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Pikes Peak Weather Statistics
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Pikes Peak Weather Statistics

Pikes Peak Weather Statistics

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Location: Colorado, United States, North America

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History of Weather Statistics For Pikes Peak Summit

Pikes Peak is a 14,115 foot/4302 meter peak in Colorado.

US Army Corps of Engineers/Signal Corps ran the weather station on the summit. A weather station on the summit of Pikes Peak is functioning again in recent years and data is taken by the Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway:

Pikes Peak Weather Station

Weather Statistics

During the period of measurement, the extreme low was -39 in December and the extreme high was 64 in July. Snow was recorded in every month except one very warm August. Most lightning was accompanied by snow. Late spring and late summer are the cloudiest times of year while September through January is the sunniest.

MonthAve HighAve LowRec HighRec LowAve Wind MPH 6AMAve Wind MPH 3PMAve Wind MPH 9PMAverage Days of PrecipitationPrecip (in) 
Jan8.1-3.730-3727.028.028.09 days of snow 1.56
Feb10.6-2.929-3726.322.524.89-10 days of snow 1.39
Mar14.0-0.843-2928.824.526.810 days of snow 2.11
Apr19.74.639-2125.019.823.812-13 days of snow 3.78
May28.414.347-825.322.024.017 days of snow; some rain 3.68
Jun38.524.663223.317.318.89 days of snow; 9 days of hail 1.77
Jul47.633.7641815.011.812.37 days of snow; 15 days of hail or rain 4.46
Aug48.132.9621515.011.513.09 days of snow; 19 days of hail or rain 3.92
Sep39.224.355617.515.018.810 days of snow; 5 days of hail or rain 1.77
Oct28.414.247-1722.817.322.38-9 days of snow 1.41
Nov16.03.936-3623.522.322.39-10 days of snow 1.84
Dec10.7-2.730-3922.820.822.010-11 days of snow 1.49

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