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Rawe Peak

Mountain: Rawe Peak
by hgrapid

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Bright Angel Trail

Route: Bright Angel Trail
by Diesel

Mountain: "Flat Top"
by hightinerary

Monte Misone Normal route

Route: Monte Misone Normal route
by Silvia Mazzani

Aorai (Tahiti)

Mountain: Aorai (Tahiti)
by Scott

Standard Route - Frankenstein Cliff (II, WI 3)

Route: Standard Route - Frankenstein Cliff (II, WI 3)
by nartreb

Krakova hoľa

Mountain: Krakova hoľa
by yatsek

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Remember the Matterhorn by LukeJennings

After all the years of talking about returning to the Swiss Alps to climb the Matterhorn it was finally summit day and I was scrambling up the mountain. My climbing guide Tino and I made an alpine start in the dark from the Hörnli Hut a little over an hour earlier. We were well on our way up and making good time as dawn broke over the surrounding peaks of the Pennine Alps. We had not yet reached the Solvay hut, where most climbers make the go/no-go decision to continue on to the summit. It was a relief to be able to turnoff my headlamp and see the route in daylight, but what the dawn revealed about the weather made my heart sink. The horizon was a solid mass of dark storm clouds heading swiftly towards the Matterhorn.

The day before at the Hörnli Hut I spoke to climbers who had just attempted the Matterhorn, but were forced to turn around at the Solvay Hut because of snow at a lower elevation than usual for August and deteriorating weather. Thunderstorms dominated the forecast all week. The night before my summit day, lightning struck all the peaks around us. Just a few weeks earlier an American woman was killed by lighting on the Matterhorn. I had to wonder, was all the time, money, and other dreams deferred that I invested into climbing the Matterhorn going to be for nothing? I no longer had any control of my destiny; all we could do now was keep going and hope for the best.

It was the last Sunday of August in 2017. I had traveled halfway around the world from my home in Seattle to chase a sixteen-year-old dream. In early September of 2001 I was last in Zermatt hiking below the Matterhorn. I made a promise to myself then that one day I would return to climb the Matterhorn. In a way though, the real reason I was climbing in Switzerland went back nearly thirty years.

Northern Lights by hunterslee

With a climbing friendly weather forecast Malcom Nicol, Ryan Van Horne and I plucked Mt. Harmston's unclimbed North East face out of the "to do bucket list" and made our way into snowy Strathcona Park on December 21/2017. Access to the eastern side of Strathcona park has been problematic the last few years, fortunately political pressure on forest companies to open up access for public recreation has resulted in a lot more open gates than we've been accustomed to.

Once at the col between the Comox glacier and Iceberg peak we scoped out the options for the following days climb- two options presented themselves with one looking a grade or two harder than the other. Without seeing the harder route from a different perspective we couldn't determine for certainty if the line was in. With the uncertainty of the harder route hanging over us we opted for the sure thing.

Bitcoin Billionaire by hunterslee

Steve Janes, Danny O'Farrell and I climbed a new route off Bridge River on Jan 7/2017. After working in the area for a few years Danny noticed an attractive flow of ice high up the valley that had yet to be climbed. After driving by the previous day we knew that top pitch was in, and looking good.

After a 90 minute approach we were surprised to see another curtain of ice slightly off what we thought was going to be our start point- with the grade 4 ice looking good we startedthe climb there. Here's Danny belaying me on the first pitch.

Trappers in Paradise by EastKing

Here is a peak I have been trying to get to for a very long time. Pictures of the Pickets sat in my head year after year but finding others to go seemed nearly impossible. So I decide to meetup group in which I met a lot of good hikers, scramblers, and climbers. Through the group I met Steve and before this hike we did a couple of other great hikes. But this one was special. In fact out of all of the hiking I did in 2017 this would rank as the number #1 most scenic hike of the year.

We met early in the morning at the Lynnwood Transit Center and then headed to the trailhead. After passing a number of people who could continue driving up the rough road we ended up at the parking area. From there we started up the trail. The first the part of this trail is flat with very little elevation gain honest we cruised through this less then desirable section. Once though the road ran out this trail steepened its grade and along with that became far more challenging for a now much larger EastKing. I slowed up on this section as we rose through the trees. The trail continued up at a moderate grade. Without a decent spring and summer I don't know if I would have hung in as well as I did, but despite the heavy sweating, I fought through this section.

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For the 150th anniversary of the first ascent by Edward Whymper of the Barre des Écrins (25th June 1864) a new theory appeared attributing it to Lieutenant Meusnier who would have climbed it in 1853! Meusnier was one of the French army cartographers who in 1853 were in charge of mapping the Briançon area. This theory is based on a digitized document published by the IGN (Institut Géographique National) in 2012. It is a draft of the 1/40000 Briançon map mentioning a ‘Signal’ besides the name ‘Les Écrins’, summit which is then the highest in France (until the 1860 Turin treaty which sealed the annexation of Savoy by France).

Valentin Slatnar - Bos Valentin Slatnar - Bos by Vid Pogachnik

As each mountain area, also Kamnik and Savinja Alps have many heroes, but there's no doubt that in the pioneering times Valentin Slatnar - Bôs was the most legendary son of those mountains.

The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley by OsvaldoCardellina

We do not care how it is started the History of Mountaineering, with its renowned tops like Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc Jorasses, Velan, Combins & Matterhorn. Instead, we want to take a look to see what's going on around there, without disturbing the Great Climbing Era but trying to figure out what were the Mode of former times.

Featured Photos

Cirrus Clouds over Eldorado Peak Cirrus Clouds over Eldorado Peak by Josh Lewis

Taken August 25, 2012 on the East ridge of Eldorado Peak.

View of Vatles from Glorenza View of Vatles from Glorenza by SzaniUherkovich

Photo of the Moment

Switchback Waterfall
Jan 23, 2018 3:57 PM by Savon W

Photo of the Day

Cinque Torri, Cortina Dolomites
Jan 22, 2018 12:07 PM by alpinbeta

Photo of the Week

Trollveggen seen from the summit of Romsdals Horn
Jan 17, 2018 12:07 PM by Silvia Mazzani

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