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Lomo de las Mesas

Mountain: Lomo de las Mesas
by Gangolf Haub

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North Ridge, II, 5.5 (via BC)

Route: North Ridge, II, 5.5 (via BC)
by Dow Williams

Mount Fury

Mountain: Mount Fury
by Matt Lemke

Punta della Tsesère or Pointe Chesère

Mountain: Punta della Tsesère or Pointe Chesère
by Antonio Giani

Thornton Peak

Mountain: Thornton Peak
by gimpilator

West Ridge, II, 5.4

Route: West Ridge, II, 5.4
by Dow Williams

Mount Wood

Mountain: Mount Wood
by Matt Lemke

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Utah Classic - Aspen Grove Semi-Loop by Rocky Alps

Almost twelve years after my first Wasatch hike, a sunrise hike of Mount Timpanogos, I’d finally finish the ranked Wasatch 11ers with a summit of South Timpanogos. The Timpanogos Massif is chock full of great trails and interesting terrain, with the higher ridgelines and peaks being very similar in appearance to the mountains in Glacier National Park, and during each visit to this mountain I’d been able to take a different route. Somehow, despite all of the previous Timp adventures, I had never gotten around to hiking up the Aspen Grove Trail, so it somehow worked out that I was able to save arguably the most scenic route on one of the best mountains in the Rockies for last.

Mount King George via SW Face by connoryoung

I wonder if I will ever have the capability to climb that. That was my thinking last August as I stared at the towering, glaciated Mount King George while I traversed the Northover Ridge. Traversing the Northover Ridge in a day was the crowning achievement of my summer last year, but I never imagined what I would find myself doing this year. In June this year, I came to the realization that I had the skills to climb King George and I immediately set aside the August Long weekend to go get it.

I managed to find some interested partners and the trip was on. Unfortunately, on July 27 a conditions report came out that painted a dire picture of the conditions in the Rockies. The trip quickly fell apart and Plan Bs started taking form. Thomas and I decided to climb the South Ridge of Lorette and traverse to McGillivray on Sunday, and Cam and I were going to climb Birdwood on Monday. I drove out to Canmore late Saturday night in a raging thunderstorm and lay awake feeling uneasy about getting on a highline ridge the next morning.

Cataract Arete by hunterslee

The stars finally aligned and a long awaited trip up Mt. Colonel Foster's Cataract Arete successfully took place under perfect conditions July 30/31 2016. I had just been up the West side of Colonel Foster the week before and my body hadn't recovered very much when Andreas and I cracked a plan to climb the classic Cataract Arete the following weekend.

With family and professional obligations behind us we left Nanaimo later on Friday afternoon. By the time we hit the ground and started on the Elk River Trail it was 5:00 PM Friday evening. Such a late start had us pondering a stop at the gravel flats camp ground and a really early get up and go the following morning- fortunately we had wind at our backs and made it all the way to Foster Lake in a record 4 1/2 hours. A quick bite to eat and we were off to bed. Here's the view to the West from Foster lake with Elkhorn Mountain and the night sky.

Granite Peak via Froze-to-Death Plateau by DK

My Granite trip actually started a few days earlier in Colorado, where my husband Michael and I did some hiking to acclimatize. We live at sea level (in fact, our home is 1/2 mile from the shore), so we definitely needed some practice at altitude before attempting anything serious. We decided to focus on south western Colorado as we hadn’t been there before. Our first hike was going to be Handies peak, an easy 14er, but it turned out our base of Durango, Colorado wasn’t exactly the best place to attempt Handies. The closest trailhead to Handies was on the other side of the mountains 4+ hours’ drive away: definitely too far for a day hike!

We found an alternate hike in Engineer Peak (12,900’), a beautiful mountain that sits on top of Coal Mine Pass, starting at 10,500’. Engineer had an easy approach on one of those nice, nearly-manicured western trails. The trail took us past fields of beautiful wildflowers and coniferous trees. Beautiful views opened up to the reddish colored mountains to the north of us. I was so happy we chose that route! We had intended to hike just a few miles in and turn around, but then the scramble up Engineer Peak looked kind of fun.. we would go up some distance and turn around. We came up to the chimney section at about 12,500’ for some great action shots before we decided to turn around. We really didn’t have the food or water required to continue to the summit. The descent down was very pleasant and easy. After coming back to our car, we decided to drive over to the lake at Molas Pass-it had started thunder storming, so we didn’t linger for too long. Later that afternoon, we decided to drive over to Mesa Verde National Park for some sightseeing. At 99 degrees and super-bright, it was in stark contrast to the conditions we experienced on Engineer Peak.

Featured Articles

Drinking Water in the Backcountry Drinking Water in the Backcountry by Enkidu

Travel in remote areas can often present hydration challenges that are often compounded by weather, elevation and exertion. Often times the only water available is from the nearest lake/stream or snow/ice. In certain instances these sources can be used successfully without any treatment. In other cases successful use requires some form of treatment.

Photography in the Dolomites Photography in the Dolomites by jonybakery

In 2010 I left my job as an accountant in London and embarked on a European photography adventure. My plan was to travel from Provence through the Swiss and French Alps down into the heart of Italy and then make my way up to Slovenia via the Dolomites, part of the Italian Alps in the North-East corner of the country. Throughout the early part of my trip I kept hearing alluring accounts of the magnificence of the Dolomites. I would outline my itinerary to fellow hikers and travellers, and on the mention of “Dolomiti” (as they are called in Italian) a gleam would come into their eyes, “Ah, you know about the Dolomiti”.

The Early Climbing History at Table Rock The Early Climbing History at Table Rock by reboyles

Table Rock was first described in a geological survey of the area in 1898 but it's value as a building material was discovered earlier. Its first recorded use was in the old Fort Boise quartermaster building, built in 1864 that still stands today. Soon after it was used in the construction of a prison and many other buildings in downtown Boise. After the construction of the prison, inmates did what was called "penitentiary stone work" using horse drawn wagons to get the stone down from the quarry. In 1906 the Capitol Building Commission purchased 35 acres for use as a quarry for the new state capitol building in downtown Boise. In 1911 major improvements were implemented with the building of a road and a tram line. The tram line was gravity operated where a loaded car was sent down causing the empty car to go up. These improvements allowed much more stone to be brought down from the quarry and it was used in buildings across the United States.

Featured Photos

Castor Summit Ridge Castor Summit Ridge by Simnel

Castor July 14

A Beautiful Rock! A Beautiful Rock! by Marmaduke

Best part of this hike was hiking it with my daughter Carly!

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Lantau Peak, Hong Kong
Aug 30, 2016 12:58 PM by StartingOver

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Aug 29, 2016 2:47 PM by Savon W

Photo of the Week

I'm on my way!
Aug 22, 2016 3:45 PM by Josh Lewis

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