Acqua Fraggia waterfalls

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Acqua Fraggia waterfalls
Created On: Sep 23, 2006
Last Edited On: Sep 23, 2006

why this album

There was a time when I used to ignore (and not even give a glance) all the band between the car parking and the hut or the starting point of a route ... it was only a waste of time.
Now, that those times went away, sometimes I like to rediscover those places making some hiking that now show me their beauty.
I've been running many times on the road from Chiavenna to Maloja pass ... thinking only to the granite walls of Val Bondasca, the northern valleys of Bernina group and the fine ski-mountaneering routes of the Julier pass group, and I've been always struck by the beauty of a big waterfall just few km beyond Chiavenna, but I never stopped there before.
So, while coming back from a fine hike in Val Bondasca (done in a foggy day with grey confused ski) a sudden change of weather and the shining of the sun gave an impressive brightness to the waterfalls and I, at least, stopped there and started to shot pics ...
Here are the Acqua Fraggia (aqua fracta = broken water) waterfalls !

no duplicated photos here : a classic example of "panta rei" :)

how to spend some fine peaceful moments ...

Crossing Piuro, a narrow road on the N side leads very near the waterfalls.
This is the starting point of a fine, long hike (that someday I'll do) leading to the Passo di Val di Lei where the Bivacco Chiara e Walter is placed.
I hope some (before my future hike) will post some pics shot along that path ...


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Acqua Fraggia waterfalls

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