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Trans-Sierra Ski - Tioga Rd

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Trans-Sierra Ski - Tioga Rd

Postby DosBozos » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:11 pm

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Re: Trans-Sierra Ski - Tioga Rd

Postby Princess Buttercup » Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:45 am

Check here for current conditions and to get in touch with the TM Rangers:


I did the eastern half of this for President's Day weekend. Conditions for skiing are mediocre, and there were a dozen people back there on XC gear.

Pics from that weekend: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moosepics6 ... 490604813/

The rangers back there hadn't heard of anyone breaking trail up from the Valley, but that will change in the next six weeks, I'm sure.

Waxless and fish scales? Maybe just kicker skins.

Have fun!

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Princess Buttercup

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Re: Trans-Sierra Ski - Tioga Rd

Postby DosBozos » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:38 am

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Re: Trans-Sierra Ski - Tioga Rd

Postby ROL » Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:47 pm

DosBozos wrote:Still looking for more information on the markers to get to cabin?

Sorry TwoClowns, I can't (won't) help you there. The Tioga Pass Trans-Sierra Ski is not the hut to hut excursion that the presence of the questionable emergency overnight structures you mention might otherwise suggest. There are NO hut to hut cross crest ski tours anywhere in the Southern Sierra. One needs to be prepared with overnight gear. The route itself is by far the easiest of all the Trans-Sierra ski tours, path finding not be much of a problem for 3/4 the way on a 20 foot well graded highway. This year, an April itinerary may mean finding enough snow to put between your skis and the pavement in places. By then, sans recent dump, I'm fairly certain that you would have plenty of old tracks to follow, but no reason to do so on Sierra Cement. The Snow Creek Trail is well marked from its junction with highway. I would guess some amount of off track experience, particularly with pack, will be helpful, as will a map. Given the waxing spring day lengths, the whole route may be skied in one day on old packed snow, for anyone using light gear and a modicum of skill, and trail sense.

When I last did it, President's Day weekend of 1973, I was with a small group of fellow climbers of varying skill and gear, from occasional alpine skiers with metal edged mountaineering skis (overkill), to XC skiers with light touring gear. I used wooden light touring skis with lignostone edges, 3 pin bindings and low cut shoes. We took 2 days with a layover in Tuolumne. The NPS had only that winter begun unlocking the VC structure for emergency use. It was not stalked with firewood and quite unpleasant, except during a storm. My friend, Randy Morgensen and his wife Judi, had not yet begun their inaugural stint as winter Tuolumne rangers. Back then, we all waxed at one time or another, save some skin use by the alpine skiers on the up to Tioga Lake. I found the group pace to be frustratingly slow, with many long waits for the others to catch up. I skied as many of the SC switchbacks as I could, until nothing but granite soil, rock, and pine needles remained. And finally, a beautiful moonlit downhill walk in the gathering dusk to Mirror Lake.
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