East Ridge

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 37.92280°N / 107.425°W
Route Type: Trail & Off Trail
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Class 2


Drive to the Mill Creek Trailhead (see getting there).

Route Description

Hike north along the creek but stay out of the canyon. There is little of no trail. Proceed up the creek until it turns left (w). When the creek turns west proceed west also but climb up steep rocks until you reach timberline. You probably will never see the creek but you can hear it. You'll find yourself a little northeast of the summit when you reach timberline. The rest of the route is in front of you. Sunshine to your left and Redcloud to your right. Hike up the center of the broad grassy east ridge. When you get to the rocks, find the trail in the center and follow it to the summit. If you have two cars, park one at the Silver Creek trailhead and proceed to Red Cloud and come down the Silver Creek trail, otherwise follow your assent route back down. If there is still snow on the summit ridge, it makes for a nice glissade. Make sure you follow your assent route and don't try to leave the grassy slopes to the south as you will cliff out.

Essential Gear

Normal hiking gear with plenty of water.

Miscellaneous Info

For a picture of the upper two thirds of this route see page 95 of Roger Edrinn's COLORADO FOURTEENERS GRAND SLAM. This is a good route when road to the Silver Creek trailhead is snowed in.