Aqueduct (Normal) Route

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Cordillera Real, Bolivia, South America
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Basic Snow/Glacier Climb
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Most of a day
F; Class 2

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Aqueduct (Normal) Route
Created On: Oct 17, 2005
Last Edited On: Oct 17, 2005


From Laguna Zongo, start hiking on the Aqueduct at the Hydroelectric plant. Hike on the Aqueduct for 2-2.5 miles. You will begin hiking east on the Aqueduct. It then turns southeast, before heading due east again. A major gully is encountered as it bears east again, and a stream crosses the aqueduct here. The aqueduct then makes several turns and bends before you arrive at the second major gully. The second (correct) stream crosses the aqueduct here. The aqueduct will start bearing north/northeast shortly after this also.

If you pass or reach any lakes along the Aqueduct, or if you start traveling north along the aqueduct, you went too far. Turn around and find the gully that leads to Charquini.

Route Description

The route is fairly straight forward. After determining you have reached the second stream crossing at the second main gully, leave the aqueduct and start hiking south/southeast up the slope towards Charquini. Hiking south up the slope, you will reach Charquini's glacier in about a 1/2 to 3/4 mile or so. After accessing the glacier, hike up towards a saddle on the glacier. The peak on the right (west) is the summit. At the saddle, head right (west). You'll get off the glacier and it's about a 30-40 minute rock scramble to get to the summit. There are two summit blocks. Both have cairns on them, and both seem to be of equal height.

Essential Gear

Ice Axe and crampons. While crevasses are not problematic and are very small on Charquini, we brought a rope and our glacier gear to practice glacier travel skills.

Miscellaneous Info

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Aqueduct (Normal) Route

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