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PROKLETIJE/Montenegro, Montenegro, Europe
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Half a day
Walk-up, T3

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Created On: Jan 15, 2006
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ACCESS: 12 km on the road from Plav to Gusinje, and than 7 km more to Grbaja Valley. This mountain valley is a former glacial riverbed, surrounded by the peaks of Vezirova Brada, Podgoja, Karanfili, Volusnica and Karaula. The route beginning is Dom Grbaja (Grbaja Hut, 1160 m) in Grbaja Valley.

Going to Grbaja Valley Grbaja Hut

Route Description

Classical Route: Dom Grbaja (Grbaja Hut, 1160 m) - Volusnica katun (1680 m)(T3) 1h - Popadija (2057 m)(T3)(42.30 N, 19.45 E) 2h: 3h

Height difference: 899 m
Duration: 3h
Trail: Marked

DESCRIPTION: The marked trail starts at the "Dom Grbaja" (1160 m, Grbaja Hut), near the military watchtower and then through a beech wood to the plateau and Volusnica Katun (1680 m)(shepherd hut) in Dolina Volusnice (Volusnica Valley). It is a glacial cirque and the katun is rich with water. The Volusnica Brook is formed from melting snow and a waterfall, and flows to Grbaja Valley. Near the Volusnica katun markers goes in two directions, one to the left to Volusnica (1879 m) peak and one straightaway to the Popadija (2057 m) peak. Continue your path to Popadija peak, walking on path on steep slopes on right side of Volusnica Valley, going on left side from waterfall, active during spring and summer. After that go to Chafa Pass and via pass to Popadija ridge. Than on the ridge to the summit of Popadija (2057 m).

In Volusnica Valley Belowe the Chafa Pass Popadija climbing Popadija ascent Popadija summit

Essential Gear

Usual mountaineering equipment. If in the winter the snow is hard and frozen take with you crampons and ice axe. That's all what you need for this ascent.

Popadija summit view to Karanfili peaks

Miscellaneous Info

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Classical Route

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