Davo Karnicar

Davo Karnicar

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Davo is dead

Davo Karnicar
Davo Karnicar

Yesterday, on September 16th, 2019, Davo Krničar died in a working accident. Cutting a taller tree, it broke and fell on him. He left 8 children.

When once asked "what's the hardest thing when you go on a dangerous expedition", he answered: "to look into my children's eyes, telling them where I go".

Rest in peace, Davo!

Davo is a legend

Davo is a man who first skied down from the summit of Mont Everest. In 2000, without interruption, without abseiling, not even being roped, just in one shot down to the base camp. Starting the ascent, he simply said:

"the hill is here,
the will is here,
so, let's go."

Extreme skiing requires you don't do a mistake. Never. And Davo never did it. Skiing down Everest, Annapurna, all 7 summits, Eiger, Matterhorn and many other mountains around the globe and at home. Completing more than 1800 difficult tours, climbing (like soloing Bonatti Pillar in Dru) and extreme skiing.

You may have a chance only 1% to die on such a tour (I'd say, skiing one one of the mountains above, it's more), but if you repeat it again and again, the chance to survive goes down towards zero, never reaching zero, of course. 50 such tours, it's already a 40% chance to die, 100 such tours, it's 63%, 200 tours, it's 87% and 500 tours, it's 99% chance to die. Davo never had a mountaineering accident. Only one fatal, when cutting a tree.

He was the best extreme skier in the world. In 2017 we all believed that he can at the age of 55 succeed skiing down also K2 - again by fair means, of course. Back injury and poor weather prevented that. People who knew him, can prove that he was able to ski down up to 70 degrees steep slope with a centimeter precision - to avoid rocks and other traps. If you don't believe, do open some of the links below.

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