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PocketsOfBlue - Jun 1, 2008 9:06 pm Date Climbed: Jun 1, 2008

Spring climb -- East Ridge  Sucess!

Wanted to do the Pipeline Couloir but was redirected by Snowbird ski patrol at about 9am. Kind of a bummer but we traversed East towards the backcountry gate and climbed the full East Ridge instead. Still a beautiful morning from the top of the Central Wasatch!


vidclimber - Mar 30, 2008 1:33 pm Date Climbed: Jun 18, 2006

A fun hike.  Sucess!

I loved the knife edge and would like to try it in the winter.

Steve Elmer

Steve Elmer - Sep 15, 2007 4:51 pm Date Climbed: Jul 29, 2007

First Ascent  Sucess!

Climbed as part of the Bullion Traverse. Started at White Pine TH. Up white pine to White Baldy, Red Baldy, Red Top Mtn, American Fork East, West, and South Peak, Hidden Peak, Mt. Baldy, Sugarloaf, then down to Alta.


seanpeckham - Sep 9, 2007 3:26 pm Date Climbed: Sep 8, 2007

Bullion Divide  Sucess!

Fun knife-edge section. Hazy day, though, there must have been a fire somewhere. We did both Twins plus the "Bastard Son."


apachedino - Aug 14, 2007 3:10 pm Date Climbed: Aug 13, 2007

Bullion Divide Highpoint  Sucess!

The Highpoint of the Bullion Dive Ridge Run we did that day and my 11th County Summit. very fun with great views and some fun mild scrambling.


Tracy - Aug 5, 2007 1:47 pm Date Climbed: Aug 4, 2007

rushed trip from Hidden Peak  Sucess!

Five of us (my bro-in-law Ron Stagg, two nephews, Spencer Foutz & Walker Stagg, and my son Lance) took the 5 PM tram to Hidden Peak and arrived at Hidden Peak at 5:15 PM. All of us (except Ron who had hip problems) summited West Twin at 6:05 PM. We came up via the ridge and East Twin. On the way down we traversed the north face of East Twin (not recommended) and I got back in time to take the 7:00 tram ride down but since my hiking partners were not back yet I waited for the 7:30 tram. When they got there a micro burst hit the top of the mountain and we waited it out in the tram which turned out to be the last tram of the day.


merrell - Jun 27, 2007 12:25 pm Date Climbed: Jun 25, 2007

Route Climbed: Gad Valley Gulch to White Pine Ridge  Sucess!

Awesome views in all directions, but smokey because of fires in Utah County. We could smell the smoke as it seemed to be blowing directly at Red Top. Knife edge on decent to the east was fun, but loose stuff at top of east peak was very unpleasant.


Moogie737 - Apr 24, 2007 10:10 pm Date Climbed: Jun 26, 2024

Various routes  Sucess!

First climbed these peaks on 10-11-03. #4 04-24-07 W/ Walt, Dave, Lana, Christine, and Kim. My 4th ascent of these towering giants which overlook Snowbird Ski Resort was my 2nd winter ascent. Thanks to Lana for excellent support and stamina. We attained the northern part of the ridge west of Gad Valley, then followed the ridge to the west twin and the east twin and then down to the low point on the gnarly spine which leads to Hidden Peak. A few spots were dicey. From there a cautious descent to the Road to Provo and back up to the tram for a respite from the swirling winds. Without crampons we would never have made it. TH to tram was @ 7 hrs. #5 on 5-20-08 with a 3:30 a.m. Gad valley start under a full moon slowly sinking in the southwestern sky. No wind (!) on the west summit. Had to hike down since the tram was not operational. Back to the car in 6+40 total time. Thanks to Dave & Lana. #6 8-5-08 w/ Brent, Lana & Dave. Our ridge run included Red Baldy and Haystack and the peak south from the east A.F. Twin Peak. Perfect day. #7 5-5-09 to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Ole! With Dave - booted first two hours, snowshoes to East Twin Peak, crampons down. Traversed the entire knife-edge spine on awesome if not scary corniced rock ridges. 4+00 to East Twin Peak. #8 5-15-10 W/ Walt. Heavy soft snow. Of course we bagged Haystack before the twins; 4+33 to west Twin. Boots to 9,400', then crampons. 2+40 back to White Pine TH. Gorgeous day. #9 6-22-10 W/ Dave. Part of reverse Bullion Divide from White Pine TH to White Baldy, Red Baldy, Haystack, the Twins and over to Hidden Peak & the welcome tram ride down. Crampons from Maybird bridge to just below White Baldy summit, then scrambling mixed with snow ridges, even on the knife-edge to Hidden Peak. Great day. 9+ hrs to tram. #10 on 10-2-10 w/ Brent & Jans from White Pine TH to saddle s of Haystack, then Haystack and the twins. Scurried across the knife-edge to Hidden Peak and took the tram down to a waiting Oktoberfest with oompah music at Snowbird resort. Perfect fall weather. #11 on 1-11-11 (!) w/ Dave & ZeeJay. 4+28 up, very cold, had to don crampons half way up the west side of Haystack (Red Top). 2+28 down via nw ridge of Haystack. #12 6-7-11 W/ Dave (& Brian & Christine on skis) from the Bird via the Pipeline Chute. Steeep! #13 7-10-12 W/ Brent. Part of reverse Bullion Divide as far as Hidden Peak. 0+50 from East AF peak to Hidden Peak. #14 & #15 7-9-13, 7-11-13 on nice weather days from White Pine TH over Red Top and on to Hidden, Mt. Baldy (& Sugarload on the 9th) and then ride tram down - the only way to go down! #16 7-21-17 W/ Dave, Brent & Lana. WP Th, Red Baldy, Red Top Mtn, here, then via the Spine to catch the tram down. Quite the day. #17 7-24-17 W/ Lana. First to Hidden Pk, then the spine to the summits, back over the spine to catch the tram down. #18 8-12-17 w/ Brent & Lana from Snowbird via Hidden Pk and the spine. #19 6-22-18 w/ Lana & Broc. Part of Bullion Divide from Red Baldy to Hidden Peak. Breezy but nice. From WP TH. #20 05-26-2020 W/ Lana and Carol Masheter. Tour de Snowbird. From Creekside at base of Gadzoom lift, crampons all the way to just below AF Twin East and over to the AF Twin West, Haystack and down the White Pine Ridge to Bananas ski run and down. Epic day. #21 07-06-2020 W/ Lana. Hiked from Level 2 parking at Snowbird, HP, spine, Twins, spine, HP, Baldy and back to ride tram down. #22 07-10-2020 Solo, just like 07-06 hike. 2+53 up. #23 07-15-2020 Just like on the 10th but this time with Lana again. #24 08-17-20 Just like July 15th and with Lana. #25 07-05-21 W/ Lana. From White Pine TH to Red Baldy then ridge over Red Top to Twins and spine to Hidden. Gorgeous day. #26 09-03-21 W/ Lana & Brent from Silver Flat Reservoir TH. The 4WD road to locked gate, then ridgeline to the Bastard and both of the AF Twin peaks. #27 08-01-22 W/Lana. HP, spine to AF Twins, spine back to HP and Baldy yo-yo. #28 07-19-23 W/Lana. 6+45 total. Tram down. #29 06-26-24 W/Lana. From Silver Flat w/ Geek Peak first. Peaks #49 & #50 in the 80in80 project. Weather threatened but we stayed dry on a 13-mile day with over 4,700' of elevation gain. Swimming in Silver Lake to cool off.


weeds19 - Mar 2, 2007 7:29 pm Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2004

Nearly Complete  Sucess!

My wife and I hiked this one from Snowbird and took the tram down. The ridge line definitely looks worse than it actually is. We enjoyed the hike and the great views. This summit put us one peak away from completing the UT county highpoints.


soccerman - Dec 26, 2006 6:33 pm Date Climbed: Jul 22, 2006

Very fun short hike  Sucess!

I went up the tram with my family and My dad, two brothers and I began to hike over to these peaks along the ridgeline. My younger brother and dad turned back after a little because the ridgeline was a little much for them.


Outdoorpartner - Oct 5, 2006 6:12 am Date Climbed: Jul 16, 2005

Harder than I thought  Sucess!

I was intimidated in a few spots, but we made it in time to see a fire burning in the distance!

Dennis Poulin

Dennis Poulin - Aug 28, 2006 8:03 pm Date Climbed: Aug 19, 2006

Tram Ride  Sucess!

Dean and I rode the tram up and then hiked over to American Fork Twin Peak. We bypassed most of the ridge line both coming and going.


Dean - Aug 26, 2006 4:42 pm Date Climbed: Aug 19, 2006

Northeast Ridge variation via Mineral Basin  Sucess!

Instead of going right at the ridgeline (where I had a nasty accident last year), Dennis and I went up to the black rock part of the ridge from a steep slope from Mineral Basin. We met 5 guys coming down who had traversed over from White Pine Lake as we ascended up the spine of East Twin. It was nice to get this one off of my back and I enjoyed the tremendous views from the West Twins summit. Awesome. My TR is HERE


eric9262 - Aug 23, 2006 8:52 pm Date Climbed: Jul 31, 2006

Planes, Trams, and Ridges  Sucess!

Flew in from Atlanta and grabbed the tram up to Hidden Peak. The weather was troublesome for me (being a flatlander) but the sun shone when I hit both Twins. Was tempted by Red Stack but the weather and the fact that this was my "acclimatization day" sent me scree skiing down. Spooked PellucidWombat's goat at the very top of Pipeline Couloir. Nice day.


climbingchic - Aug 22, 2006 10:08 pm Date Climbed: Aug 12, 2006

an easy major peak to climb  Sucess!

A nice peak I've been on time and time again. I think I've been able to hike this peak every year for several years now. Didnt feel so good on my descent but the ascent wasnt bad. made it in 3 hours from cecret lake.

J Anderson

J Anderson - Aug 12, 2006 3:38 am Date Climbed: Aug 5, 2006

One of the best  Sucess!

This was probably the best part of my trip along the Bullion Divide. I wasn't too tired and it felt great to stand on top of the world.

Jeremy Franchow

Jeremy Franchow - Aug 4, 2006 10:23 pm

Route climbed: via White Pine Fork  Sucess!

Date climbed: Sept 2002. Blizzard on top. Summitted Red Top Mtn. on the way. Saw two moose sitting next to a pond on the descent back into White Pine. Fun!


dillweed - Jun 30, 2006 5:56 am

one of my first high peaks  Sucess!

hiked it with the Boy Scouts for that day when you flash mirrors to other peaks (I forget the name). Came up the mining road above Silver Lake Res. and camped above 10,000 ft. Fun trip with awesome views.


JLarsen - Apr 29, 2006 6:11 am Date Climbed: Jul 28, 2005

Route climbed: East Ridge via Snowbird  Sucess!

A fun way up, If you have had sleep and food before you go. It is a fun 3rd class ridge before you get to the steep section to the summit.


hiker100 - Mar 23, 2006 11:04 pm Date Climbed: Aug 20, 2005

AF TWin Peaks via Silver Lake  Sucess!

Started at Silver Lake in AF hiked up to the saddle between red baldy and white baldy. Went up and over red baldy then down and up red top and then to twin peaks.

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