Alan pass – Radlovac (VPP)

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VELEBIT/LIka-Senj county, Croatia, Europe
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Created On: Mar 8, 2004
Last Edited On: Mar 8, 2004

About Route

Premuziceva Staza path was built from 1930-1933 by Ante Premuzic, who was one of most deserving Velebit enthusiasts of 20th century. His idea was to draw beauties of Velebit nearer to ordinary visitors. Therefore he imagined a path that will connect some of most beautiful parts of North and Mid Velebit without many or sudden gains and losses of altitude. All ascents and descents must be gentle. Result was 50km long path, build by hired workers, that stretches from Zavizan on North Velebit till Baske Ostarije village on Ostarije plateau which separates Mid from South Velebit. On the way it passes through the heart of amazing, then unapproachable Rozanski Kukovi group. This section of Premuziceva Staza, between Alan pass and Radlovac field, has best sea views, not only along whole Premuziceva Staza but along whole VPP trail! Whole section is almost flat. It traverses western, sea orientated, slopes of seaboard peaks of Mid Velebit. Especially attractive is first half from Alan pass till above Vrata valley where path traverses grassy slopes at around 1300m with spectacular views towards sea.

Route begins on Alan pass, 10mins above Alan hut.

Alan pass – Radlovac (Kovrinac junction) (section of VPP): 4h

From the Alan pass, where Premuziceva Staza crosses from North to Mid Velebit, go right by the monument to Alan detachment from WW II. Path traverses horizontally northern slopes of Buljma (1451m). After first 10mins through beech forest path leaves it and continues over the grassy slopes. On the left is beautiful view towards grassy basin Mirevo. In another 10mins you’ll be at Vrata pass where fantastic view opens towards sea and islands, especially Rab. Here is also junction where left path leads towards Zecjak (1622m) whose heads you can see on the left above beech forested slopes.

From Vrata Premuziceva Staza crosses on the seaboard side. It gradually descends some 10mins till the edge of Baricevic Dolac meadows. Here is junctions where left path leads to Stokic Duliba valley.

Behind the meadows path shortly enters the beech grove and then after short grassy section again leads through bit longer beech grove, all on the seaboard slopes of Pljesivica (1448m). After 15mins through the groves, at the end of pine called Grabarje, path again reaches open grassy slopes of Pljesivica. As Rab islands slowly stays behind Pag begins to dominate the fantastic sea views.

In next long stretch path traverses grassy slopes below Visibaba (1448m) on Pljesivica and rocky Kosa (1399m). After some 40mins you’ll reach a pass between Kosa on the left and also grassy Borovaca (1287m), on the right. Beautiful view opens here upon grassy meadows of Stokic Duliba (1180m) and whole with beech and spruce forested valley which lies between Pljesivica (1448m) on the west and Zecjak (1622m) on the east. Right of Zecjak are grassy domes of Borovacko Brdo (1553m).

Through short beech/fir/spruce grove and along the rocky fence it takes some 5mins to reach panoramic shoulder above Vrata valley on the seaboard terrace of Mid Velebit. People used to live in it during summer as on every such grassy valley on the seaboard terrace of Velebit, where cattle could feed or some cultivable soil was found. From here again beautiful view towards sea opens.

Here path turns left towards east and in next 5mins heads towards grassy pass below Kurozeb (1465m). Over it local path used to cross from Vrata into inner Velebit. Right bend again establishes general SE direction as path enters beech forest below Kurozeb. From now on it mostly goes through it with occasional open views towards sea like above Katuniste fences. After some 20mins there is sharp right turn where path takes SW direction and another sharp left turn after next 10mins when SE direction is established again. Path now traverses slopes below Luksanovac (1472m) and in some 30mins or 3h from Alan pass reaches a junction where is left towards Ogradjenica refuge (1400m), Ogradjenik (1604m), Satorina (1624m) and Stirovaca valley.

From this point, which is at 1350m, Premuziceva Staza begins gradual descent as it traverses slopes of Matijevic Brijeg above Mliniste, largest field on the seaboard terrace of Mid Velebit. First it makes long right turn around northern corner of Mliniste. At the tip of the turn, 15mins from junction, beautiful view opens towards Mliniste and sea behind it. Path here turns sharply left, taking its usual SE direction. Soon it leaves beech forests behind and leads along open grassy or rocky slopes above Mliniste. This section is called Pogledalo which describes it well as pogled means view. After some 15mins path descends in few serpentines to Gornja Korita in next 5mins, 3.35h from Alan pass. Gornja Korita is weak source by the path which dries out in warm part of year. Here is also a junction where towards left path ascends over Matijevic Brijeg (1611m) towards Satorina (1624m) while towards right marks descent to 5mins distant source Donja Korita above SE corner of Mliniste. It never dries.

From Gornja Korita Premuziceva Staza continues to traverse slopes above Mliniste, making long right turn above its SE corner. In some 20mins you’ll reach a pass between Visibaba (1264m) and Meralovac (1184m) which divides Mliniste from Radlovac. Through beech groves or over open grassy slopes it takes 10mins more to reach Kovrinac junction above Radlovac, 4h from Alan pass. From here it takes around 25-30mins down till the center of Radlovac. Left path heads towards Kugina Kuca refuge. Premuziceva Staza continues its journey towards Ostarije heading forward above Radlovac.