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tigerlilly - Feb 15, 2021 2:17 pm Date Climbed: Feb 12, 2021

15F High to -15F Low  Sucess!

flat, flat, flat, rolly, rolly, rolly, up, up, up

Hiked in on the 11th, camped overnight in the flats just before the Mt. Marcy cutover trail. My spouse said it was -20F that night. :D Hiked up to the summit the next day. The trail was packed down and pleasant. We went up the trail that follows the stream, we didn't venture over to the slide. Butt slid down for an easy descent. Camped overnight again because clearly we like punishment. Stars were amazing. clear, no wind. Hiked out the next day. Bumped into Moose and MooseBware, plus a woman hiking alone with her very able dog. Fun times. Now I'm a 45'er! Used snowshoes the entire way. All rivers were frozen solid. Bunny rabbit trails all over the place. IF I do this again, I will ski into the flats.


technicolorNH - Aug 20, 2020 9:16 am Date Climbed: Aug 11, 2020

standard route  Sucess!

Five hours and fifteen minutes up and five hours down for a ten hour and forty minute day including lunch on top. The approach is a slog but the climb on the slide is quite enjoyable with excellent views on top.


JRaphaelson - Sep 3, 2018 12:02 pm Date Climbed: Sep 2, 2018

Allen  Sucess!

Sleeper hike. Definitely one of my favorite in the Dacks, though many would wholeheartedly disagree.


CRiedel2 - Aug 21, 2016 12:12 am Date Climbed: Aug 20, 2016

Awesome Group Hike  Sucess!

Started at 8:30 am, finished with headlamps at 10:00 pm. Long, but rewarding day. Had a really awesome group of people to hike with and celebrated one of them finishing the 46. Great views up top I thought over to Mt Marcy and everything else east of Mt Allen. Used microspikes on the slabs with red slime, worked great. No joke about it. #40 for me.

Bark Eater

Bark Eater - May 27, 2015 9:11 am Date Climbed: May 26, 2015

No. 45...getting close!  Sucess!

Long and enjoyable day. 12.5 hours round trip from the East River Trail parking lot. The new bridge over the Hudson and the trail re-route around Lake Jimmy are a pleasure. Bring water shoes to ford the Opalescent River and microspikes or Yaktrax for the slide....the red slime is for real! Very slippery when wet...and it is always wet!


Onager - Oct 28, 2013 10:53 am Date Climbed: Oct 26, 2013

COLD  Sucess!

Summited Allen Mountain 4340 on a snowy, cold Saturday. We slept in the car Friday night at the East River trailhead and started on the trail at 6:30 AM. We crossed the Hudson in the dark of the morning and managed it easily. We did not know of the re-route around Lake Jimmy... so we actually went across the "floating" bridge.. not fun and I don't recommend it. After a few more hours of bland old logging roads we made it to the Opalescent and waded through the frigid water with water shoes. The rest of the hike followed a rather uninteresting herd path and logging road. The trail after signing the second trail register was pretty muddy, but easy to follow if you pay attention. Crampons/microspikes are a must this time of year. We got over 8 inches on snow throughout the 12 hour 18 mile hike. The ascent wasn't particularly difficult, some steep icey sections, but nothing we haven't seen before.. just go slow, an injury 9 miles in is pretty serious since you have to self rescue. Each of us fell and slid multiple times, and I had one bad fall that could have ended much worse for me. Would love this one in good summer or early fall weather, but its pretty difficult at this time.


yadahzoemtn - Sep 1, 2013 9:53 pm Date Climbed: Oct 19, 2008

Allen Ice  Sucess!

I learned how much more effective micro spikes are in comparison to stablicers


Enapai - Jul 2, 2012 11:31 pm Date Climbed: Jun 15, 2012

Route Climbed: Upper Works -->Yellow Trail --> Allen Herds Path  Sucess!

Bridge over Lake Jimmy is in very poor condition. Bridges over Hudson River (wade through) and Opolescent River (can rock hop if poke around enough) are out so water shoes are suggested.

The slide lives up to the hype and there is still plenty of route finding challenges. Herds path is pretty straight forward.

Only Seymour left to finish the 46!


Bkoziol3 - Feb 20, 2012 3:16 pm Date Climbed: Feb 19, 2012

Winter Perfection!  Sucess!

Tackled Allen on a perfect winter day! Hard pack the entire way to the top. A lot of snow, was able to descend most of the steeps with a controlled butt slide. Shared a great moment on top with a couple who finished their W46 that day. The distance is formidable but the hike itself was not bad with most of the gain coming in the final few miles. I had heard a lot stories about this peak, but the frozen landscape allowed a relatively "easy" passage. In with the sunrise and out with the sunset! HP#28 W#4


JimWallace - Jan 15, 2011 12:35 pm Date Climbed: Jan 8, 2011

Winter ascent  Sucess!

Counting down the winter 46.Was glad to get Allen out of the way.Near 18 mile round trip was easy until elevation gain.The snow near the last mile was around 20 inches deep.We pushed our way to the top though breaking in the path for others to follow.The summit was socked in by snow clouds,but it still felt rewarding..JW


mike_lindacher - Aug 30, 2010 4:57 pm

The Infamous Allen  Sucess!

#44 for me. Allen's pretty cool. Unique approach, some route finding required, road crossing, trail, slide ... it's actually a decent day with good weather.


JimWallace - Dec 16, 2009 10:58 pm Date Climbed: Oct 21, 2009

Allen alone  Sucess!

This was one of the top ten hikes for me.I did this trek alone because I couldn't find anyone who would do the 20 mile day hike with me.This hike had allittle of everything.It was hard to find the path at times due to the fallen leaves and then at elevations there was an accumulation of snow and ice.Since there hadn't been any snow anywhere else yet,I went unprepared.When I reached the steep icy slide I gave it all I had to get up it.I even blurted out a few swear words at the mountain before I reached the summit.Once on top I felt like a million bucks and forgave the mountain for the stearn fight she had put up.It as glorious and memorable.I would do it all again in a heartbeat.....JW


Tahawus - Aug 11, 2008 6:17 pm Date Climbed: Aug 21, 2006

Allen Mountain  Sucess!

Climbed via the Flowed Lands Trail from Tahawus. Got an early start and made it to the base of the mountain in about three to four hours. The ascent up the slide was very difficult (beware the red moss!) and exhausting. Finally, we made it to the summit, had lunch, took some pictures and made our way back down. The whole hike took us about 12 hours.


starship_jen - Feb 17, 2008 11:13 pm Date Climbed: Feb 16, 2008

From Upper Works  Sucess!

Hiked with Paul. Broke trail the whole way. No one had been in since the week before. Exhausting trip. Frustrating most of the way. Steep up top. Glad to have it finished! #26/46

The edge

The edge - Mar 14, 2007 4:57 pm Date Climbed: Jun 22, 2005

ADK #18  Sucess!

yes both summer and winter now!!


climber46 - Jul 19, 2005 9:48 pm

Route Climbed: standard herd path from the west Date Climbed: Oct 15, 2001  Sucess!

The trail/herd path had been cleared of blowdown by the time I hiked it. It had also been flagged in order to be sure hikers did not wander onto private hunting club property.

I found this hike to be easiet than expected. Allen had previously had a reputation of being the hardest ADK high peaki. While not as scenic as some other ADK hikes, this is decent climb. Watch or for slick rock when crossing the slide!


woodstrider - Apr 29, 2005 5:28 pm

Route Climbed: bushwhack Twin Brooks to Skylight Brook to Allen Brook, or the standard herdpath Date Climbed: Jan 24, 98 and Sept. 28,96  Sucess!

N. Ohanian and I joined forces witht he Rochester Winter Mountaineering Society to do this as a 3 day backpack. Unbroken trail once we left Twin Brooks. Summer route filled with deep soft powder snow so we followed along the ridge line to the right of Allen Brook. My idea. Longer, but easier trail breaking. Arrived at canister at sundown. 8 of 11 made it. Got Allen on the first try! Thanks RWMS.


avidwanderer - Sep 24, 2004 7:15 am

Route Climbed: Herd Path??? Date Climbed: August 2003  Sucess!

I and two friends were in the dacks for four days and got this one down. Great view from the summit once I climbed some evergreens! (hahah) Glad I did this in the summer--in winter it would be a real challenge.


ADKhiker46 - Jun 18, 2004 7:26 pm

Route Climbed: Yellow Trail -> Herd Path Date Climbed: June 17th, 20004  Sucess!

Trail is in great condition for summer, also is VERY easy to follow all the way to the top. Took 3 hours to skylight brook, 1.5 hours to the top from there. I would defiantely camp to do this mountain, so it is at least enjoyable as opposed to a exhausting/near death experience haha. FInished 46er on Allen!!!


hillman - Sep 23, 2003 9:41 pm

Route Climbed: skylight brook to the slide Date Climbed: august 5 2003  Sucess!

Hiked with alistair from scotland. He is an adventure racer. He is fast. I puked when I got back to my car. 12 hours round trip. Wet and buggy.

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