All Frozen (Tuttogelato)

All Frozen (Tuttogelato)

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All

Winter is going to get it in his backpack that carries the Cold, the Snow and Frost & North Winds. Also leads the Wolves, so they told us Children. But it brings us even Santa Claus. Moreover a Reindeer that flying in the midst of the Stars that Monsieur Cold ago become brighter. So another year has gone on, and also we want to celebrate.
Even if Dancing with Wolves.
It takes away things and people, facts and memories, leaving us but the memory of everyone and everything. Obliges us to run back in time, in this way takes away something and other returns to us in a continuous cycle, in a chain that only we humans, with our delusions of wanting everything to classify, we can break. Why the Time flowing fluid and infinite. Indeed not flowing right, because there is. We who instead spend without him realize it. But we are able to do this with a smile. It teaches us to be more fatalistic, less presumptuous and even less resigned. Maybe doing a good laugh, because the fact that yesterday did we suffer today does not count anymore. Or almost. We are Serious, but not "Mock Serious", otherwise we become Hypocrites. And also a little Stupid. Instead we "Epicureans" we are able to cry, laugh, drink, smoke and eat. To work philosophizing. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2014 to all. Maybe dancing to the Moon with the Wolves. Postscript: I accidentally put a picture by Ivona, then I not was more able to erase (to detach). Let her there: a beautiful Girl almost always brings Fortuna ...
"Dances with Wolves/Balla coi Lupi", by Roby & Franz "The Mama".
Sta per arrivar l'Inverno che nel suo zaino porta il Freddo, la Neve, il Gelo ed i Venti del Nord. Porta anche i Lupi, così ci raccontavan da Bambini. Ma ci porta anche Babbo Natale. Sopra una Renna in mezzo alle Stelle che Monsieur il Freddo fà diventar ancor più lucenti. Così un altro Anno se n'é andato ed anche Noi vogliam festeggiar.
Magari Ballando coi Lupi.
Si porta via cose e persone, fatti e ricordi lasciandoci però la memoria di tutto e di tutti. Ci obbliga a scorrer indietro nel Tempo, in questo modo qualche cosa porta via ed altre ce le restituisce in un ciclo continuo, in una catena che sol noi uomini, con le nostre manie di voler tutto classificare, riusciamo a spezzare. Perché il Tempo scorre fluido ed infinito. Anzi non scorre proprio, perché non esiste. Siam noi che invece passiamo, senza che lui se ne accorga. Però siam bravi a far ciò anche col sorriso sulle labbra. Ci insegna ad essere più fatalisti, meno presuntuosi ed anche meno rassegnati. Magari facendoci una bella risata, perché quel che ieri ci faceva soffrire oggi non conta più nulla. O quasi. Siam Seri, ma non "Seriosi", altrimenti diventiamo degli Ipocriti. Ed anche un pò Stupidi. Noi "Epicurei" siam capaci di piangere, ridere, bere, fumare e mangiar. Lavorando con Filosofia. Buone Feste, Buon Natale e felice Anno 2014 per Tutti. Magari ballando alla Luna coi Lupi. Post Scriptum: ho messo per sbaglio una foto di Ivona, che poi non son stato più capace a cancellar (detach). Lasciamola lì: bella Ragazza porta quasi sempre Fortuna ...

Gallery of "Warriors" of Frost and Fog

"Caro Amico Ti scrivo .../Dear Friend I write to You ...", by "The Winter".
"A real WOLF and the victim", by "Luposwaldo".
"A Band of Vagabonds semi frozen", by "Vagabond".
"Crevassino" The Wolf of the Mist", by "Luposw".
"Eolus aka Sneezy spraying her baby powder", by "Aesthetic Man".
"Santa Claus may arrive at any moment", by "Papàwinter".
"Always write everything for fear of forgetting", by "Critical Man Winter".
"Natural drinks without Advertising", by "Cocacola".
"Mock tries Grane", by "Little Wolf".
"Cold more than that!", by "A Guy Frosty".
"Excuse me, it has for so long, why should I go too quickly even I!", by "Speed King".
"Usually Subject taciturn loner who does not give Confidence to None in incoming and outgoing, by "One who thinks only on His Things".
"Peppino has really lost the Compass, by The Fog".
"But where to go these Stupid?", by "Wisdom Tooth".
"And these are even worse ...", by "Mystery Man".
"But these go up or go down?", by "One who does not think about his affairs".
"An Old Wolf that there is no more", by "General Winter".
"Once the Lakes were Frozen and We were Hot. Now ...", by "Past Man".
"Dear Friend, here makes much Cold ...", by "Fire Love Man".
"I wonder if there is a drop of water to drink?", by "Thirsty Man".
"Buon Natale a Tutti/Merry Christmas to All", by "Madonna".


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