2019 Trip Log

2019 Trip Log

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Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jan 5, 2018


This is just a simple log to keep track of our 2019 trips.

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January 13:  Riggs Hill/Connector Lakes/Grand Valley Climbing (Colorado)

After church Kim and I headed for Riggs Hill to do some hiking and to enjoy the views.    We did the loop hike, but it was muddier than expected.    After hiking Riggs Hill, we decided to check out the Connector Lakes Trails.   We hiked a little there as well. 

Before going to bed, we headed for Grand Valley Climbing and did some climbing there.  

January 12:  Hurst Bridge/Ernie Canyon/Peak 6220/San Rafael Reef (Utah)

Kim and I headed for the mouth of Ernie Canyon for our planned loop hike of Ernie Canyon and Iron Wash.  We planned to do a lot of exploring over two days.  We hiked up the canyon a ways until it opened up.   We dropped our packs and headed for the hidden natural bridge known as Hurst Bridge.  We didn't have a good map of the bridge location (we forgot it at home), so we hoped to find it anyway.

We hiked up the face of the San Rafael Reef, visiting many viewpoints along the way.   We eventually found ourselves on top of the bridge.   We then visited the bottom of the bridge before climbing to the top of the San Rafael Reef and heading back to the packs.   We then hiked up Ernie Canyon and hiked to the old mine, seeing several petrified logs in the vicinity.

Once we were at the mine we searched for a decent campsite, but didn't find one.   We decided to just head back to the vehicle in the dark.   It was still a nice trip.  

January 8:  Grand Valley Climbing (Colorado)

Gym climbing.

January 7:  Grand Valley Climbing (Colorado)

Gym climbing.  

January 5:  Moab Grotto/Blue Hills/Dinosaur Trackway/Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail (Utah)

KIm and I headed for Moab to see some things we haven't seen before (which is getting increasingly rare).

We started by looking for and finding the Moab Grotto, a hidden cave full of ancient pictorgraphs.  We found the place and it was spectacular.   

I climbed to the highest point in the Blue Hills for the views.

We then headed for the Dinosaur Trackway, which is supposed to be the most spectacular dinosaur track display in the world.   It was really neat.   

We then hiked the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail, which passes by several dinosaur bones.

It was  a nice trip and the weather was pretty good.   It was overcast, but there was only a little snow on the ground.

Dinosaur Track
Dinosaur Track


Accumulated Totals for 2019: 

Days that I went hiking or climbing: 5

Summits Climbed: 2

Summits Attempted: 2

Rock Towers/Technical Buttes Climbed: 0

Rock Towers/Technical Buttes Attempted: 0

Technical Rock or Ice Routes Climbed:  0

Technical Rock or Ice Routes Attempted: 0

Technical Canyons Completed: 0

Technical Canyons Attempted: 0

Overseas Climbs: 0

Goals for 2019:

Days to spend hiking or climbing: 150

Summits: 100

Rock Towers: 5

Technical Rock or Ice Routes: 25

Technical Canyons: 20


Highest Elevation Reached

6220 feet (1896 meters) on Peak 6220 (Utah); January 12.

Highest Elevation Reached in USA 

6220 feet (1896 meters) on Peak 6220 (Utah); January 12.

Highest Sleeping Altitude


Highest Sleeping Altitude in USA



None to date.


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