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The Prow

Route: The Prow
by ZachStone

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Mountain: Stookey Peak (UT)
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Route: Pen by Thor's Buttress
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Black Mountain Hike (San Jacinto Mountains) by StartingOver

On June 27, 2015 I hiked to the top of Black Mountain in the San Jacinto Mountains, at 7,772 feet one of the lower summits in the range. The hike is about 3.5-4 miles long, and gains about 2,700 feet in elevation. There is a road that leads close to the summit, but what is the fun in that?

The hike was quite steep almost throughout, with just occasional level stretches to catch one's breath. Plus, the first mile to a mile-and-a-half or so was not that exciting, with vistas obstructed by chinquapin, small oak trees, and short Jeffrey Pines. While the hike does not sport views of Black Mountain itself, about halfway in views began to open up to the east, to the Santa Ana Mountains, and north to the San Bernardino Mountains. By the time I reached the fire lookout on the top of the summit, the views were truly outstanding, with fantastic vistas of San Jacinto itself and Fuller Ridge, the San Bernardino Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Ana Mountains, areas of the San Jacinto Mountains south of the trail, and even the Palomar Mountains and Santa Rosa Mountains. The payoff made the somewhat tedious slog up the trail worth it.

Prusik Peak: Solid Gold, Burgner-Stanley, Boving-Christensen, & a potential FA on the west face by StephAbegg

My mind races, a cascade of memories as I tick my way through a list of Cascade summits. But as soon as I think of one possible candidate for favorite climb, another candidate climb comes to mind, equally favored but perhaps for different reasons. Favorite climb can depend on so many variables - weather, conditions, parter, fitness level, distractions (or lack thereof) from my daily life, the views from the climb, the difficulty of the approach, the beauty of a possible high camp, and so on. So in the end, I always end up giving a non-committal response with about half a dozen candidate favorite climbs.

In the Land of Bison and Elk by Mark Doiron

It was school fall break in Oklahoma, and the boys of Boy Scout Troop 275, Choctaw, Oklahoma, had decided to take an extended camping trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Their excitement about the refuge was a direct result of activities of my son, Curtis (Cdoiron on SP), and myself. We’d visited there several times in the last couple years, and had brought back some pictures of the rocks, mountains and wildlife that were abundant to this area of a state that is otherwise dominated by plains. That had resulted in the troop's first trip there in November 2007. They were eager to return, so I was tasked to obtain permits to camp at Fawn Creek Youth Campground and the Charon’s Garden Wilderness – no small feat during one of the busiest weekends of the year for the refuge! The boys also decided that this would be a hiking and backpacking weekend: We would emphasize a backpacking menu and skills, and Leave No Trace ethic, regardless of whether we were in the backcountry or the front country. In that spirit, the boys prepared their own backpacking meals, to include making GORP and cooking crepes the Monday before the campout.

Mt Taylor-Short Route by HikingMan

This hike up the extinct stratovolcano is much less in distance, time and effort than the hike from the Gooseberry trailhead on the south side off of Forest Road (FR) 193. It is a very pleasant incline hike of between two and four miles, round trip (depending on which route option), having a total elevation gain of only 709 ft. If you want a mountain top experience, but are budgeting your time, or avoiding the threat of a possible afternoon thunder storm, this is a great hike! Additionally, if you want to pleasantly introduce others to hiking, this hike will not burn out your novice friends and visitors and hopefully be a good memory leading to more hikes.

Featured Articles

L'Affaire Freney L'Affaire Freney by ericvola

August 29 1961: the ‘Last Great Problem of the Alps’, The Central Pillar of Frêney, is solved by Chris Bonington, Ian Clough, Jan Djuglosz and Don Whillans. But in French eyes the honours go also to René Desmaison, Pierre Julien, Yves Pollet-Villard and Ignacio Piussi. Desmaison seemed unable to accept the facts of the respective Pillar ascents and set about denigrating the British achievement while inflating his own – a fiction in which he was supported by the all-powerful Lucien Devies, the veritable godfather of post-war French mountaineering.

The Year of the Angels The Year of the Angels by Bob Sihler

As I walked back to the car that day, beaten and sore, I knew that I would have to return and find the right way up. And I also knew I needed to climb the South Guardian Angel.

Glaciers Glaciers by PellucidWombat

What is a Glacier? Say you’re climbing in the mountains in late fall and you come across a body of snow that has been there for the whole summer, if not for years. Is it a glacier? Maybe, maybe not. Even if it has metamorphosed into ice, it still may be a permanent snowfield. The critical feature that glaciers have is movement.

Featured Photos

Little Flat Top Little Flat Top by Liba Kopeckova

Little Flat Top 5,974 feet (1,821 m)

Sunrise on Medicine Bow's E Face Sunrise on Medicine Bow's E Face by SarahThompson

Sunrise caught us partway up a couloir above Lake Marie and the lighting was other-worldly for several minutes. June 2015.

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The Dragon's Backbone
Jul 1, 2015 11:38 PM by RDJim

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Trying to Fly Again
Jun 30, 2015 4:02 AM by Josh Lewis

Photo of the Week

Cooling Off
Jun 20, 2015 12:26 AM by beaudaddy85

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