East Ridge

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 37.89000°N / 107.5333°W
Route Type: Hike
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Class 2 - 2+


From Silverton, Colorado, drive north-northeast on CR 2. After about 4 miles you will reach Howardsville, continue north for another 4 miles to Eureka. Here there is a sign recommending 4x4 or high-clearance vehicles. Follow this road for about three more slightly bumpy miles to a sign for Burns Gulch, which will be on your right. This is the Burns/Grouse Gulch Trailhead @ 10,700 feet. If you have a 4x4 and the ability to drive it, you can drive the road up Burns Gulch to about 11,700 feet and considerably shorten your day.

Route Description

From the Burns/Grouse Gulch Trailhead @ 10,700 feet, follow the 4x4 road high into Burns Gulch. At about 11,700 feet the road starts to turn to trail. Follow the good trail southeast to the Niagara Peak and Jones Peak saddle. This saddle sits at about 13,200 feet. From the saddle, continue 0.3 miles on the climbers trail up the ridge towards the summit of Niagara. The trail goes all the way up, it starts on the west side of the ridge and ends up on the east side. The hike is easy with a couple sections that are steeper on the ridge. Once on the summit, the view is incredible.

Essential Gear

No special climbing gear is required. Just the basics.

Miscellaneous Info

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