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Juliet's Balcony

Mountain: Juliet's Balcony
by Bob Sihler

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Cordon del Plata

Area: Cordon del Plata
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Mountain: Kaskasatjåkka
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Virgin Wool

Route: Virgin Wool
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Bobotov Kuk

Mountain: Bobotov Kuk
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Route: South Spur
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Mountain: Sand Mountain
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In the Land of Bison and Elk by Mark Doiron

It was school fall break in Oklahoma, and the boys of Boy Scout Troop 275, Choctaw, Oklahoma, had decided to take an extended camping trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Their excitement about the refuge was a direct result of activities of my son, Curtis (Cdoiron on SP), and myself. We’d visited there several times in the last couple years, and had brought back some pictures of the rocks, mountains and wildlife that were abundant to this area of a state that is otherwise dominated by plains. That had resulted in the troop's first trip there in November 2007. They were eager to return, so I was tasked to obtain permits to camp at Fawn Creek Youth Campground and the Charon’s Garden Wilderness – no small feat during one of the busiest weekends of the year for the refuge! The boys also decided that this would be a hiking and backpacking weekend: We would emphasize a backpacking menu and skills, and Leave No Trace ethic, regardless of whether we were in the backcountry or the front country. In that spirit, the boys prepared their own backpacking meals, to include making GORP and cooking crepes the Monday before the campout.

Mt Taylor-Short Route by HikingMan

This hike up the extinct stratovolcano is much less in distance, time and effort than the hike from the Gooseberry trailhead on the south side off of Forest Road (FR) 193. It is a very pleasant incline hike of between two and four miles, round trip (depending on which route option), having a total elevation gain of only 709 ft. If you want a mountain top experience, but are budgeting your time, or avoiding the threat of a possible afternoon thunder storm, this is a great hike! Additionally, if you want to pleasantly introduce others to hiking, this hike will not burn out your novice friends and visitors and hopefully be a good memory leading to more hikes.

Pirates in the Mediterranean (A Rocky Scramble in Crete’s Wild West) by Gangolf Haub

If you look at maps of Crete the most striking features of the island seem to be the three peninsulas aligned on the north coast: Akrotiri in the east, Rodoupou in the middle and Gramvoussa in the west. From afar they appear to be flat but don’t make mistakes – there are mountains, which rise directly out of the sea to an elevation of up to 800m. The westernmost peninsula, Gramvoussa is a good example as Geroskinos, its highest summit, achieves 762m. The peninsula – like the rest of Crete – is based on limestone rock, hard but brittle, which gives the area a somewhat Dolomites-like appearance. In fact, both Judith and I were reminded of the northern group of the Dolomiti di Brenta, in particular of the Via Ferrata Gustavo Vidi – minus all the iron.

5 Peaks in the Seven Devils by SawtoothSean

I started out from Boise basically after the Boise State - Oregon game that we attended the night before. I was on the road by 1:30am and I arrived at the trailhead at 6:30am. In the dark it was difficult to find the unofficial trail from the Seven Devils Campground toward Seven Devils Lake and the Pass above it. I just headed in the general direction in the dark and soon enough found the trail. For an unofficial trail, it's very defined. It climbs steeply to the pass on a well defined east flank of ridge and rock. At this point the sun was coming up and I had nice morning light on the Tower of Babel's north face.

Featured Articles

L'Affaire Freney L'Affaire Freney by ericvola

August 29 1961: the ‘Last Great Problem of the Alps’, The Central Pillar of Frêney, is solved by Chris Bonington, Ian Clough, Jan Djuglosz and Don Whillans. But in French eyes the honours go also to René Desmaison, Pierre Julien, Yves Pollet-Villard and Ignacio Piussi. Desmaison seemed unable to accept the facts of the respective Pillar ascents and set about denigrating the British achievement while inflating his own – a fiction in which he was supported by the all-powerful Lucien Devies, the veritable godfather of post-war French mountaineering.

The Year of the Angels The Year of the Angels by Bob Sihler

As I walked back to the car that day, beaten and sore, I knew that I would have to return and find the right way up. And I also knew I needed to climb the South Guardian Angel.

Glaciers Glaciers by PellucidWombat

What is a Glacier? Say you’re climbing in the mountains in late fall and you come across a body of snow that has been there for the whole summer, if not for years. Is it a glacier? Maybe, maybe not. Even if it has metamorphosed into ice, it still may be a permanent snowfield. The critical feature that glaciers have is movement.

Featured Photos

On the ridge On the ridge by ZachStone

Snowpatch Spire Snowpatch Spire by Dow Williams

View from en-route. Cooper-Kor, V, 5.10, 18 Pitches, East Face of Pigeon Spire, Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia, August, 2009

Photo of the Moment

A tower in Gailbergbach ravine
Jun 29, 2015 2:21 PM by Vid Pogachnik

Photo of the Day

Rüfispitze and the Monzabon lake
Jun 27, 2015 11:15 AM by EricChu

Photo of the Week

Cooling Off
Jun 20, 2015 12:26 AM by beaudaddy85

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