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Lookout Mountain & Crater Lake

Mountain: Lookout Mountain & Crater Lake
by panhandletrails

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Sundance Pinnacle

Mountain: Sundance Pinnacle
by Bob Sihler


Mountain: Marxenkarspitze
by selinunte01

Marinet Là

Route: Marinet Là
by Silvia Mazzani

Broads Fork Twin Peaks

Mountain: Broads Fork Twin Peaks
by Joseph Bullough

Juno Wall

Mountain: Juno Wall
by AJones

Old Man of the Hills

Mountain: Old Man of the Hills
by wiredroach

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Mt Gimli South Ridge by hunterslee

Henrik and I were able to start a week long peak bagging trip off with a memorable climb up Mt. Gimli's imposing South ridge. We opted, due to our late arrival at the trail head, to sleep in the truck and simply day trip Gimli. With the alarms firing off @3:45 we found ourselves geared up and moving @4:30. The hike in is straight forward, and we soon found ourselves starring at the day's climbing objective: the imposing South Ridge of Mt. Gimli.

For those who arrive a little earlier there's a fantastic bivy/camp site minutes away from the start of the climb. At 6:15 we found ourselves gearing up at the col. Gimli does see traffic on the weekends, fortunately there was just one other party climbing the route. After meeting several of the local goats, we found ourselves behind a party of two.

RMNP 2014: Third Time Will Have to be the Charm by MarkDidier

It took me a little while to get my head around this trip. When I got home and people asked how it went, no matter how I tried to spin it, they all noticed the lack of excitement in my voice. Maybe it was the weather; maybe it was the compressed time schedule; maybe it was Dave’s altitude sickness; or maybe it was the failure to reach a single objective? So no, unfortunately the trip did not go as planned. And when you spend a year waiting for said event, and said event is the only scheduled trip to the mountains for the year, it is easy to be disappointed when things don’t go your way.

A Majestic Lone Eagle by swm88er

My eyes popped open a few minutes before 6am and I stepped outside to look at the weather. The rain had stopped, but the clouds seemed socked in as they scudded across the high cliffs surrounding the Lone Eagle Cirque. Lone Eagle seems even more intimidating in person as the fog shrouded the mountain's high flanks in secrecy. I figured that as long as the rain wasn’t falling it was worth at least starting up Solo Flight. We (3 of us total) gathered our things that had hastily been stuffed under a tarp the night before during the downpour. We had a quick group prayer and were on the trail by 7am.

Ramblings of a Cordillera Blanca Trip by Matt Lemke

What can I say about my trip to Peru? Life-changing? Awe-inspiring? Challenging? More like all of the above, and much more. Characterized with many highs and lows, we experienced, illnesses, success, hard work, culture, humility, and an overall life changing experience. Josh, Vincent and I really had ourselves a time while in Peru and I know I am for sure itching to go back.

Featured Articles

In Praise of Bushwhacking In Praise of Bushwhacking by vancouver islander

From the perspective of the true outdoor enthusiast, “wilderness development” is an oxymoron. Development implies progress and how exactly can encroaching urbanisation, mechanisation, bijou wilderness lodges and the like and even signed trails properly be regarded as development when applied to real wilderness? Nothing truly belongs in the alpine environment except the mountain and its natural bastions of forest, river, cliff and glacier. Can anyone claim to have truly climbed a mountain who has used a gondola or an aircraft as a significant part of his or her approach strategy?

Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom Commercialism and Modern Climbing: A View From The Bottom by jacobsmith

I am not a sponsored climber. I am not a guide. I am not employed by a manufacturer of climbing equipment. I am a lowly local climber: I read climbing blogs and take classes and buy equipment. My participation in climbing is roughly that of the majority of climbers. This is the perspective from which I am going to examine the issue of commercialism in modern climbing: from the bottom; not from the perspective of someone who actually has to choose whether or not to pursue sponsorship, but what the phenomenon looks like to someone to whom climbing is everything, but whom to climbing is no one.

A Tribute to Paulo Roberto A Tribute to Paulo Roberto "Parofes" Schmidt by Marcsoltan

It pains me to bring you a sad news, friends. Summit Post has lost a valuable friend. Paulo Schmidt, also known as "parofes" passed away, May 10th-2014 . Parofes had the foresight to say goodbye to all of us by posting his wedding photo captioned "If I go, please remember me by this photo." Many of you sent personal words of encouragement and wished him a full recovery, and he answered each and every comment and message. Your expression of love and support meant everything to him. He fought a hard fight against an illness that has eluded our best and most brilliant minds. Cancer may have won another round against our physical existence and taken our friend, but it did not triumph over Parofes' mind and spirit. He was courageous and strong to his last breath.

Featured Photos

Dent du Geant seen from Rochefort ridge. Dent du Geant seen from Rochefort ridge. by andrea.it

Dent du Geant seen from Rochefort ridge.

Snowdon from Nantlle Lake Snowdon from Nantlle Lake by mills

Photo of the Moment

Peale summit looking at Mellenthin
Aug 27, 2014 5:51 PM by JDrake

Photo of the Day

The Reward
Aug 25, 2014 8:14 PM by Bob Sihler

Photo of the Week

Torre di Valgrande from Colle S. Lucia
Aug 19, 2014 11:46 AM by AlbertoRampini

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