Blauspitze Eastridge

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Austria, Europe
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Half a day
1-4 UIAA

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Blauspitze Eastridge
Created On: May 22, 2006
Last Edited On: Jul 22, 2006


The Eastridge of the blauspitze is a very nice climbingridge. It changes from easy rockscrambling till 4 UIAA rockclimbing. The ridge is very good reachable and you will have great views around from this ridge. The rock on this ridge is very nice and solid and in good weather it is a very save climb. On the ridge are a lot of "Theniushooks". you can use this hooks for belay. On the easy parts these hooks are very good for a running belay.
Because of this hooks the route is very easy to follow. You can climb the blauspitze from the city of Kals in one day.

Getting There

You get to Kals via the Felbertauern-Road:
- from north via Kitzbühel - Mittersill - Matrei (Matrei in Osttirol, n o t Matrei am Brenner!). There is a fee of € 10,00 for crossing the Felbertauern tunnel

From Huben a road leads to Kals.

You can get there very good by bus, From Kitzbuhel if you come by train , you change bus in Matrei.

From the city of Kals am Grossglockner you can walk op to or using the cable car to Restaurant blauspitze. Using the cablecar wil make a difference of a 2 hours.

From the restaurant you follow the path and signs in the NE-direction to the start of the Eastridge.

Route Description

From the start of the ridge you go up by easy rocks (1-2UIAA). You follow the ridge up to a steep and small part (3+). This is the first part were you really have to use a belay. After this part a small easy part wil lead you to the most difficult part, a "finger" in the ridge(4). If you want you can skip this finger by going around it. Over the finger you follow a easy part on top of the ridge.(2-) Then you come to the last two parts were you realy have to climb.(3to3-). I you have this parts done its just easy going up to the summit(2+).

for more detailed info you can use this topo:

Topo Eastridge

From the summit you can go down to the Cablecar or al the way down to the city of Kals by the normal route.

Essential Gear

Good mountain or climbing shoes, rope, helmet(this is not very needed), climbinghearnes, some slinges and carabiners. Rainclothes, anought drink and food for a day.

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