Crossing Valletta/P. di Pian Bessey

Crossing Valletta/P. di Pian Bessey "Hazy Emilius" 2004

Punta di Pian Bessey Traverse from Punta della Valletta (3090m) to Punta di Pian Bessey (3085m) The "Via Ferrata" & S-SW Spur. In background: Carrel Hill (2912m) Jag 3150 metres, Mont Ròss de Comboé (3301m), Little Emilius (3342m), Monte Emilius (3559m), Three Capuchins Pass (3242m) and Arbolle Pass (3154m). The latter two hemi occulted. In foreground: Ròss Pass i>(3091m), Punte del Lago Gelato i>(3115m), Col de Comboè (3014m) and Trident de Comboé (NE about 3083m, Central about 3070/2m, SW 3057m). August 29th, 2004 Photo by emilius
on Nov 21, 2014 5:32 am
Image Type(s): Alpine Climbing
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