Classical Route from Torrebarrio

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Classical Route from Torrebarrio
Created On: Dec 30, 2005
Last Edited On: May 9, 2007


Just have a look Getting there section to know how to go to the start point.
We´ll start on the mountain village of Torrebarrio (1250 m), on León Province. The village is only some Kms fron San Emiliano (1179 m) the main village on Babia area where you can get accomodation and try the typical food.

Eastwards panorama from the...

Route Description


Initial height: 1250 m
Final height: 2417 m
Difference: 1167 m
Estimated time (go and back): 7 hours

3D route viewGoogle Earth view of the area

We´ll find a trail that starts on the village and goes down towards Peña Ubiña. It takes us East, to the slopes over the villages. Sooner or later we´ll take one of the paths to the col between Peña Ubiña and Peña Ubiña La Pequeña, the col´s name is Collado de el Ronzón (1942 m). The way it´s easy and obvious, we have just go down to the col.
Once near the col we can choose between going to the col or turning left (North) towards one of the South-West corridors of Peña Ubiña (on red).

From Torrebarrio to El Ronzón col1st half route view

Going to the col it´s surely the easy way. Both possibilities will take us not far from the Peña Ubiña S-N ridge.
If you have choose going to the col the way it´s simple and intuitive. Turn left to the N (you´ll see the Easth face slopes of Peña Ubiña, just go down to your right). If there isn´t snow you´ll find a path, just take it. If there is snow remember that our target it´s go down to the right towards the rigde.

The sight of Peña Ubiña from...The route from the col

From El Ronzón ColThe same view with snow

Over 2100 m more or less we´ll started to go over the rigde. As we are going down to the North the rigde becames more narrow and we´ll have to be carefull, specially with wind on the top of the rigde. We´ll get the summit soon just walking along the rigde.

Going up to the rigdeThe slopes over the col

Leaving the South slopesSlopes near the ridge

The ridgeThe ridge

According to my experiences, snow will increase the physical and technical requirements more than 100%. Frozen snow and ice will turn the route quite difficult, with some steps complicated and exposed to cause accidents. Be carefull.

View of the way to the ridgeLandscape from the slopes

The false peakThe false summit

If the weather it´s not good, left the route for another day.

Essential Gear

Take with you warm clothes on winter or snow days (even spring). Crampons and an ice-axe are mandatory.
It´s a good idea carry some water in all conditions, once over the col it´s impossible to find a fountain.

Both sides of the ridge

Another routes

There is a popular route from Tuiza de Arriba at 1230 m (Asturias). It is said to be harder and more difficult. You´ll find a good description on Robin Walker´s book:

Por la Cordillera Cantábrica

Robin Walker
Ediciones Trea
ISBN 84-9704-062-7

Also in English:

Walking in the Cordillera Cantábrica

Robin Walker
ISBN: 1852843632

Another nice route starts from Casa Mieres (1595 m), also crossing El Ronzón col. You´ll find a detailed descrition on the pages of this book:

Guía completa de la montaña asturiana - Picos de Europa y Cordillera Cantábrica
Raimundo González Cuenco
Ediciones Paraiso
ISBN 84-604-3392-7

I´ll enclose here again for its quality two links to the Cristino Torio´s web site:

Link to the Cristino Torio´s page about Peña Ubiña:

Link to the Cristino Torio´s page about ice climbing on Peña Ubiña:

Peña Ubiña North faceNorth face: Ice climbing

Casa Mieres areaCasa Mieres area


Classical Route from Torrebarrio

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