Adams Canyon North Ridge

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Utah, United States, North America
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Adams Canyon North Ridge
Created On: Feb 24, 2005
Last Edited On: Sep 18, 2012


Take exit 324 off I-15 onto US 89 going north to Ogden. Continue north until you see a large water tank on the left at a light. Continue past light, taking the next right. It's a small turnoff, so you'll have to be watching for it or you'll miss it. Take an immediate right, heading south. Follow this for a 1/2 mile or so and you'll see the trailhead parking for Adams Canyon. Trail starts on the east end of the lot, traveling along a fence.

Route Description

North Ridge Route
At this point the trail is very well used. This is a very popular day hike area. There is a nice waterfall 1.5 miles up the canyon. Continue up the well maintained trail, through a series of switchbacks that cuts through the oakbrush. After about 0.5 miles it will level out and connect with the Lake Bonneville Shoreline Trail. At this point, you can either drop into the canyon, or head up the north ridge of the canyon to the summit. The trail heads right up the ridge, straight up. This is well maintained. make sure you start early in the morning, because the afternoon sun will bake you all the way to the summit. Follow the trail up the ridge, passing through and over some interesting rock formations. There are alot of little side trails cutting off at this point, make sure you stay on top of the ridge. The trail continues up, climbing steadily through oakbrush, and turning towards the south to a spur ridge coming off the main ridge. Look out for rattlesnakes in this area. It's a south facing slope with lots of sun and rock. Great hiding places for the little guys! The trail tops out on this spur ridge, and you'll find yourself in a hanging valley. Really pretty. Continue on the trail and it will end at a little shack that somebody built. Yeah, I'm not joking! Somebody built it quite a while ago. There's a log book in there, along with cooking gear and sleeping bags! The first page of the book states that it is there for whoever needs it. Just clean the utensils and hang the bags up when you leave. It's a great place to stay for a quick over nighter. Just keep in mind though, that people are finding out about it. As you leave the shack, backtrack a little up the trail. You'll be able to see a large cliff on top of the north ridge to the east of the trail. Say goodbye to the trail, and head for that cliff. You'll be passing through alot of scrub oak about waist high. Get to the base of the cliff, and work you way around, keeping the cliff on your left. Once you get around the rock you'll be able to see Thurston up on the ridge. Hang on though, you got some climbing to do still. Scramble up the loose rocks to the top of the ridge again. Once on top, just follow it up to the base of the peak. Just head straight up the west face, again watching for rattlers! I almost stepped on one here. This is a great route if you want a challenge. It's the Davis County Everest!

Essential Gear

If you go early in the season, say March through May, crampons and an axe might be handy. Summertime, take lots of water, because there is none. I would strongly suggest a partner on this route, just because of the snake bite danger. Bring the proper first aid supplies.

Miscellaneous Info

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Moogie737 - Sep 16, 2012 10:46 pm - Hasn't voted

New exit number

The I-15 exit to U.S. 89 is #324, not 326. As of 9-15-12 the mentioned water tank is painted a light brown. The trailhead has no restroom amenities.


imontop - Sep 17, 2012 6:04 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: New exit number

Thanks Moogie. I'll update that page. I see you went up Kays Creek. Gotta love those switchbacks huh? Thats why Adams is the better of the two. But, you made it, and thats what counts. If you want a very direct route, check out the Layton Peak page, and the Community Trail route. That is steep, and Layton Peak is just north of Thurston. You passed just below the summit I'm sure.

jtanium - Jul 6, 2016 2:13 pm - Hasn't voted


This might be well known, but about 1/3 of mile north of the ridge there is a natural spring on the Great Western trail. If you find yourself up around Thurston on, say, a July day and you're low on water, this might be helpful.

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Adams Canyon North Ridge

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