Clouds on Nevado Huarancante

... from the northeast.

I was used to having clear skies in the area, but early in the morning when I wanted to climb this mountain, the summits around me were drifting in and out of the clouds. Pretty unusual at this time of year. Fortunately, things would improve a bit, and a few clouds make better pictures than clear blue skies, right?

By the way, although I had not decided on a route yet, I wasn't planning on a direct assault from this point, less than 2 km northwest of the summit. I would go closer first, have a good look, and take it from there. In the end I made my way up there from the left, that is, along the southeast ridge. In fact, the southeast ridge is hidden by the clouds here - it's easier than what you can still see.

23 May 2011.


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