up both the Grand Capucin the Père Eternel in the Twenties, but a little examination of the past is necessary for understand the present.

In Praise of Bushwhacking In Praise of Bushwhacking by vancouver islander

From the perspective of the true outdoor enthusiast, “wilderness development” is an oxymoron. Development implies progress and how exactly can encroaching urbanisation, mechanisation, bijou wilderness lodges and the like and even signed trails properly be regarded as development when applied to real wilderness? Nothing truly belongs in the alpine environment except the mountain and its natural bastions of forest, river, cliff and glacier. Can anyone claim to have truly climbed a mountain who has used a gondola or an aircraft as a significant part of his or her approach strategy?

Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom by jacobsmith

I am not a sponsored climber. I am not a guide. I am not employed by a manufacturer of climbing equipment. I am a lowly local climber: I read climbing blogs and take classes and buy equipment. My participation in climbing is roughly that of the majority of climbers. This is the perspective from which I am going to examine the issue of commercialism in modern climbing: from the bottom; not from the perspective of someone who actually has to choose whether or not to pursue sponsorship, but what the phenomenon looks like to someone to whom climbing is everything, but whom to climbing is no one.

Featured Photos

Buckman Mesa Tuff Buckman Mesa Tuff by jfrishmanIII

Solidified ash from the Jemez volcano adorns the cliffs of Buckman Mesa.

 A road in Kyrgyzstan A road in Kyrgyzstan by IgorPazinich

On the way from Osh to the Base Camp of Pik Lenin

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Looking at the camera
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Lyskamm, Castor and Pollux
Sep 19, 2014 7:10 AM by rgg

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K2, Black & White Photo
Sep 15, 2014 1:34 PM by Afzal

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