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FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

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FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby BMcC » Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:05 am

No longer ... Looking for some bindings for approach skis that will be compatible with my EU sized 13 Koflach boots - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings... skis and skins, too, if possible.

Do you have some in good condition that are collecting dust, but want to be deployed to a good home and for some fun adventures?

email me at
williammc.... (at) sbcglobal ...

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Re: WTB - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings - approach skis, too

Postby Old School WB » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:31 pm


I have a pair of 404's I would give a way for free, but... one of the binding is broken where a metal arm attaches the heal component to the main part of the binding, arm is broken where it attaches to the heal piece. If interested let me know and I can spend you a photo. Of course you would have to pay shipping.

As well, I have 2 pairs of 500's, one I want to keep (attached to a pair of skis), and one I could sell cheap, but... the second set doesn't have a heal piece that attaches to ski. I broke a 500 binding, asked Silvretta for a repair, but they just sent me a full pair, while waiting, the retailer fixed the broken piece. Silvretta didn't send the heal component, just the binding. If a photo helps, I can send one.

I have size 12 feet, usually wear Scarpa boots around size 46 to 48, and I have no problems with the binding fitting. I think bindings may be size Medium, but I would have double check.

Back in the day I used the 404 tons for remote ice climb approaches, they were good for that purpose, not a great turning binding. I have used the 500 a lot less, but did use them for nearly a month on Mt. Logan and for easy skiing in big push boots, they were great. Simple construction and operation was great in the cold and continuously snowy conditions.

Let me know if you interested. I do see 404 and 500 for sale on various web sites like ebay.

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Re: FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby lothian » Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:19 am

Hey... I'm looking for a pair of silvretta bindings for approach skis.

I'd be interested in both your silvretta 404s and the 500s. PM me? or email lothian.buss@gmail.com. Or post here?
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Re: FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby mtneering » Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:08 pm

I have some K2 8611 skis I believe they are 170cm mounted with Silvretta 500 bindings. Make a reasonable offer. They are located in Southern Maine.
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Re: FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby Mar » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:45 pm

Mtneering~ I'm interested in your bindings if they are in very good condition and will venture an offer (too bad I already have 8611s~ dang).

But the skis are in Maine and you are in San Diego…?

Perhaps you have fotos?

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Re: FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby SMW » Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:35 am

Interested in the Southern ME setup as well. $125 & I pick up if I can view photos beforehand? trufanov... [at] riseup... net

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Re: FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby kateonmars » Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:35 pm

This is a bump to see whether anyone has some Silvretta 500s for sale!


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Re: FOUND - Silvretta 500 or 404 bindings and skis

Postby bflynt » Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:42 am

I've got a pair of Silvretta 500's
I was looking around to figure out how much to sell mine on Craigslist for but I'll ship anywhere if you pay shipping. If you send me your email I'll send some pictures. They are currently mounted on 184 cm Atomic Tour Carv Alpin Ski's. I've also got the the matching crampons and Black Diamond skins. Used ~10 times

I've also got a second pair of Atomic Tour Carv Alpin ski's 177cm long with Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir bindings and Ascent skins. Used ~3 times.

b_flynt ... [at] .. hotmail ...[.] .. com

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