Celebrating in Cho Oyu base camp in 1990

In 1990, Jean Troillet, Erhard Loretan, and Voytek Kurtyka set up a new route on the SW face of Cho Oyu alpine style. This was also the year Hungarians first reached the summit. This is in base camp after their successful summit bid. Notice the Russian champagne and the Hungarian Unicum...

Loretan went on to summit all fourteen 8000-metre peaks, third after Messner and Kukuczka. Troillet has summited 10, Kurtyka 5 peaks above 8000 metres.

From left to right:
- Cinó (László Vörös) [HU]
- Konyi (László Várkonyi) [1956-2010] [HU]
- Géza Balog [HU]
- Jean Troillet [CH]
- Erhard Loretan [CH]
- Voytek Kurtyka [PL]
- István Pajor [HU]
- Ákos Koncz [HU]


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