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Little Black Mountain

Mountain: Little Black Mountain
by Scott

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Bright Angel Trail

Route: Bright Angel Trail
by Diesel

Mountain: "Flat Top"
by hightinerary

Monte Misone Normal route

Route: Monte Misone Normal route
by Silvia Mazzani

Aorai (Tahiti)

Mountain: Aorai (Tahiti)
by Scott

Standard Route - Frankenstein Cliff (II, WI 3)

Route: Standard Route - Frankenstein Cliff (II, WI 3)
by nartreb

Krakova hoľa

Mountain: Krakova hoľa
by yatsek

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Hiking in the Dhauladhar Himalaya by lingana

It was the year 1993, when – on the suggestion of one of my friends (who has left hiking long ago), I had undertaken a trek to Pindari glacier, and I can surely say – I was hooked, and I fell in love with the outdoors! That, and the following couple of years, I was a regular on the Himalayan treks, with the same group, which had organized the first one. Essentially, it was a commercial venture, where – for a month – a group of 30 – 40 people used to go for a trek which was moderate, and which gave a good idea about what it takes to hike in the Himalaya.

It was after a gap of 24 years that I was going on a commercial trek. Last time, my dad had sent me; this time - I was taking my son along, so that he gets the feel for it. Although, he has done two treks already (GHNP and Dzongri), he had told me that he has gotten hooked. I will be taking him for such treks for a couple of years, after which he would be free to go all by himself.

BuckWater Draw Short Grand Tour by kjchristensen

We decided to attempt a hybrid of the previously listed Grand Tour which includes both the main and south fork. We parked at Plug Hat and descended the rim to the entrance of the South Fork. From that point we did not descend the South Fork, but continued east toward the top of the Main Fork. We intentionally stayed above or south of the ridge (has red dirt at its base) to avoid entering the wrong canyon south of the Main Fork. This path made it really easy to enter the Main Fork of the canyon in the same spot if you were approaching from the old jeep route. From car to canyon entrance was under 1 hour.

The Spectacular Huayhuash by Scott

Late June and early July 2017 presented a rate opportunity for me. Usually that time of year it is very hard to get time off work, but this year I would just happen to be between projects.

The original plan for this year's big trip was for my wife and I to go to Kilimanjaro and do a Safari, but since I had time off in late June and early July we decided to do a family trip (Kilimanjaro being out of our budget range for all four of us to go).

We decided to go to Peru since Kim hadn't been there (it was the third Peru trip for Kessler and me and the second for Shaylee). At first we thought of Kessler and I doing some of the big peaks in the Cordillera Blanca, while the girls did something else, but then we decided that we should do something we could all do. Kim just had a major heart surgery in January, so really serious mountaineering was out of the question for her.

I had always wanted to go to the Huayhuash, but I never could get time off at the right time of year. We decided to do the challenging, but non-technical and very spectacular Huayhuash Circuit. Kessler and I hoped that we could find several mountains along the way that we could climb on a whim.

Cotopaxi by mcpazos

At 5,897 m (19, 347 ft), Cotopaxi is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and Ecuador’s second highest peak. Due to volcanic activity, access to it’s summit was closed for over 2 years. Last month, conditions of the volcano went back to normal and its summit was re-opened for climbers.

Since I started climbing mountains a year and a half ago, Cotopaxi was always present in my mind. Being the most iconic peak in Ecuador, I was happy to be able to finally climb it.

Cotopaxi National Park is one the country’s main attractions, surrounded by beautiful Andes scenery of paramo, lakes and volcanoes. It’s located about an hour away from Quito and also the location of “Jose F. Ribas” refuge where most climbers spend the night before attempting the climb.

Featured Articles


For the 150th anniversary of the first ascent by Edward Whymper of the Barre des Écrins (25th June 1864) a new theory appeared attributing it to Lieutenant Meusnier who would have climbed it in 1853! Meusnier was one of the French army cartographers who in 1853 were in charge of mapping the Briançon area. This theory is based on a digitized document published by the IGN (Institut Géographique National) in 2012. It is a draft of the 1/40000 Briançon map mentioning a ‘Signal’ besides the name ‘Les Écrins’, summit which is then the highest in France (until the 1860 Turin treaty which sealed the annexation of Savoy by France).

Valentin Slatnar - Bos Valentin Slatnar - Bos by Vid Pogachnik

As each mountain area, also Kamnik and Savinja Alps have many heroes, but there's no doubt that in the pioneering times Valentin Slatnar - Bôs was the most legendary son of those mountains.

The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley by OsvaldoCardellina

We do not care how it is started the History of Mountaineering, with its renowned tops like Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc Jorasses, Velan, Combins & Matterhorn. Instead, we want to take a look to see what's going on around there, without disturbing the Great Climbing Era but trying to figure out what were the Mode of former times.

Featured Photos

Cirrus Clouds over Eldorado Peak Cirrus Clouds over Eldorado Peak by Josh Lewis

Taken August 25, 2012 on the East ridge of Eldorado Peak.

View of Vatles from Glorenza View of Vatles from Glorenza by SzaniUherkovich

Photo of the Moment

“Trail marker”
Jan 19, 2018 9:00 AM by Puma concolor

Photo of the Day

Trollveggen seen from the summit of Romsdals Horn
Jan 17, 2018 12:07 PM by Silvia Mazzani

Photo of the Week

Great views
Jan 9, 2018 12:16 PM by Old School WB

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