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K.W.Lanning - Oct 8, 2019 9:11 pm

Nice views. starting to get Icy  Sucess!

Relatively, easy class 2 all the way up. Pay attention to the original instructions, I was one of the dummies that got sucked into climbing the heavily overgrown slab, when there was an very easy, albeit slightly hidden footpath that takes you easily around to the beginning of the scramble. The day of my climb was the first dusting of the year so there was snow present. Rocks a thin ice on the flat surfaces. I regret not roping up on the short class four section on the southern face. I made short work over this section, going up but the Ice made for a sketchy descent. Overall fun short climb great views


cascadescrambler - Aug 29, 2019 11:03 am Date Climbed: Jul 11, 1987

Eagle and Chutla  Sucess!

From the saddle

Snidely Whiplash

Snidely Whiplash - Nov 11, 2013 3:44 pm Date Climbed: May 22, 1993

Cloudy  Sucess!

So cloudy, maybe we didn't make it to the summit.

Dan Winter

Dan Winter - Sep 30, 2013 6:12 pm Date Climbed: Jun 14, 2013

Tatoosh Traverse  Sucess!

Part of our traverse from Pinnace to Eagle. Just made it to the top of Eagle and back down to the saddle before dark.Beautiful sunset from the top.

bigbadgoo - Jul 29, 2013 1:06 am Date Climbed: Jul 28, 2013

Tatooooosh  Sucess!

Very fun scramble, more exposed than Chutla but the views are better from Chutla!

Matt Lemke

Matt Lemke - May 6, 2013 9:20 pm Date Climbed: Apr 28, 2013

No views  Sucess!

Climbed in a blizzard


pingzingr - Oct 9, 2012 1:54 am Date Climbed: Oct 8, 2012

Eagle Peak trail  Sucess!

Came up from the saddle for number one of the day, Chutla was next. The Class 3/4 section was a bit sketchy on the last ten feet or so.


bellinghamclimber - Dec 12, 2011 12:12 am Date Climbed: Dec 11, 2011

Gorgeous winter day  Sucess!

As of right now, the hike up to Eagle and Chutla is great. Pretty cloudy today, but great snow conditions for an early winter hike.


CzechMark - Feb 22, 2011 8:34 pm Date Climbed: Feb 18, 2011

So Close!!!

Had to break trail through shin-knee deep snow for almost the entire trail. Got up to the last 250 vertical feet before having to turn back. Even with an ice axe and an awesome kick step technique my friend and I decided that the 45-50 degree, thigh deep snow slope was a bit too much. Still one of the most fun spur-of-the-moment winter climbs I've done.


awilsondc - Aug 31, 2009 4:15 pm Date Climbed: Aug 30, 2009

Route Climbed: Eagle Peak Trail  Sucess!

Nice gentle even graded trail for the first few miles until it opens up 2.5 miles or so in. Fun little scramble from the saddle with plenty of brush and rocks to contend with. I lost my sunglasses in the brush and spent 10 minutes looking for them... found them eventually, whew. Combined this hike with Chutla peak, and while Eagle Peak has some great views, the view from Chutla was far better. Good hike.


captainbuuda - Sep 20, 2008 7:10 am Date Climbed: Jun 6, 2008

If only the weather...

Turned back twice due to continuously thick fog, rain, snow, and a lack of snowshoes(post-holing up to my thighs). I can't be sure how close I was, but the ridge top was barely visible. If I can ever get back to the PNW I'll try it in august.


tleaf - Mar 11, 2008 5:42 pm

After surgery  Sucess!

This was my first hike after an ACL repair. That leg made it even with half the muscle (atrophy) of the other.


NavySeabee - Jun 7, 2007 7:11 pm

Route Climbed: Eagle Peak Trail  Sucess!

Not sure of the exact day (or year!), but I am sure that I summited on a beautiful Rainier day. Had lots of company that day too.


osatrik - Aug 26, 2006 4:23 pm Date Climbed: Jun 27, 1993

OSAT Tatoosh Traverse and others  Sucess!

First time was 1993, up the trail from Longmire.

June 1996, six OSATers did the Traverse in the late spring from The Castle to Eagle, summiting them all. We camped just south of Lane Peak, which is the most enjoyable of the scrambles. Eagle was number 7 of 8 peaks summited that weekend.


darinchadwick - Aug 3, 2006 6:55 pm Date Climbed: Jul 31, 2006

Last but not least  Sucess!

Peak number 7 in our traverse from Pinnacle peak. It was with satisfaction that I squinted over to Unicorn, and all the peaks between, after a 14 year interruption, I had finally completed the entire Tatoosh Traverse.


agreenstreet - Apr 22, 2006 6:29 am

Route Climbed: Eagle Peak Trail Date: April 2002  Sucess!

Very fun little climb, nice scramble section to the summit. As with all the other Tatoosh climbs, very nice views.


bnschwerin - Apr 4, 2006 9:07 pm

trail  Sucess!

Nice little trail with only a few blacktails for company, saw no one else. Clear day with great views of rainer from top made this peak feel pretty insignificant, lots of other massive volcanoes in the distance, Adams, Hood, and St. Helens, I think.


mandrake - Oct 10, 2005 1:51 pm

Route Climbed: Eagle Peak Trail Date Climbed: Oct 9, 2005  Sucess!

Reached the summit of both Eagle & Chutla -- tho' nasty drizzly weather and it was totally socked in. Hope to get a better view next time around!

Jeffrey Zickert

Jeffrey Zickert - Sep 9, 2005 10:34 am

Route Climbed: Trail Date Climbed: September 8, 2005  Sucess!

Very nice day not a cloud in the sky. We also bagged Chutla Peak while we were there. The views were breath taking.

dicey - Sep 4, 2005 2:31 pm

Route Climbed: standard Date Climbed: August 13, 2005  Sucess!

part of range traverse

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