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Regional discussion and conditions reports for the great state of Utah, from the alpine peaks to the desert slots. Please post partners requests and trip plans here or in the Utah Climbing Partners section.

King's Peak in true Winter

Has anyone reached the summit of King's Peak in the December-February months? I have gone up in March several times but conventional wisdom has always been to go up in spring instead of Winter. What are the drawbacks from going in January? The cold?
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Where to start winter mountaineering in Utah

I have no experience mountaineering though I have been researching the sport over the last few months. I enjoy camping and want to extend camping into the fourth season. I do have some experience sport climbing. I understand that avalanche knowledge is essential.

I'm not looking for advice regarding gear, what I need is a list of locations and summits that you guys would recommend tackling first as someone gets his feet wet with mountaineering. ...
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A lunch on the edge of Zion canyon

A lunch on the very edge of Zion canyon

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This is awesome.

I just read this on the local news about Ben Woolsey, a 72 year old hiker who summited Timp 72 times this year. Truly something I would like to aspire to, especially at that stage in life. I can't even count the total amount of ascents this man has on TImp. If someone has that figure, post it. I'd like to know. :) Timp is an incredible ...
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The Old Aspen Grove Trail

There's a newspaper article on an old trail segment up Mount Timpanogos: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/local-man-wants-to-see-original-aspen-grove-trail-reopened/article_e50ae16b-d03c-5f75-84a9-c181cfae835f.html. The man in the article has apparently died, judging from an obituary I found when I Googled his name. Phil told me where the lower access to this trail is, though. I made it perhaps halfway up, veering above the new trail, then switching back toward the mountain. However, when the badly overgrown trail reached a rock ledge, it seemed to peter ...
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construction at snowbird

Someone just made me aware that snowbird is building a hotel at their resort and that American Fork Twin Peaks hike is closed from the east side??? Does anyone know where exactly they're making the hotel and if it will intrude with the ridge landscape? I can't imagine them building something that would be that obtrusive but...at the same time...I've read other ridiculous proposals. is the Twin peaks trail closed on that side?
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Short backpacking trip this month -- Where should I go?

I haven't backpacked in 20 years, but I've got a funny window to do just that this month: all of a Sunday and Monday; I can also leave Saturday night around 6:00 pm, which could be enough time to reach a trailhead and find a campsite (maybe). (I wish I had one more day so I could hike for day, have a summit day, and hike back for a day...but I don't.)

I want to ...
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Lost Gloves on Upwop

I left some black wool gloves on the summit of Upwop last Friday when doing the Beatout. They've got grippy material on the inside part of the palms and fingers. I figured I'd post this in case someone sees them and has a chance to bring them down. Thanks!
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Flag on Mount Olympus

Last week I went up Mount Olympus and on the summit was a US flag which had been placed there by a group of local missionaries.

On Thursday I went up, the flag was gone, and the pole was lying in the rocks next to the concrete base in which it had been placed, so I carried it down.

On Saturday I saw a group of Forest Service employees on the way to the summit ...
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