Canyon Rim Trail

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Canyon Rim Trail
Created On: Sep 15, 2017
Last Edited On: Sep 15, 2017


Canyon Rim Trail is a 5 mile long trail that goes from Greendale Overlook on Route 44 to Red Canyon Visitor Center. Only the western 1.5 miles of the trail follow the rim of the canyon. The eastern 3.5 miles take you into forests and meadows with no views of the canyon or the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The best views can be had from designated spots at the Visitor Center and near the campground. Trees and bushes may obstruct much of the view along the length of the trail.

Getting There

Greendale Overlook sits on the north side of Route 44 one mile west of the junction of Routes 44 and 191 in Flaming Gorge area.

For Red Canyon Visitor Center, drive 3.5 miles west from the junction of Routes 44 and 191 and turn north onto Forest Road 95. Continue 2.75 miles to the end of the road.

Map & Statistics

The blue line shows my one way hiking path. Click on the blue line to get Terrain Statistics.

Route Description

This is a description of the trail from Greendale Overlook to Red Canyon Visitor Center.

The trail starts at the western end of the overlook.

At Greendale Trailhead
At Greendale Trailhead

You will be hiking in a sparse forest.

Trail in the sparse forest

After crossing Skull Creek and going through a gate, 3.5 miles from Greendale Overlook, you will finally reach the rim of the canyon. Glimpses of the canyon and Flaming Gorge Reservoir may be had through the trees.

Trees obstricting the view

A more open area.

Flaming Gorger Reservoir

Near the campground, you can go to a designated spot for an unobstructed view.

Flaming Gorger Reservoir

Continuing to the Visitor Center, you can find your way to the very edge for more views.

Along the Rim Trail
Along the Rim Trail
Along the Rim Trail
Along the Rim Trail

Red Canyon Visitor Center will have the best views.

From Red Canyon Visitor Center
From Red Canyon Visitor Center
Flaming Gorger Reservoir
From Red Canyon Visitor Center

Red Tape

No fees or permits needed.