Breithorn range Climber's Log

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Mister White

Mister White - Jun 10, 2003 12:21 pm

Route Climbed: Normal route Date Climbed: 3 juli 1999  Sucess!

We had beautiful weather and a tremendous view.

My first 4000'er. The climbing is easy, but fun in these perfect conditions.

sgudmann - May 19, 2003 1:22 pm

Route Climbed: From Klein Matterhorn, on ridge east west Date Climbed: March 2002  Sucess!

Nice view, but no big effort

andre hangaard

andre hangaard - Mar 13, 2003 3:24 pm

Route Climbed: Gandegg-Testa Grigia-Breithorn Date Climbed: 15 August 1999  Sucess!

Doing Breithorn solo. My first 4000.

Long walk from Zermatt to Gandegg and via Testa

Grigia to summit. Snow in the evening followed by beautiful day. Windy though. First on summit.


buxlex - Oct 27, 2002 6:54 am

Route Climbed: South face, then E ridge Date Climbed: 31 march 2000  Sucess!

With skis. What a great descent on south face! Unfortunately it ends immediately ...

Probemeister - Oct 9, 2002 5:05 am

Route Climbed: Normal route from Gandegg Hut, we walked all the way from Zermatt Date Climbed: July 1999  Sucess!

It's a long way if you walk all the way from Zermatt!


Chandra - Sep 21, 2002 11:33 am Date Climbed: Jul 29, 1997

Too corwded, but anyway, I love it!!  Sucess!

My first 4000 metre peak. What a feeling! Until today 9 times on top, last ascent in August 2010.


JoPo - Sep 17, 2002 11:13 am

Route Climbed: from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: 6. August 2002  Sucess!

Bad weather forced us to do a not very demanding tour. Nevertheless for a short period, exactly when we reached the summit, clouds disappeared and we had a nice view.

Fred Spicker

Fred Spicker - Aug 25, 2002 7:10 pm

Route Climbed: SW Flank - from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: 12 July 1989  Sucess!

Climbed with Monica & Tanya Spicker. Tanya 8 years old - her first 4000 m. peak.


FredO - Aug 23, 2002 2:19 pm

Route Climbed: Normalroute from Station Klein Matterhorn. Date Climbed: July 7, 2002  Sucess!

The Breithorn is commonly regarded as the easiest 4000er in the Alps and probably also the most climbed one. Knowing this, it is not really a surprise to us, that standing outside the station on Kleine Matterhorn, we can see a multitude of cordees, marching in rows like disciplinary ants towards the summit of the Breithorn. The mountain looks almost as Zermatt's main shopping street with all those tourists... and today I will be one of them... hmmm...I never really thought of myself being a tourist...


Moni - Aug 13, 2002 7:58 am

Route Climbed: S Flank Date Climbed: 12 Jul 1989  Sucess!

Our daughter's first 4000 m peak at the age of 8 (almost 9). Climbed with husband Fred Spicker.

Enrico iammaria

Enrico iammaria - Jul 25, 2002 8:14 am

Route Climbed: Normal route from Guide del Cervino Date Climbed: Aug 16,2001  Sucess!

Fast and beauty climb from refuge to top of West Breithorn and Central Breithorn: AD- the west ridge of East Breithorn.The snow is good.


Rockhopper - Jul 23, 2002 2:03 am

Route Climbed: Normal route from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: July 20, 2002  Sucess!

The clear blue sky looked very promising as we took the cable car to Klein Matterhorn. We enjoyed the view while ascending the Breithorn. But about 100 meters below the summit the weather conditions changed. A strong wind was blowing snow in our face limiting visiblity to only a few meters. The photo we took on the summit could have been taken anywhere in the world. But the bad weather gave an extra glance to an otherwise easy ascent.


Frankie - Jul 22, 2002 5:08 am

Route Climbed: normal route from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: 05.07.2002  Sucess!

It was a very fine climb for acclimatisation and training. We had a nice view.

Climbing Dutchman

Climbing Dutchman - Feb 17, 2002 2:29 am

Route Climbed: Normal route from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: 01-08-2001  Sucess!

We took the cable to Klein Matterhorn at 5:15 AM and were on the summit very early. The climb is easy and the view at the summit is spectacular.

On sunny days the route is very crowded and it can be really hot, starting early is the best thing to do.


schadik - Nov 24, 2001 12:19 pm

Route Climbed: normal route from klien matterhorn Date Climbed: 1999  Sucess!

Great little peak to start of a week of 4000ers around the Monte Rosa massif.

Tom Fralich

Tom Fralich - Sep 15, 2001 12:46 pm Date Climbed: Jul 21, 2001

Multiple Routes  Sucess!

Normal Route from Klein Matterhorn -- July 21, 2001 -- After summitting Monte Rosa the day before, I decided to try and sqeeze in one last climb before returning to the US. I was told by several climbers that the Breithorn is an easy solo, so I headed up to the Klein Matterhorn in one of the first cable cars of the morning. There were a ton of skiers heading up as well. When I got came out of the tunnel from the Klein Matterhorn, the route looked pretty ease, but some ominous looking clouds were starting to roll in, so I decided to head up as quickly as possible. Being well acclimatized from my climb on Monte Rosa, I was able to climb quite quickly and passed several guided groups (sometimes as many as 8 on a rope). I reached the summit just in time to see 3 climbers topping out on the north face, a much more formidable climb than I had undertaken. I took some photos from the summit, but views weren't that great due to the building clouds. While I was on the summit, a guy in black tights and tennis shoes showed up. He had no ice axe or crampons, only two ski poles. Admittedly, the Breithorn is an easy climb but that seemed downright foolish. I watched as he headed down, struggling to control his speed. Soon I headed down as well, passing huge crowds still on their way up. After some cable car problems on the way down, I made it back to Zermatt and ran to catch a train to Frankfurt for my flight home.

Half Traverse -- July 16, 2010 -- Stopped by Zermatt on my European road trip with Mary and did the very popular half traverse. It was Mary's first time on an alpine route of this type and she had a bit of a hard time with the exposure. We made good time, completing the traverse in about 6 hrs. The climbing on the rock section was outstanding.


JScoles - Sep 6, 2001 12:15 pm

Route Climbed: From hotel Schwarzsee up the ski slopes to the KlienMatterhone then the standard route from there Date Climbed: June 25 2001  Sucess!

Great little summit. Most likely the most accessable climbed 4k I have ever seen. The day I was there a guide took two 75 year olds up with out any problem at all.

Must say it was the best skying in 20 years or if you are like me the worst climbing in 30. There was a full winter load of snow on top with 30cm the night before (skiers where in heaven) But it was warm 20+ and not a flicker of wind. It was like walking in mud on the way down very sticky snow.

Left the Hotel at 03:30 and made it to the Kline by 09:00 to team up with the large mob of climbers doing it that day and was on top by 11:00. Had fun Glazeing all the way back down to the hotel. Took only 2 hours.

john burton - Jul 9, 2001 1:42 pm

Route Climbed: from Kleine Matterhorn station Date Climbed: july2000  Sucess!

Very easy acclimatisation route with spectacular views. Well worth going up.

Oyvind Lind Petersen

Oyvind Lind Petersen - Apr 13, 2001 6:03 am

Route Climbed: From Trockener Steg 2900 m over Kleine Matterhorn. Date Climbed: July '97 and July '99.  Sucess!

Nice and easy acclimatization. Breithorn look dead-frightful from the north, and like a sleeping child from Kleine Matterhorn and the south.

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