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Great, a new fire.

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Postby Kerstin » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:22 am

drjohnso1182 wrote:
Dougb wrote:The sixth great mass extinction is what's going on.

The extinction of chaparral?

Most plants of the chaparral re-sprout from the roots. Some require fire in order to spread their seeds. Many wildflower seeds also require fire to germinate.

I'm not making light of the tragedy of massive fires, but I thought I'd mention this.

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Postby The Chief » Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:45 am

Dougb wrote:
drjohnso1182 wrote:
Dougb wrote:The sixth great mass extinction is what's going on.

The extinction of chaparral?

hardy har har, hee haw, yeah, just chaparral. God yer funny. Look at the station fire pics posted http://www.mtwilson.edu/16Sep09.php, thank god all that pesky brush is gone. Wait till the western sierra burns. It's only a matter of time. Yep, just chaparral is all that's going extinct. And our children's future.

Sorry folks, but the laws of nature are at play here. Chaparral require fire in order to continue it's existence.

And as Kerstin posted, so do many of the other indigenous plants all over California.

So fire is healthy and good for them all and their eco-system.

Nature doesn't play the time game as we humans do. It plays by it's rules which supercede our efforts to control them. Nature will win in long run.
The Chief

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Postby Guyzo » Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:02 pm

The aerial armada is still working on this fire.

The DC10 made a drop at sunset, what a show! It’s really weird to see a plane that big flying like 500 feet over my house.

This am finds us with no-wind, dead calm and it’s not as hot. (yesterday it was Africa Hot) The fire dies today.

The chief is correct when he points out that nature has a different timetable 8)

The Chap burning is like you or I getting a haircut. It grows back, pretty quickly to.

I’ll go hiking there this sat am. If you have never hiked in a fresh burn I suggest you do.

Some plants send up green growth within 48 hrs while parts of it are still smoking.

It’s a good time to find arrowheads and all sorts of things.

It’s a good time to realign a trail.

It is sad when big oak trees, pine trees are gone but they grow back to, different timetable.

Birth is not a pretty thing.
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