Burrone-Canyon / Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-Giovanelli

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Burrone-Canyon / Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-Giovanelli
Created On: Sep 16, 2007
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Standing in Mezzolombardo and looking to the rocks above the river Noce, the steep and unfriendly looking wall seems to provide a lot more fun for climbers than for hikers. In fact a deep gorge is the entrance to a beautiful and impressive canyon walk, the Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-Giovanelli, or in short: The Burrone.
The hidden gorgeThe walls opposite Mezzolombardo

The term „Sentiero attrezzato“, in Italy usually used for Via Ferrate, is a bit misleading. There are some ladders to subdue and some climbing abilities might not be amiss, but for sure-footed hikers this tour is a delight par excellence. Not to mention the breathtaking views into the Etsch valley …

Originally the track was build in 1906 on initiative of Dr. Tullio Giovanelli, only the ladders at the entry are of a recent date.

Getting there

The trailhead is a picnic area west of Mezzocorona, just below the ruins of Castello Gottardo. Mezzocorona is situated at the A22 from Meran to Trento at the exit San Michele all’Adige/Mezzocorona, 18 kilometres north of Trento. Coming from the motorway you drive through San Michele all’Adige in direction Nonstal (Nons Valley). Just in front of the bridge over the river Noce you turn right and at once left to Mezzocorona. You head into the village and after one or two kilometres you will come to the Piazza. At the upper end of the Piazza you turn left and drive through small and winding streets until you reach a bridge of the river Noce again. Past the bridge a small road branches to the right, which will pass the picnic area after some hundred meters.
Alternatively it is of course possible to park at the Piazza, because this is the place where you will come back from the tour.

Getting up

From the picnic area follow the signs uphill through the forest until you reach a waal. Waals are man-made irrigations plants to irrigate fields and especially alps. Nowadays waals are often dried out and you can hike along or into these canals. As far as I know the Nons Valley has a lot of waals with some interesting hiking routes.
You follow the waal uphill to a waterfall where the first ladders will lead along a steep wall. Above these ladders you will move on a small way at about 200 metres over the valley until you finally reach the entry to the canyon. This part of the tour is showing to the south, so it can be really hot during the ascend.

Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-GiovanelliLooking back to the light
The entrance to Cirith Ungol?The first steps into the canyon
Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-GiovanelliComing to the upper part of the canyon
Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-GiovanelliThe upper part of the canyon
Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-GiovanelliThe waterfall

Now you follow the canyon, climb some short ladders, move along some fixed ropes and cross a flat burn for several times until you reach a atmospheric place at the middle of the canyon, inviting to rest. To the right a large waterfall sparkles. The ongoing way leads to the left where vegetation is growing past the stony canyon. Some light scrambles and a few small ladders later you will finally reach the forest where a steep path is leading uphill in direction Monte. Reaching a large picnic area you will head to the right, where you will come to Monte after about 15 minutes.

Monte ...A look back from Monte

Getting back

Monte is a small village which hasn’t a lot to offer except two hotels. At the other end of the village the way leads to the cable car station. So you have a possibility to descend easy and comfortable – as long as the cable car is driving, since in the afternoon there is a break for several hours … SP-member schmid_th ensured me that the drive is an adventure for people with strong nerves because the route goes along a almost vertical wall and for a difference in elevation of about 600 meters there are no pylons. Just give it a try … ;o)

Alternatively you can decend on a good way left of the cable car station. This way descends along the wall in many zig-zags for about one hour and will finally reach the Piazza again.
Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-GiovanelliDescending from Monte

From the Piazza follow the signs to Burrone to the right. You will then reach the bridge over the river Noce again where the small road branches of to the right to the picnic area.

Red tape

This is Italy and it is very hot here. For that reason wild camping and free fire in the nature is strictly forbidden in general outside the assigned spots!

Essential gear

With some experience and some foot-sureness there is no need for gear. If you are not sure in ladders and light scrambles a Via Ferrata-set will do since the ladders at the entry are rather high. There is no need for a helmet.

Stairway to heavenThe first ladder of the Canyon

Camping & accomodation

On my map there are no camping areas, but there a quite a lot of hotels and pensions in Mezzocorona, Mezzolombardo, San Michele all’Adige and of course Monte.

Maps & books

Books: Eugen E. Hüsler: Hüslers Klettersteigführer Gardasee, ISBN 3-7654-4250-X

Maps: Kompass 74 – Tramin/Termeno/Cavalese. ISBN 3-85491-084-3

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Burrone-Canyon / Sentiero attrezzato Burrone-Giovanelli

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