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shachar00 - Jul 18, 2004 10:38 am

Route Climbed: Western-Central traverse from Klein Mat. Date Climbed: July, 2004  Sucess!

An easy summit to start a climbing vacation with. Fantastic views of both Matterhorn and Mont-Blanc for some inspirations.

Climbed with Boris Gurfinkel. - May 11, 2004 11:15 am

Route Climbed: normal from plateu rosa' Date Climbed: july 2002  Sucess!

just walk,but nice panorama

maria grazia s

maria grazia s - Apr 10, 2004 12:41 pm

Route Climbed: normal from the Plateau Rosa' Date Climbed: a few times  Sucess!

ski mountanering


marco979 - Mar 31, 2004 9:36 am

Route Climbed: From Plateau Rosà Date Climbed: July, 1999  Sucess!

With two my friends (majo and Fabio). Nice ascient!

Mathias Zehring

Mathias Zehring - Mar 29, 2004 4:00 pm

Route Climbed: normal and traverse to Breithorn middle Date Climbed: August 7th 2000  Sucess!

we started a one-week-trip through the Monte Rosa Group with the Breithorn standard route (after we had slept at Gandegg hut for acclimatization). Very busy on the track... We followed the exposed ridge to Breithorn middle and descended to the track to go on to Guide Ayas hut.


pmakela - Feb 18, 2004 11:16 am

Route Climbed: SW-Ridge Date Climbed: 31.07.2002  Sucess!



Eelconl - Feb 16, 2004 1:50 pm

Route Climbed: Normal from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: twice 2000 and 2002  Sucess!

Nice acclimatization. I tried it the second time to do the hole ridge to Nordend. Bad weather turned us around.


siroco - Jan 9, 2004 11:30 am

Route Climbed: Normal Route Date Climbed: 25 décembre 2003  Sucess!

Très beau panorama au sommet.

Pierre smetsers

Pierre smetsers - Oct 6, 2003 5:34 am

Route Climbed: normaal route Date Climbed: 14th july 2001  Sucess!

My First but not my last


fabrizior - Oct 1, 2003 4:47 pm

Route Climbed: Normal from Plateau Rosa Date Climbed: 20 April 1968  Sucess!

Ski-mountaineering from Cervinia/Plateau Rosa on summit of Breithorn and Klein Matterhorn ( before the construction of cable car).

Jim Clarke

Jim Clarke - Oct 1, 2003 10:08 am

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: August 23 2003  Sucess!

A kinda boring snow slog but a nice way to acclimatize...bring the AT gear and make some laps!

Samuli Mansikka

Samuli Mansikka - Aug 31, 2003 2:07 pm

Route Climbed: Normal route Date Climbed: 8th august 2003  Sucess!

Climbed this to acclimatize ourselves and took the fastest way up. Nice views though and it didn't take many hours the round trip!


jsurinx - Aug 29, 2003 5:48 am

Route Climbed: SSW-route Date Climbed: 11 Jul 2002  Sucess!

Tim and I started from Klein Matterhorn and we where the first ones on the summit with fresh snow and then we traversed towards the Breithorn Central. Nice view of Matterhorn and Monta Rosa.

Rahel Maria Liu

Rahel Maria Liu - Aug 25, 2003 4:55 pm

Route Climbed: Normal route Date Climbed: July 26th, 2003  Sucess!

This was the first day of my summer holidays in the mountains. This trip was just for acclimatisation and enjoying the panorama of the Walliser Mountains: the summits of Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, Castor, Pollux, Lyskamm and others.


Chandra - Aug 21, 2003 4:31 am

Route Climbed: normal from Petit Cervin Date Climbed: August 19th, 2003  Sucess!

2nd time on Breithorn, I love this mountain like no other, it was my first 4000er, but taking care of and passing all those hundreds of sucking pilgrim fathers up there is really horrible, poore mountain. The summitview offered by this great mountain is one of the very best.

jparker - Jul 29, 2003 7:49 pm

Route Climbed: Normal traverse from Klein Matterhorn Date Climbed: July 16, 2003  Sucess!

Good weather that turned to near whiteout. Followed tracks back down the glacier. Nice exposure on the ridge!


mpa - Jul 29, 2003 4:17 am Date Climbed: Aug 12, 2002

Normal route  Sucess!

Starting at 'Refugio Teodulo' with half a meter of new snow, very windy day. My first 4000m peak.

Pontius - Jul 22, 2003 10:06 am

Route Climbed: Normal route from Klein Matterhorn Station Date Climbed: 13th July 2003  Sucess!

Straightforward peak - good for acclimatisation - beware crevasses - still plenty of people unroped waiting to be an accident!

Tremendous view of surrounding peaks.

estura - Jul 7, 2003 12:56 am

Route Climbed: Normal route Date Climbed: 5 july 2003  Sucess!

Summited the Breithorn for the third time in my life. I was with my wife for her first 4000m. Wonderful weather, a bit windy on the top. For the first time I saw a few crevasses on the route, but they do not create any problem. A few people still with ski, including a friend of mine who fell to the hip in a crevasse during his descent.

Enrico iammaria

Enrico iammaria - Jun 25, 2003 2:34 am

Route Climbed: Route from Finestra del Breithorn Date Climbed: June 22, 2003  Sucess!

Attention! Danger of avalance for higt temperature on the south ridge! Many crevasses!

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