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Casa Forestal
Created On: Dec 21, 2006
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Pardarri and GanboaPardarri & Ganboa

Time: 2h 30min
Slope: 400m

This is a frequented itinerary to Ganboa but probably it's not the most popular (it's the route from Larraitz near of Txindoki). Neverless this route need a good sense of orientation in a map. The area after col of desao don't had signals and many maps use the route to Igaratza and Pardelutz (with good signals) to reach the col of Lizaso between Pardarri and Ganboa to climb the peak. If you don't know the area it's the best option but a shortest route exist, a little more difficult to find but with more interest bordering the peak Pardarri from the west or climbing this peak.

Getting There

Map of AralarMap

See the main page. Trailhead: Guardetxe / Casa Forestal de Aralar

Route Description

The begin of the route to the Col of Desao it's the same of route Casa Forestal of Irumugarrieta.

In the col of Desao we had the three normal options:
Ganboa and PardarriGanboa-Pardarri
a) west side of Pardarri : after the little peak Errenaga we descent to a little col and we turn to left following a track near of the hill called Olamuño what it's bordered to left side to reach a little col under the peak Pardarri where the track disappears. In this point we see some marks of red paint in the stones, it's a path to walk into the karst of Pardarri. This is a confuse area and for this reason although it's the shortest itinerary you should not utilize it if are not sure or in days of fog. After the labyrinth we reach a very wide area of green pastures and we leave the path in a great cairn. Out of path we turn to NE in direction to Col of Lizaso. In the col of Lizaso between Pardarri (right) and Ganboa (left) we turn to get the ramp south of Ganboa with a hard slope to reach the summit.

Ramp of entry to PardarriPardarri
b) across Pardarri: it's the nice route in my opinion with this climb in 30 minutes. In the area of Olamuño we leave the track to climb this little peak. We descent to the east side of Pardarri searching some cairn in the hillside east of Pardarri. After a short walk under a rocky wall in left side we reach the entry to the evident green ramp in the middle of the hillside. We turn to NW following the ramp to exit in the summit of Pardarri (1393m). After a little descent in easy path we go to the Col of Lizaso. From there we climb the ramp south of Ganboa to the summit.

Arbelo & IgaratzaIgaratza

c) Igaratza-Pardelutz: we follow the track from Errenaga to exit in the great pastures of Igarataza. The valley go to left side turning little by little leaving the peak Irumugarrieta (a great karts) in right side. The path descent to reach a group of huts, the area of Pardelutz. In this point we turn to left (west) to reach the col of Lizaso and turning to the north the summit of Ganboa.

Essential Gear

Nothing special in summer.
In winter with snow some points had a very hard snow: ramp of Pardarri, entry to Col of Lizaso from Pardelutz, south ramp of Ganboa in the first hours of the morning... the use of crampons it's advisable.

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Casa Forestal

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