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Notes for travelling in Tibetan highland areas

Notes for travelling in Tibetan highland areas

Before the Start~~

Take good consideration and necessary precautions like taking portable Oxygen, etc. if you have problem with your heart, lungs, brains, liver or kidney. Taking a physical examination is highly recommended before taking the adventure.

What to take with you~~

First take appropriate clothing with you as per the related seasons request. Always take some warm-keeping clothes with you as the nights in highland areas especially ...
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Team arrest: when to use it?

Been thinking about this for a while. Glaciers aside, when would you tie together and not use some kind of protection on a steep snow slope? Do you think a team of 2 or 3 skilled climbers would almost always be better off by themselves or would roping together without running pro be a good strategy sometimes? How likely is it that your rope mates could stop your fall on snow if you could not? ...
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Feeling Dizzy after a Bike Ride

I recently started riding a bike after probably not being on a bike since I was a teenager...trying to get my body back into shape after a few years of not being in the best of shape that I use to be in. I have always been prone to getting motion sickness from either being a passenger in a car or on a airplane...so not sure that has something to do with why after I ...
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How afraid are you of rock fall ?

I'd say you get used to it. You really hear the larger pieces early. The larger the piece, the better you here it coming. And I'd say it hardly happens *just so*. Rock fall is considered as an 'objective danger', but objective is often subjective, in the sense of being capable of not putting oneself in some situations.

Please share your thoughts. Here are some of mine :

Earthquakes are quite objective, though there are ...
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Alpine coil ?

When you do an alpine coil you coil the rope around your chest, pull a bite behind the coil, tie an over hand knot in front of the coil, and clip the bite to your belay loop. This would in effect place the force of a fall on your chest where you tied the over hand knot.

Does anyone pull the bite through their belay loop prior to bringing behind the coil and then tie ...
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Android run tracking application with API or export to .csv

Anyone know of a good application that can do this? I tried a couple, but none quite worked. "Runmeter" seemed to be the closest match to my specs but only works on an iPhone. I already found some apps that track this and do a fairly good job, but they only have manual extracts, which don't quite work for me.

I'm interested in the following information:
Code: Select all
Date, Distance, Elevation Gain, Time, Pace
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Snow Pickets - Upright Midclips

Just wondering how many have read this article on snow pickets:

http://www.mountainz.co.nz/content/arti ... nchors.pdf

So the findings more or less were:
In most cases upright midclips are as good as a t-slot with a fraction of the work. Does this get anybody to dig less t-slots? Why or why not?

I'd like to try this but I'm not wild about permanently swagging 4mm cable to my pickets. I think ...
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NOLS courses?

Thought this might be a good place to pose this question. I have some scholarship money still waiting to be used from a couple of Americorps jobs I have done. This can be applied toward NOLS courses. The cost would normally deter me, but it's free so what the hell. There are a couple of 23 and over courses that look cool, especially Alaska Mountaineering. Does anyone have any experience with NOLS?

I am a ...
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2 Man Crevasse Rescue Advice Wanted! 2 Man Crevasse Rescue Advice Wanted!

I plan on heading to Paradise tomorrow with a buddy of mine to practice crevasse rescue for training to climb Rainier this Spring. We intend to go up the Gibraltar ledges as a 2 man team. For a long time I been doing many trips as a 2 man team which in the past I knew how to do it but over time have become rusty in doing it.

So does anyone happen to know ...
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Failing grigri

When going out during the week for a few hours of climbing i belay myself on a toprope with a grigri. Yesterday I was sliding down for a few meters due to the grigri failing a bit though no ground touching and i did have the feeling of slowing down.

I knew grigri would fail sometimes so used knots every 5-8 meters just to make sure which now kinda saved me from some painfull legs. ...
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