1rst ascent of Mont Blanc

1rst ascent of Mont Blanc

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Mont Blanc from Planpraz
Mont Blanc as seen from Planpraz (anonymous) - 1880

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Portrait of Paccard by Marc Théodore Bourrit

Paccard - Medalion portrait
Portrait of Michel Gabriel Paccard as a medalion by Bacler d'Albe, 1788

Balmat medalion portrait
Jacques Balmat, medalion portrait, Bacler d'Albe, 1788.

Balmat Mont-Blanc
Jacques Balmat Mont-Blanc by Bacler d'Albe, 1787

de Saussure
Horace Benedict de Saussure - Portrait by Jean-Pierre Saint Ours, 1796 .

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Marc-Théodore Bourrit auto-portrait

Horace Bénédict de Saussure and Marc Théodore Bourrit

Les Grands Mulets shelter
The shelter of the Grands Mulets - Bisson frères, 1861.

Mont Blanc ascent
Auguste Rosalie Bisson, ascent of Mont Blanc, 1859.

Paccard's sketch of the summit of mont-Blanc
Michel Gabriel Paccard, sketch of the summit of Mont Blanc in a letter sent to Johann Gottfried Ebel, 1823.
Mont Blanc the Paccard route
Mont Blanc 1rst ascent - the Paccard's rout

Going up the Grands Mulets
Georges Tairraz, climbing up to the Grands Mulets around 1880.

Les Grands Mulets shelter
The shelter of the Grands Mulets - Bisson frères, 1861.

Ascent of Mont Blanc
Departure from the Grands mulets - Bisson frères, 1854.

Les Grands Mulets before 1867
Charles Soulier, les Grands Mulets and the stone shelter before 1867.

The Grands Mulets - Edmund T Coleman
The Grands Mulets - Edmund T Coleman

Ladders passage
Bisson frères, ladders passage, 1859.
Ascent of Mont Blanc
Auguste Rosalie Bisson, ascent of Mont Blanc, 1868.

Moon light on the Grand Plateau
Moonlight on the Grand Plateau by André charles Coppier, 1924.

Alexandre Dumas on the Mer de Glace
Alexandre Dumas on the Mer de Glace, from Copin in Impressions de Voyage of Alexandre Dumas, 1855.

The route of Mont Blanc
Drawing from Bourrit published in Voyages dans les Alpes of H-B de Saussure, 1796, showing the route taken by de Saussure party.

Summit of Mont Blanc by Coppier, 1924.
Summit of Mont Blanc by André Charles Coppier, 1924.

Balmat leading Paccard snow blind
On the last part of the way down, Paccard was snow-blinded and had to be guided by Balmat, by Coppin in Impressions de voyage by Alexandre Dumas.

de Sausure ascent - clothing
August 1787 de Saussure ascent of Mont Blanc. Clothes worn were mostly city like.

de Saussure ascent
Marquardt Wacher, Voyage de M. de Saussure à la Cime du Mont-Blanc, 1790.

Crampons used by de Saussure
Lacroix, crampons of de Saussure in 'Voyages dans les Alpes' of de Saussure

de Saussure suppressed plate 1787
The suppressed plate in de Saussure account of his ascent of Mont Blanc in August 1787 his position considered undignified.One must understand that then, climbing techniques did not exist. The 18 guides who accompanied de Saussure (and his personal servant) were only guiding visitors to the Mer de Glace and did no climbing (but when crystals hunting). On that expedition they had ropes but did not use them to tie the members of the party when on the glacier or snow slopes with many crevasses. They were used to get someone out of a hole or a crevasse! The guides had crampons but not de Saussure who was wearing his city breaches!

de Saussure descent of Mont Blanc
1787 descent of de Saussure
Paccard statute Chamonix
Michel Paccard statute Chamonix

Paccard facing Mont Blanc

Balmat and de Saussure statute
Statute in Chamonix of de Saussure with Balmat showing him the Mont Blanc

Balmat showing Mont Blanc to de Saussure

Statute of de Saussure and Balmat buit in 1887 in Chamonix

From Paul Payot collection - Annecy Art & History Museum

Grand Plateau 
TDH Browne at the Grand Plateau - ascent of Mont Blanc
crossing the crevasse
TDH Browne - Crossing the crevasse - Mont Blanc ascent
camp at the Grands Mulets
Camp at the grans Mulets

Arriving at The Grands Mukets
E. Guérard - Arriving at Les grands Mulets
Top of la Côtef
TDH Browne Top of La Côte

1rst use of the axe
TDH Browne - 1rst use of the axe - ascent of Mont Blanc
1rst view of Italian side
TDH B rowne - 1rst view of Italian side - ascent of Mont Blanc

Summit of Mont Blanc
TDH Browne - Summit of Mont Blanc

descent view of valley
TDH Browne Descent - Mont Blanc
Hamel accident 1820
Hamel accident 1820 - K Comtesse

Avalanche Argentière - E. Guérard
Avalanche Argentière - E. Guérard

Views of Chamonix valley from Paul payot's collection

View of Chamonix valley
View of Chamonix valley
Unnamed Image
Chamonix valley from Argentière

La Poste de sallanches
E. Guérard La Poste from Sallanches
Le Prieuré
Le Prieuré - view on les Bois and the Mer de Glace

Unnamed Image
Montanvers from Huckert

Mer de Glace
Samuel Birman - The Mer de Glace
Unnamed Image
Nature Temple - Jean Dubois

From the col de Balme
View from Col de Balme - Max de Meudon
Grotte de l'Arveyron - inside
Grotte de l'Arveyron from inside

Unnamed Image
Glacier des Bois
Grotte de l'Arveyron from outside
Grotte de l'Arveyron from outside


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hiltrud.liu - May 29, 2013 6:01 pm - Voted 10/10

What an event...

Nice collection of old pictures. The first ascent of Mont Blanc was a great event.


ericvola - May 30, 2013 1:51 am - Hasn't voted

What an event

Thanks. I also liked your photos at sunset and sunrise of Mont Blanc which I attached to my article which you should read (even partially as it is a bit long) as I have added some further photos which are not in this album.
Note particularly the amazing photos of the Bisson brothers. They were the first with Nadar to forget the Daguerreotype static pose to take instant photos. Their Mont Blanc photos were ordered by Napoleon III. Themselves did twice the ascent of Mont Blanc and those are the first ever photos about alpinism.


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