East Chute

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 36.55000°N / 118.26°W
Route Type: Scramble
Time Required: Most of a day
Difficulty: Class 2-3


See main page for directions to Meysan Lake.

Route Description

From Meysan Lake, climb up the chute immediately north of the east ridge, which extends from Mt. Mallory towards Meysan Lake. The chute contains much loose rock and sand. Midway up the chute are a few chockstones. Climb over the chockstones on the right side. As the chute widens, sand and rock-covered ledges become visible towards the left (south). Climb up the ledges towards the top of the east ridge of Mt. Mallory. Watch out for falling rock. Follow the East Ridge over talus towards the summit.

"Time Required" is from the trailhead at Whitney Portal.

Essential Gear

None required.

Miscellaneous Info

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