Comanche Peak, Point 12,716, and Fall Mountain

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Colorado, United States, North America
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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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A long day
Class 2

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Comanche Peak, Point 12,716, and Fall Mountain
Created On: Aug 8, 2010
Last Edited On: Aug 8, 2010


Fall Mountain and Comanche PeakFall Mountain and Comanche Peak from Sugarloaf Mountain.

This link-up combines Comanche Peak, Point 12,716, and Fall Mountain into one outing.

Getting There

Start at the Emmaline Lake/Mummy Pass Trailhead.

Route Description

Stats: Class 2, 16.6 miles (round trip), 4753 feet of elevation gain.

From the Emmaline Lake/Mummy Pass Trailhead, head southwest on the Emmaline Lake/Mummy Pass Trail. This early section of the trail will pass through a young forest courtesy of the 1994 'Hourglass Fire'. Continue on the trail until reaching an elevation of 9,560 feet where the Mummy Pass Trail forks off to the left (south) and the Emmaline Lake Trail continues to the southwest. At 9,760 feet you will reach Cirque Meadows which will provide a preview of the upcoming cirque. Fall Mountain will be visible from here.

Continue on the trail which bypasses marshy Cirque Meadows to the north. Continue heading west-southwest on the trail until it starts to fade to occassional cairns at around 10,700 feet, eventually reaching beautiful Cirque Lake. From Cirque Lake head north to equally beautiful Emmaline Lake. Although you are outside of Rocky Mountain National Park at this point, this area is comparible to the most beautiful areas in the Park.

From Emmaline Lake head northwest up through the boulder-strewn drainage that leads from the southeast slopes of Comanche Peak to Emmaline Lake. At 11,600 feet head up to the 12,560 foot ridge northeast of Comanche Peak. From here, head southwest to Comanche Peak. Comanche Peak consists of three summits, with the southwest summit being the highest.

From the southwest summit of Comanche Peak, traverse northwest to the summit of Point 12,716. From Point 12,716, head southeast, skirting Comanche Peak to the south. Traverse along the top of the cirque all of the way to Fall Mountain. From Fall Mountain head east, up and over the unnamed summit 0.4 miles to the east. From that summit descend to the northeast to the Mummy Pass Trail, and then take the Mummy Pass Trail back to the junction with the Emmaline Lake Trail. Take the Emmaline Lake/Mummy Pass Trail back to the trailhead.

Trail Profile and Map

The trail color represents the class of that portion of the trail.

Green = Class 1
Blue = Class 2

Trail Profile

The vertical unit is feet, and the horizontal unit is miles.
Trail profile of Comanche Peak, Point 12,716, and Fall Mountain

Comanche Peak, Point 12,716, and Fall Mountain from the Emmaline Lake/Mummy Pass TrailheadComanche Peak, Point 12,716, and Fall Mountain from the Emmaline Lake/Mummy Pass Trailhead.