Bojin Kuk from Milovac

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 44.34280°N / 15.40830°E
Route Type: Hike, Rock Climbing
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Walk-up, summit climb I-II on UIAA scale

About Route

This is a normal and shortest Bojinac approach. It begins in Milovac, 2km behind Starigrad Paklenica in Rijeka direction. From the main road it is some 500m uphill to the center of Milovac, which is small village just above the coast of Velebit. On the small ‘square’ there is room for few cars. Rock, rock and more rock is main characteristic of lower half of the route. Upper half is not too much different, it is just that all the rock is partially covered with various trees like pines, hornbeams, ashes and oaks. Above 850m beech is predominant tree. Route is very hot in the summer so it is better to start as early as possible. Best is at dawn because at this time of year Sun is rising on NE which is behind Velebit so Milovac ascent is in shade over an hour after sunrise.

Milovac – Veliki Vaganac – Bojin Kuk: 3h

Behind last houses path begins to ascent steeply. Around is only rock with some bushes, no shade at all. After some 20mins you reach first step of the lower half of the route. Till the pass at half way point there several such steps. View towards Velebit channel and Ravni Kotari county behind expands all the time. Soon you see islands of Zadar archipelagos further behind. After some 1.15h from Milovac you are on the pass at 550m where is tiny chapel.

One more look towards the sea before continuing because it won’t be visible during next 1.15h. Behind the chapel there is a slight climb behind which you enter somewhat different world. Suddenly there is much more greenery as you enter Veliki Vaganac (570m) field, one of many such on the seaboard slope of Velebit, 10mins from the pass, where is junction. Straight is towards Veliko Rujno while you turn left.

Path gradually ascends over mixed rocky and grassy slopes with rare trees behind the cliffs of Bojinac group. On the left is Zlibati Kuk (799m) while in front is nameless cliff (860m). After 30mins path reaches beautiful meadow surrounded with white cliffs called Milovacke Krcevine. Here you have first real taste of beauty which lies ahead.

Path continues to ascent below the smooth cliffs of nameless peak and in 15mins reaches the panoramic pass where it turns left and enters the beech forest which is sudden change of scenery. Through nice beech forest it is 10mins to the edge of large basin below Bojin Kuk where beautiful view opens towards fantastic scenery. Bottom of the basin is covered with soft green meadows. Around are nice groves while whole basin is surrounded with white cliffs of various shapes. In front is Bojin Kuk which dominates above it all. At the bottom is most bizarre of all cliffs, Jagin Kuk, which looks like penis and testicles :-)

From this panoramic spot path descents shortly to the bottom of the basin and reaches the foot of Jagin Kuk. Here is junction where one variation heads towards left and Bojin Kuk via Prljugovac meadow and Krilati Kuk (950m). After some 50mins it joins normal route at the panoramic spot where climbing section towards Bojin Kuk begins. Just behind this is another junction where another marked path goes left towards the water source, some 5mins away.

Over the meadows you continue straight and soon reach the foot of Bojin Kuk (10mins from panoramic point) where steep climbs begins. Use of hands is frequents as you scramble over the fallen boulders and hold on to thin trees. After 10mins of climbing you are at triple junction where is right towards Veliko Rujno via Veliki Dolac (1h), straight is to cave refuge (5mins) while you turn left, sign points ‘Zliba’ direction. This is the point where circle around Bojin Kuk begins and ends. If you are doing highly recommended descent via Veliko Rujno you won’t later pass by the cave refuge so if you want to see it go there now and return to this junction.

Immediately behind the junction you are out of the trees where beautiful view opens. Below is basin from which you came while behind cliffs which surround it is sea. Right above towers Bojin Kuk which from here reminds of Devils Tower in US. Over the boulders path reaches steep gully between Bojin Kuk and neighboring cliff, turns right and ascends steeply some 6mins to the rocky plateau where is junction. Straight is continuation of Bojin Kuk circle where path descends to Gornji Veliki Dolac meadows. Down there begins easier Bojin Kuk climb and you will descend there. Those that don’t like climbing ascend that way. Right is tougher variation to the summit of Bojin Kuk. But before that go left to the panoramic rocky head (1min) from which is breathtaking view towards sea and Velebit.

From the junction climb immediately begins. Terrain of quite smooth rock is exposed so care is needed for those that don’t have experience. Little bit above there are few pegs to help because there isn’t much holding point in smooth rock. This is tricky part. Above it marks turn right and with help of several pegs you reach a descending ridge. Around it path turns left into steep gully and continues to climb to the pass between main and smaller head. Once there it is close to the summit towards right. Climb lasts 20-30mins with wide views.

Note: highly recommended way to visit Bojinac group, if you are doing from the coast, is to ascent this way and descent via Veliko Rujno. If you don’t have time for that or still would like to return same way at least do the circle around Bojin Kuk. So, for further going see Bojin Kuk from Veliko Rujno route.

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