Collado de Petrechema (normal)

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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Half a day
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5.0 (YDS)

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Collado de Petrechema (normal)
Created On: Jan 5, 2011
Last Edited On: Jan 5, 2011


The normal route goes from Linza to collado de Petrechema but you have three options to reach it (from North to South).

a)-across collado de Linza.
b)-across cabaña de Linza.
c)-across ravine (barranco) of Petrechema and Foyas del ingeniero (it's not advisable in winter after a big snowfall because it has risk of avalanches).

It's important to decide if you want to climb Petrechema after of before Sobarcal / Petragème because you can use two of the routes. In my opinion the best option is climb Petrechema across its west ridge descending to Collado de Petrechema to climb Sobarcal using options b) or c) to return, but if you climbed Petrechema another time the opction c) is an interesting route to climb Sobarcal descending using the option b).

I write option b) because is the easiest and it's not appears in SP.

If you want information about the option c) you can read (peak Acherito):
barranco de Petrechema-collado del Huerto

If you want information about opcion a) you can read (peak Petrechema):
ravine of Petrechema

Getting There

See the main page to approach to Refugio de Linza.

Route Description

We begin walkin to N.E. following the same route to collado de Linza of a lot of peaks as Mesa de los Tres Reyes and Petrechema but after Loma del Sobrante de Linza (1.671m) we see a small hut in right side... it's the Cabaña de Linza, the key of the route. The route to collado de Linza goes to left side but we leave it. After a grassy plain the path appears with paint red and white crossing the karstic area. Little by little, always in East direction, we reach the collado de Petrechema of Puerto de Ansó (2.084m) between Sobarcal / Petragème and Petrechema.

We turn to right side walking across the scree to reach the small shoulder (2.176m) at west (right) of the summit. We turn to left entering to the small aiguille of the summit. It's a nice an easy rock-climb (F) a little exposed to reach the impressive summit. The landscape with the beautiful aiguilles d'Ansabère is one of the best of the area. Enjoy it!

Essential Gear

It's necessary the use of crampons and ice-axe on Winter and Spring.

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Collado de Petrechema (normal)

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