Cirque of Gamueta South

View of South side of Cirque of Gamueta from the entry to the small valley of normal routes with Gorreta de los Gabachos (2272m), Mallo Gorreta (2266m), Anzotiello (2211m), Quimboa Alto (2179m) and Mallo de Paco Gamueta (1994m). The normal route of Gorreta de los Gabachos (F) go to the col of Gamueta (just in left side of the peak in the image). Between Mallo Gorreta and Anzotiello is visible the famous Brecha de Gamueta, point of access to normal route of Mallo Gorreta (P.D.) and between Anzotiello and Mallo de Paco Gamueta is the entry of normal route to Anzotiello (F). Jan 2005.


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