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The Prow

Route: The Prow
by ZachStone

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Punta Emma  Via Fedele

Route: Punta Emma Via Fedele
by AlbertoRampini


Mountain: Vallüla
by rgg

Observation Point

Route: Observation Point
by Bob Sihler

Dana Plateau

Mountain: Dana Plateau
by Noondueler

Golden Horn

Mountain: Golden Horn
by Josh Lewis

Sheep Rock

Mountain: Sheep Rock
by rpc

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Featured Trip Reports

Liberty Ridge, The Word of the Trip Is Rock! by thatnissanguy

Conditions on the mountain were reported to be not so great. The previous winter had been a dry one, and the temperature was above average, melting out most of the route and making route finding through the crevasses difficult. In fact we actually found ourselves forced off of the normal route several times just to make it go. I think it is reasonably safe to say that the route was in late season condition. There was quite a bit of objective hazard, manifesting itself in the form of frequent and heavy rock fall. We had to move fast between protected areas, and be light enough on our feet to be able to jump out of the way if something big was coming down. The real challenge became strategizing and finding a way to manage the objective hazard, rather than technical difficulty. It turned out to be a perfect match to our chosen style of climbing. We opted for less equipment, making a couple of sacrifices in pursuit of a light kit. Most notably we carried only 8 oz of fuel, food for 2 days (which we could have stretched over 3), one sleeping bag, 3 ice screws, 2 pickets, and a 30m rope. We used everything that we brought, except for the tent and pickets, and needed nothing more. Mine and Kirill's packs weighed in at around 20 and 25 pounds, respectively, although I think the difference was mostly due to the fact that Kirill was carrying the whisky and several pounds of gourmet food.

Stratton, the birthplace of the AT & Long Trail by rasgoat

How many of us know Stratton Mountain was the spot where a man named James Taylor concieved the idea of a "long trail" spanning from Massachusets to Canada? Yes, the Long Trail came first. During the construction of the Long Trail, a man named Benton Mckaye Considered it might be a good idea to have a trail spanning the entire Appalachian Range while on the summit of Stratton, and thanks to him, the Appalachian Trail was born. I had no idea of this until recently researching a weekend backpacking trip. I wanted to get into the mountains and I had an itch for Vermont.

Coming across these interesting facts Gave this mountain an instant allure for me, but it takes a little more than some history to make me want to climb a mountain. So in researching I found that most of the trails to Stratton were too short with little elevation gain, this did not appeal to me, but one trail stood out, The Lye Brook Trail. This Trail had one of Vermont's tallest waterfalls along the way and according to the guide I was reading, some Beaver activity also. Great I said, 13 miles to the summit with waterfalls, beavers, ponds, campsites and over 3000 feet of elevation gain! The guide also said "bring a compass and topo map, this is a primitavely maintained trail and trail markers will be few" My expectations were high.

July Stands for Idaho I: Sun Valley & South by Castlereagh

This most recent 4th of July in 2015 I debated going home or venturing north for some peaks in the Adirondacks. My heard said home, and home won. As I sat contently drinking and BBQ’ing in Mass for the long weekend I reflected that I had made the right choice. Despite passing up three days of rare perfect weather in upstate New York and further delaying getting in shape for my upcoming August trip west, I realized that it was precisely these moments, holiday weekends, time spent relaxing and doing not much else with friends, that I had missed so much back west.

Middle Palisade 2015 by Diesel

Indeed a hike to remember. I had my eyes on the class 3 Middle Palisade for 2 years, I just thought I wasn't ready for it. But the time comes when things have to get accomplished, so Middle Palisade made it to the list of peaks to hit in 2015. This was my 4th hike in 4 days, after Boundary & Montgomery, Split and Agassiz.

At 5:00 AM I was at the end of Glacier Lodge Rd. From the reviews I read I was under the impression that there were two different trailheads at Glacier Lodge: South Fork and North Fork. In the reviews I read about hiking to Middle Palisade, everyone was talking about getting on the South Fork, arriving at the creek that can only be crossed after removing shoes and socks. (The ice cold water, about 50 feet wide and at least a foot deep, brought shivers to my body, including a brain freeze.) It is not true the fact that this is the way to go on the South Fork trail, but that's exactly what I did.

Featured Articles

L'Affaire Freney L'Affaire Freney by ericvola

August 29 1961: the ‘Last Great Problem of the Alps’, The Central Pillar of Frêney, is solved by Chris Bonington, Ian Clough, Jan Djuglosz and Don Whillans. But in French eyes the honours go also to René Desmaison, Pierre Julien, Yves Pollet-Villard and Ignacio Piussi. Desmaison seemed unable to accept the facts of the respective Pillar ascents and set about denigrating the British achievement while inflating his own – a fiction in which he was supported by the all-powerful Lucien Devies, the veritable godfather of post-war French mountaineering.

The Year of the Angels The Year of the Angels by Bob Sihler

As I walked back to the car that day, beaten and sore, I knew that I would have to return and find the right way up. And I also knew I needed to climb the South Guardian Angel.

Glaciers Glaciers by PellucidWombat

What is a Glacier? Say you’re climbing in the mountains in late fall and you come across a body of snow that has been there for the whole summer, if not for years. Is it a glacier? Maybe, maybe not. Even if it has metamorphosed into ice, it still may be a permanent snowfield. The critical feature that glaciers have is movement.

Featured Photos

The eastern section of the route The eastern section of the route by EastKing

This is the route coming from Knapsack Pass.

Denali Summit Ridge Denali Summit Ridge by Catamount

Descending Denali's summit ridge. June 21, 2015.

Photo of the Moment

On the north shore of Duck Lake
Jul 28, 2015 4:06 PM by hgrapid

Photo of the Day

Amazing sunset on Papststein
Jul 27, 2015 1:37 PM by EricChu

Photo of the Week

A trustful ibex on upper Malanotte Col
Jul 22, 2015 12:26 PM by Silvia Mazzani

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