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Prisojnik by Kopiscarjeva pot (through the W window)

Route: Prisojnik by Kopiscarjeva pot (through the W window)
by Vid Pogachnik

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Crags of Camino Cielo Ridge

Area: Crags of Camino Cielo Ridge
by Marcsoltan

Hidden Falls (Glenwood Canyon) WI 4+

Route: Hidden Falls (Glenwood Canyon) WI 4+
by Matt Lemke

Presanella Normal Route from NW (Refuge Denza)

Route: Presanella Normal Route from NW (Refuge Denza)
by alpinbeta

Thunderbolt Peak

Mountain: Thunderbolt Peak
by Misha

S 8

Mountain: S 8
by Liba Kopeckova

Spathi (Dikti) / Σπαθη (Δικτη)

Mountain: Spathi (Dikti) / Σπαθη (Δικτη)
by Gangolf Haub

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Manaslu circuit 2016 by yxygan

The Himalaya's beside a toothpaste made from some scented herbs meant for me a country existing just is the fairy tales, lost in the haze of the immense distance and I thought it would remain that maybe forever…Recently this mythical province turned into a tangible reality with all of its miracles and wonders. Clicking with fervour our cameras we tried to record as much as possible of these miracles, of course unsuccessful. But never mind! We still can remember the innumerable waterfalls, the endless humming of the river attending us, the booming of the wind at a middle of a suspension bridge, the billions of stars above us, the chilly breath of the mornings or the whistling of the mule drovers.

It was tough, but it was worth to do it, surely every of us got shorter with thousands of calories, but we returned home with hundreds of experiences we had not lived before.

Birch Mountain - Ridiculous training that probably saved my life by Diesel

The difficulty of any hike is a subjective point of view. The very first time I heard of Birch Mt - 13,609 ft / 4,148 m elevation) from some hikers descending Split Mt. in 2013, then researching the hike in 2016, I got the feeling that this mountain is difficult and best to be left alone. The only nonbiased matter of fact trip report that I found belongs to Bob Burd. That put me at ease that Birch Mt. can be easily day-hiked. Therefore I decided to follow his route. I found that to be the truth. Birch Mt is a class 2 hike where strength is more needed than skill.

Not only did I want to day-hike Birch, but I had to be at the Inyo Ranger Station in Lone Pine before 4:30 PM to get my blessed Whitney Zone permit for the following day. In that case I had to be back at the car by 3:30PM, at the latest, to I have time to drive to Lone Pine in time to find the ranger station open.

Battling the elements on Vertainspitze & Hoher Angelus by Lodewijk

After a day of hiking around the Stelvio Pass with climbs of both Monte Scorluzzo and Roetlspitz we were ready for the next step in our climbing week: The traverse of Hoher Angelus and Vertainspitze. Maarten and me were really looking forward to this route, with a special thanks to sp-members rgg and alpinbeta, who both noticed me about this route. We wanted to do the climb in two days: The first day we would ascent to the Dusseldorfer Hut from Sulden and on the second day we would make the traverse and return to Sulden. The first day would be easy, since we only had to hike up from Sulden to the Hut, which takes about 2,5 hours. Unfortunately, the weather changed and it was pouring down all day. We drove to Sulden and decided to wait for the weather to clear, well.. at least wait for the thunder to stop, but it didn’t.. so we sat down in a small cafe in the center of Sulden and drank I think at least 5 cups of coffee.

Dombaj-Ul'gen: The jewel of the Western Caucasus by andre hangaard

”-Dombaj-what?” I said to my Swiss friend Andi over the phone when he gave me a call one afternoon in November more than a year ago. I’d never heard about a mountain called Dombaj-Ul’gen. Nor was I rather impressed by its elevation of 4.046 meters.

Skhara, the wild looking twin peaks of Ushba and the beautiful Kazbek were the mountains in the Caucasus familiar to me. And of course Elbrus, which I climbed by myself 8 years ago. Dombaj-Ul’gen remained unknown to me. However, after Andi enthusiastically told me about its wild and rugged ridges and its very demanding UIAA grading being D-, I understood this summit must be a rather special one. In addition to this, this mountain also turned out to be a country high point, as it is the highest summit of the Republic of Abkhazia, a country which I also wasn’t very familiar with.

Featured Articles

Out of the Ashes - A New Pine Ridge Emerges Out of the Ashes - A New Pine Ridge Emerges by panhandletrails

Fortunately for Nebraska’s Pine Ridge region, the “three strikes and you are out” rule does not apply. Major forest fires in 1989, 2006 and 2012 devastated the forests and meadows of the region, drastically changing the landscape for a long time to come. If these major fires were not enough, there were numerous smaller fires in intervening years. Pine Ridge District Ranger Tim Buskirk reported that 90% of the woodlands in forest service lands in western Nebraska have been lost.

Pioneering Ship Rock Pioneering Ship Rock by Brian C

This is a short piece I worked on about the history of climbing on Ship Rock. It was considered to be the last great challenge in North America and has a very vibrant history. This is not meant to be exhaustive and should only serve as a brief introduction.

The Blood and Bones of the Desert The Blood and Bones of the Desert by Bob Sihler

It was March 1996, my first trip to Arches National Park. My brothers and I had hiked the popular and spectacular Devils Garden Trail to its terminus at Dark Angel, a beautiful pillar of red sandstone. Back at the trailhead, I had glancingly noticed a sign saying something about the crust being alive, but in my rush to get a jump on the dozens of other hikers getting ready to start out, I paid little attention and just hit the trail.

Featured Photos

E Red Castle Lake E Red Castle Lake by ZeeJay

Heading down from the summit of 12338. East Red Castle Lake (11190') is the large lake below. Smiths Fork Pass Lake (11152') is the oblong lake. The reddish brown peak right of center is 12407. S Kings (13512') is the most prominent peak behind the left saddle. September-7-2010

Shine, Manaslu! Shine, Manaslu! by yxygan

Photo of the Moment

Via Fiechtl, 1st Sella Tower, south face
Jan 19, 2017 4:57 PM by rgg

Photo of the Day

Silver Canyon Point
Jan 18, 2017 10:03 AM by SierraCJ

Photo of the Week

Grandes Jorasses seen from the summit of Dente del Gigante
Jan 11, 2017 9:22 AM by Silvia Mazzani

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