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Climbing after total knee replacement

Has anyone had a total knee replacement (TKR) and been able to resume climbing mountains? I may have it done in the next couple years. I don't need to climb anything real technical, but I would like to conquer Mt. Rainier. I've tried twice now and haven't made it yet. I feel the third time is a charm and now I know exactly how I will train to make it to the top. I've tried ...
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Training for first climb need help

Never climbed. Never carried a heavy pack. Very fit. Strong upper body. however, I am Currently a couple of weeks into training for a guided climb of Rainier in July and having trouble adjusting to a weighted pack.
I picked up a used Cilo 65 liter pack and have loaded it down with all my gear and some additional weight in the form of water bottles. Total weight around 40lbs..
I have played with weight ...
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Emergency harness with "bigger" folk

I normally carry a 12' piece of webbing that I can tie into a Swiss seat (lower part) in an emergency. I have a 31" waist, and my waist is smaller than my hips, so this length of 15mm webbing works nicely. When there are bigger people, I normally just tie a 3-point diaper sling, with 7-9' from the same piece of webbing, as here:
http://cdn-www.trails.com/imagecache/ar ... 95x195.png

...and ...
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Trad mistakes by gym/sport climbers

Please, for the love of God, sport and gym climbers please STOP using dogbone quickdraws to clip into trad gear. This can cause substantially greater "walking" of gear and pull out, or at least weaken, a decent placement. Use a longer, more flexible runner. I keep seeing this more and more as climbing gyms have opened up the sport to greater numbers of people. I just want everyone to have as much fun, as safely ...
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Weight loss

At it's most basic, losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat.
Here are some more weight loss tips...
1. stop taking sugar in all form
2. stop eating rice, you can eat but only if they are washed 3-4 time during cooking , wash out all its sugar or starch.
3.stop taking fats or oils in all form, but you can cook food in olive oil.
4.skip dinner most of the time ...
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Aitken - Langmuir corrections to Naismith's rule

Naismith's (1892) rule:
Hiking time = Allow 1 hour for every 3 miles (5 km) forward, plus 1 hour for every 2000 feet (600 metres) of ascent.

Aitken (1977) - Langmuir (1984) corrections for descent slopes:
Aitken: 5 km/h can be maintained on paths tracks and roads, while this is reduced to 4 km/h on all other grounds.
Langmuir: minus 10 minutes per 300 m descent for slopes between 5 and 12 degrees; plus 10 ...
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Knee Pain

I'm sure there are tons of different types of knee pains. The one I have started with my knee giving out about a year ago. Now it's generally fine, and nearly only hurts when I climb stairs (or Mount Katahdin, which is where I think I injured it).

The pain is on the outside of my right knee, slightly toward the front.

I started running again and after a couple weeks the pain subsided a ...
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First time Whitney Climb

Hello all, my wife, daughter, and myself are planning on doing a 3 day climb of Whitney this coming summer. Can anyone suggest an example of a maximum training week as we build toward or climb date? We live in Pasadena and will be spending a week up at Mammoth Mountain before we climb.

I appreciate any information. Thank you!

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Sharpening a Ski Touring Axe?

I can't seem to to decide where I'm at with axes and ski touring. So one side of me says I need to save weight big time. I'm only a small guy so every G counts. As such I can't haul my 800g climb axe up with me. A Grivel Haute Route axe is only 320g which is a huge saving.

Everyone says that the ski touring axes are pretty useless as arresting so has ...
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Do you run?

I hate running. I've never been good at it (I'm 6-3, 230 pounds). But every time I go hiking/climbing I learn the importance of being in in great cardio shape.

Is running required? Do you run? How often? How far? How fast?

I run 3 miles @ 10min/mile, 2 times a week.
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