Albania national highpoints

Albania national highpoints

Albania, Europe
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County highpoints & country mountain aeas

Albania is divided into 12 quark (county), and those, again,
are subdivided into 36 rrethe (districts).

Mountain/Peak Height (metres/feets)       Latitude/Longitude County
Maja Jezerce
2693/8833                    42.44000°N / 19.81000°E Shkodër
Maja e Korabit (Golem Korab)
2764/9066                    41.78000°N / 20.54000°E Kukës
Mali i Skenderbeut 1724/5655                    41.58333°N / 19.83333°E Durrës
Maja e Kendrevicës
2121/6957                    40.28333°N / 19.83333°E Lezhë
Mali i Dejës
2246/7367                    41.725°N / 20.1541667°E Dibër
Dajti 1612/5287                    41.35444°N / 19.93611°E Tiranë
Maja Valamare
2373/7783                    40.78333°N / 20.46666°E Elbasan
Mali Gribe
2122/6960                    40.33333°N / 19.750°E Fier
Mali i Gramosit (Oros Gramos)
2520/8265                    40.33333°N / 20.75°E Korçë
Mali Tomorit
2416/7924                    40.7°N / 20.13333°E Berat
Mali i Çikës
2045/6708                    41.00944°N / 20.25888°E Vlorë
Mali i Nemërçkës
2485/8151                    40.13333°N / 20.4°E Gjirokastër

In case you cannot see correctly all the letters, please reffer to the images enclosed,
where names are not affected by encoding .
Small pronunciation guide: e with 2 dots above is silent vowel, pronounced similar as u in burn.
C with small bottom add-on,  is pronounced as ch in chip and  charge.
Additional important mountains and peaks  not featured in table above
because they are the district highpoints only, (shown in mountain/elevation/district/county order):
  • Maja Ostrovice / 2383m / Skrapar / Berat
  • Guri i Zi / 2073m / Pogradec / Korçë
  • Mali Shebenikut / 2253m / Librazhd / Elbasan
  • Mali i Lopës  / 2020m /  Bulqizë /  Dibër
  • Maja Hekurave / 2567m /  Tropojë /  Kukës

Division of mountain ranges by regional geography:
Northern range - high limestone mountains divided by deep glacial throughs,
Stretching in Weast-East direction. Main mountain group is Bjeshket e Nemuna (also known under Slav name Prokletije)
in Albania, however, the whole range is commonly known as Alpet (Alps)
boundaries; western basin with Shkodra lake (largest cryptodepression in Europe),
Malesia e Tropojës plateau on the East, Nikaj-Curaj basin on the South.
Central mountain range - mountains mostly of the vulcanic origin, divided by wide plateaus(Malesia e Pukës, Malesia e Mirditës).
Overall shape and relief much milder compared to the northern range. Stretching in NW-SE direction.
boundaries: Drin river on the North, western basin on the W, Osumi and Devoli rivers on the South.
Southernmost mountains are Jablanica and Mali Shebenikut.
Western mountain range - this is the longest mountain range in Albania, including the whole Krujë-Dajt group and Mali i Polisit mt.
Stretching in NW-SE direction from the Dejes lake (Liqeni Vaut te Dejës) till the Voskopoja plateau (Malesia e Voskopojës).
Boundaries: Mat river valley on the W, upper Shkumbin river on the East.
Eastern mountain range -  starting with Koritnik on the north and terminating with Mali i Gramozit on the far South,
 it is composite stretch of high mountains in an amphitheatre shape,forming the natural border between Albania,
 former Yugoslav republics and Greece. This huge mountain wall is interrupted at one spot only
 by the Lugina e Drinit te Zi (the Black Drin river valley).

Average terrain altitude in Albania is 714m/2342f which is two times the European  average. 1/3 of the country lays above 1000m/3280f.
Note for the prominence researchers:
6 Albanian peaks are featured on European top 90 summit list by prominence;
Maja e Korabit  ranked #18
Maja Jezerce  ranked #28
Mali i Nemërçkës  ranked #44
Maja e Kendrevicës  ranked #68
Mali i Cikës  ranked #84
Maja Valamare  ranked #88



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